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  1. Could someone sell me their copy of the instruction book for the F-16I, kit# KI-K48006. I lost mine unfortunately. Thanks CeeTee
  2. I am a Micro sol/set vet who is looking to give Solvaset a try. Could someone advise me in the most effective method for using this stuff? Sure, I have read the bottle but I prefer first hand knowledge from an experienced user. Thanks
  3. Hi: I need advice on how to create an insulator for a 48 scale BF109E antenna cable. Thanks
  4. If anyone has had success fixing a decal with this problem please let me know how you did it.
  5. WOW, I was just about to start a thread about this same problem. Mine concerns a cutting edge decal on a BF109 using the micro set/sol system. I think I may have to let it go since I don't have another sheet of the same type available. I wonder why this happens to some decals? A very strange problem.
  6. I will be there . Not bringing any kits
  7. I missed pre-registration. Will I be able to join IPMS and register at the door on the morning of the 19th?
  8. Mr. Color sounds like alot of work. You guys can't even agree on what thinner to use with it.
  9. By "them" I am assuming you mean Mr. Color. I'm gonna go the non-toxic route with Vallejo AIR first. If i'm not happy with the results then I will switch to Mr. Color or go back to using toxic old Model Master which I was very happy with. My first Vallejo project will be a Spanish I-15 in 1/48 scale. I will give you my opinion when it is complete.
  10. This is the first i'm hearing that Mr. Color is a lacquer. Not good news since I prefer to go non-toxic if possible. My LHS stocks Vallejo AIR so if I can locate some of the more important shades like the German "RLM" colors I think I will give this line of paints a first go before I make up my mind.
  11. Thanks This chart is a big help. Anything important I need to know about Mr. Color paint before I use it?
  12. I love Poll S but it has one MAJOR problem, its too thick!! My LHS carries Vallejo AIR but the color reference names are even more confusing than Mr Color and the line is very limited in terms of colors offered. I have never used them however. If you know the Vallejo AIR equivalent for the colors i'm looking for please let me know.
  13. Unfortunately, Gunze Aqueous paints are no longer available here in the states Which means I will need to find a new line of paint to use. I am thinking about using Mr. Color but the color reference names make no sense to me. I am currently working on some Spanish Civil War Russian aircraft that require the following colors. FS34102- Topside Green FS25466- Underside Blue Could someone help me locate the Mr. Color equivalent for these colors?
  14. Damn, is that it? I would hate to go 1/72 on this one.
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