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  1. Super excited with how this is looking! I am taking copious notes so (hopefully) mine can be half as good! Where did you get the cockpit PE from? And have you run across for any for the EF? I might just snag two and use those, since the canopy does not have an option to be opened..
  2. Following with great interest - I have these kits myself and was looking for just this type of thread!
  3. It's actually in Garden City, New York (Long Island). Best place to go if you want to see one of these up close and in person. Much better than the Air and Space Museum IMO.
  4. Just watched those videos - rekindled my need to build an airliner (and not one for my classroom!) I thank you, my wallet does not!
  5. I built 3 of them, and thats the construction method i chose for the 2 that survived. One is AF, the Other BA, and the AF one - the nose works.. yea its not the greatest kit but its still Concorde, and its still 1/72 and its still very impressive when finished.
  6. First post back here in a long, long time- and i have to say that this is simply spectacular! fantastic work!
  7. looks like its going to be a winner! i love that scheme too!
  8. I was going to do that same S/N but in the blue and silver Air France scheme... but i could not find any decals for it... soooo im thinking for my next two, the orig. schemes from BA and AF, in the red tail, large BRITISH and that blue silver scheme for AF Thanks for all the kind words! They are greatly appreciated
  9. i cant seem to find the exact one right now, which is annoying, but i know that after reading, and finding out first hand, how bad the fore, middle and aft section build went together, it was suggested, that you build the right side as a unit, and the left side as a unit, leaving the nose off as its own piece... the issue will be that the small piece of vertical tail thats left on the main fuselage section will be much thinner than that of the rest of the vertical tail. to correct this on both my AF and BA Concordes, i used small triangles of .020 styrene (the real thin stuff) and Tenax'ed it
  10. I should also mention before i forget - that the tail logo is a strange beast to get fitted correctly... if you use the edges of the tail as a guide the bottom edge dosent line up to the actuators (on either side) and if using the trailing edge of the tail, the red/blue lines wont match up completely... which is slightly annoying... so some tamyia acrylic blue and red have been used to touch up the areas i wasnt happy with.
  11. I followed the kit directions for the first build, and did the same thing... but i found the build article someplace online, and did the right and left side subs and it worked like a charm... the seams are esaier to manage, and in some cases dissappear if done correctly.. the wing seam is still there are the root joint, and the tail needs a bit of a filler (tho with stock sheet plastic) to thicken up a bit to match, but its definately easier than the kits directions, which imho bite the big one... its definately a kit worth building if you can get past the directions and fit issues.
  12. I havent posted much of my latest builds on here, but i felt that i should share this one... I have a thing for these Airfix Concorde kits... this is the 3rd one i have built so far. And yes there are shortcomings in accuracy, and yes there are things i wish were different about seam placement, its still a great kit to work on... This one is done up in the Air France scheme from the Heller kit.. I was lucky enough to be able to swap decals with another ARC member, TrojanThunder (Ray) for them... so without his help this would not have been possible. Thanks! As with the other one i built... i
  13. looks simply amazing, and i cant wait to see whats next with this!
  14. <_< It was you, i should have PMed you first before posting.. thanks for the decals too! the build came out awesome, and i cant wait to get it all decaled up and next to my BA concorde.
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