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  1. Sean Feel free to email me if you have any questions on airbrushing vallejo.
  2. Yep, the retarder I am using is different that the premium line. I think the small bottle I am using is the old sticky stuff. But I am not sure.
  3. Winnie Yes, it is the really goopy vallejo retarder. I find Mig's thinner to be more expensive. Though I do agree, It's probably the same thing as Vallejo thinner. I read once that Ammo and Vallejo paints are made in the same factory.
  4. The other day, I posted on Plane Trading my entire Vallejo paint lot for sale as I am moving across the county. I mentioned that I had a fantastic thinner mixture to prevent tip dry. I had several modellers reach out to me regarding what that mixture is and how I get good results with Vallejo paints. I should mention that I use to HATE Vallejo model air. When I first got them, I tried their mixture formula for preventing tip dry from their videos, I tried several recommendations, etc. Nothing worked at all, after 15 secs tip dry. It was just so frustrating. I got rid of them immediately the first time. But I live with roommates so eventually I decided to give them another try. Vallejo has some good things going for it: very little to no smell, easily available, comes in sets you don't have to buy individual bottles ( i think they were the first major company to do this), and a fantastic range of colors. So I did some tests and found a mixture for airbrushing that is fantastic. What you need: -Vallejo thinner -Vallejo flow improver -Vallejo retarder I use an empty vallejo 17 ml bottle for this. The mixture is 70% flow improver, 30% thinner, 10 drops of retarder. Then shake the hell out of the bottle. For airbrushing I use 50/60 mixture to 50/40 paint at 18 to 20psi. THIS IS KEY! Add the thinner mixture into your airbrush first! It helps lube the airbrush needle. Also, a little goes a long way. For this example, I added in 6 drops mixture to 5 drops paint. I had so much paint leftover even after the sheet and the test piece. As you can see from the pictures, I can get fine lines with no tip drying issues. I sprayed on that white sheet for about 5 mins no issues at all. Coverage is great...but you must use a primer. I added some pictures of old models airbrushes with Vallejo model air. Hope this helps! If you have any questions, let me know. Khumar PS: couldn't add the images so I am linking back to my original article that includes pics:https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/my-how-to-airbrush-vallejo-model-air-color-instruc-t516417.html
  5. So I just realized it might be really stupid to drive across the country with paint in a hot truck of a car. Not to mention, I might not have the time to model as I will be busy with family and new job. So I am selling my entire paint collection. If you are in the DC area, happy to meet somewhere in-between and do a hand off. It would be to long to list all the paints on here, If interested, email me at: davisstudent25@gmail.com and I can give you list of the paints. Thanks in advance Khumar 1st lot: Vallejo Model Air paints. 212 bottles. 10 percent of the bottles used to some level. The rest are untouched. $355. (more than 500 dollars worth paint here) -I have a wooden vallejo paint holder, that holds up to 66 bottles that I will throw in there. (Vallejo paints are my go to, see examples in the link. I have a fantastic thinner mixture I use to limit any tip drying issue and help airbrush beautifully) 2nd lot: Mr. Hobby paints. 51 bottles total. Only the interior green, black, and light grey colors used. $100 (these bottles for 3.25 to 3.99 per, you're getting this for steal!) SOLD 3rd lot: 27 Model Master Acrylic paints, plus 11 enamel bottles, $50 https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/vallejo-and-mr-hobby-paint-for-sale-t516366.html
  6. Hey folks So I’m moving across country and need to get rid of some stuff. If you’re in the DC area I’m happy to meet and do a handoff. If interested email me directly at: davisstudent25@gmail.com -WWII package: Tamiya spitfire, Eduard spitfire, 2 accurate p-51b, 2 p-51a (one started), 2canopy masks, and 1 tamiya dewontine 250. (total of 7 kits and 2 canopy masks!) Asking: $110 -cars package. Asking: $50 -1/48 amk L-29 $30 -1/32 Revell p-51 clear edition $40 -1/48 draken with aftermarket decals for "ghost" swedish jet: $45 -Started 1/48 tamiya bf-109G6, got it like this from a fellow modeller. $35 -1/32 Revell Mirage IIIE (the Italeri re-box). $60 Builders kits: -Started 1/48 tamiya bf-109G6, got it like this from a fellow modeller. $35 -1/72 special hobby Mirage F-1, parts test fitted $20 Books -Ammo by Mig,Encyclopedia of how to build model tanks all 5 books, good condition. $100 -Ammo by Mig Encyclopedia of how to build model airplanes books 1, 2, 3. $60 -Badger 200 airbrush: $45 -1/350 Polar Lights Klingon K'tinga Battle cruiser $45 Couldn't add pics, so here is a link to my add on hyperscale with pics:https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/moving-sales-with-pics-kits-paints-t516150.html
  7. Marc Alclad definitely has a shelf life. I posted about this issue on Hyperscale about a week ago. I have 20 bottles of Alclad that I purchased about 1 or 2 years ago. They seem to have lost their shine. I did all the usual stuff to make sure I was using it properly. Shook the hell out of it to make sure paint pigment was thoroughly mixed. I tried thinning with Mr. Hobby thinner based on recommendations. I tried lacquer thinner, etc. Nothing works, they are a complete loss. Here is my post: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/what-to-do-with-alclad-t515500.html
  8. Downsizing due to limited time to build models. If interested, please email me: davisstudent25@gmail.com Thanks in advance, Khumar -Badger 200, with medium needle set up. Have had this airbrush for 15 years. Clean and ready to go. Comes with: metal siphon jar, case, and nozzle wrench. $45 plus shipping -Iwata Revolution CR airbrush. Nice airbrush but honestly never got a feel for it. I cleaned it using my sonic cleaner. Comes with: case, nozzle wrench. $75 plus shipping -Iwata BCR airbrush hobby set. Got it as a bday gift, tested 3-5 times only. Comes with: case, hose, compressor can, siphon jar. $80 plus shipping
  9. Hi Sparkchaser So here is my recommendation for using Vallejo Metallic. I have been using Vallejo metallics for several months now and tested several types of varnish. I do not recommend using Vallejo metallic varnish on metal finish. I know this sound strange but honestly it's just not that great. My recommendation, use Tamiya X-22 thinned 50/50 with Mr. hobby thinner. It does not dull the finish and good barrier for washes/decals. Now for a final varnish, I recommend the Alclad lines of finishes. Depending on the look you're going for, they have a light sheen, flat, semi-matte finishes. Let me know if you have any questions.
  10. Need the bronco boxing if anyone has it. Can pay you immediately! If you do have one for sale, my email: davisstudent25@gmail.com Thanks in advance Khumar
  11. Due to some family health issues, I just don't have time to build or airbrush (my real passion) as much as I would like to. So I am getting rid some of my items, I am not hard up for money so no Low Ballers. Just need to get of stuff as I really dont have anytime. I will ship INTERNATIONALLY! If interested, email me at; davisstudent25@gmail.com Thanks in advance Khumar -I have 2 harder steenbeck evolution 2 in 1, on has .2mm needle, the other has a .5mm needle. There are 2 extra needle sets, both have the large paint cups. They are clean and in great condition! I clean them using an ultra sonic cleaner and badger needle juice. $300 Shipped in the CONUS. SOLD - Iwata R2100 Master Hobby Set w/BCR Airbrush Air Blast/Airhose/Regulator/Cleaner. I don't use siphon feed, this was given to me as a gift. Used 3 times for testing only. Goes for $120, asking $70. -1/32 Italeri Mirage IIIE (box open, bags sealed) $50 -1/32 Revell P-51 clear edition, (box open, bags sealed) $45 -about 60 bottles of vallejo acrylic paints, mostly WWII airplane and tank colors (can provide full list upon request). This is about a 150 dollar value! I am asking $95 plus shipping. Not in the table: Vallejo Gloss, Vallejo flat, 2 small bottles of vallejo airbrush thinner, 1 bottle of vallejo gloss black primer 71.051 Barley Grey 1 71.046 Pale Blue Grey 1 1 71.045 US Grey Light 1 1 71.131 Concrete 1 71.049 Medium Sea Grey 1 71.057 Black/RLM22 1 71.014 Gunship Green/RLM25 1 71.122 US Desert Armour 1 71.138 US Sand 1 71.029 Dark Earth 1 1 71.012 Dark Green 1 1 71.116 Cam. Grey Green 1 71.006 Cam. Light Green 1 71.016 US Dark Green/RLM 73 1 71.018 Cam. Black Green 1 1 71.009 Duck Egg Green 1 71.023 Tan Green/Hemp 1 71.097 Base Grey 1 71.025 Dunkelgelb/Dark Yellow 1 1 71.106 Yellow Lasur/RLM 05 1 71.078 Gold Yellow/RLM 04 1 71.027 Light Brown 1 71.03 Mar. Verde Pander/Green Brown 1 71.035 Cam. Light Brown 1 71.043 Olive Drab/RLM 81 1 71.132 Aged White 1 1 71.042 Cam. Black Brown 1 71.024 Khahi Brown 1 1 71.026 US. Flat Brown 1 71.038 Cam. Medium Brown 1 71.026 US Brown 1 71.036 Mahagony 1 71.069 Rust 1 71.034 Sand Brown 1 71.041 Armor Brown 1 71.056 Black Grey 1 71.271 German Red Brown 1 71.103 Grey/RLM 84 1 71.102 Red/RLM 23 1 71.017 Russian Green/RLM 80 1 1 71.096 Panzer Olive 1 71.041 Tank Brown 1 71.092 Medium Olive 1 71.065 Steel 1 71.05 Light Grey 1 71.052 German Grey 1 71.011 Armour Green/RLM 83 1 71.054 Dark Grey Blue/RLM 74 1 71.068 Copper 1 71.108 UK Azure 1 71.279 Insignia White 1 71.302 Sky Type S 1 71.01 Interior Green 1
  12. If you asked me a few days ago, I would have said Badger Stynylez hands down. But I had an experience I never had before. After spraying the primer, I found a few seam issues. I never had this before. The primer would not feather out, no matter what I did. I would not use Stynylez again. I have gone back to using Alclad Micro filler primer. It sands smooth and feathers out really well.
  13. I just bought this compressor this past weekend (8/11). I don't like it...I am going to go back to oil operated compressors. It's literally brand new. I can show you the reciept. I paid 130 for it....I am selling it for 90 plus shipping. This is a steal for a brand new compressor. If interested, email me: davisstudent25@gmail.com Thanks in advance, Khumar.
  14. Just bought my first home...so now I am poor. Will be moving and need to reduce everything in preparation for the move. Prices reduced once again! Last chance before they go on Evilbay. If you're are interested, please email me at davisstudent25@gmail.com. ALL REASONABLE OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED. Please look up in the dictionary what reasonable means before emailing. No trades at this time as I am trying to reduce everything before moving. Thanks -1/48 Hasegawa F-18C "Warhawks" (box open, bags sealed) $45 $40 -1/48 Academy F-86 with canopy masks, resin cockpit (box open, bags sealed) $38 -1/48 Tamiya A-1H Skyraider $30 -1/48 Academy F-4B with photoetch for cockpit $50 $45 -1/48 AFV F-5F with canopy mask, photoetch for cockpit $50 $45 -1/32 Trumpeter Mig 23MF $70 $65 -1/32 Revell P-51 Clear Edition with (not the original boxing) $55 $50 -It is the Iwata BCR hobby set. Comes with Iwata BCR airbrush, compressed can of air, 6 ft airhose, 4 oz. media airbrush cleaner, adapter, and case. Amazon and ebay both have it listed for 140. I am asking $75 $70 -Vallejo sets (selling as a lot only!) SEA Camo set (used greens and off white paint), USMC paint set (not used), USAF paint set (used Gull Grey slighty), RAF Desert camo scheme set (not used), Soviet Mig 21 set (not used), US Army Air Corps Burma-China set (not used), and one bottle of air flow improver (sealed). Asking: $150 shipped to CONUS (this cost over 190 in total, not including shipping). - -Model master enamel paints and acrylics, 46 bottles! At 2.99 thats over $135. I am asking $95 plus shipping (has to be ground shipping only). MM Acrylic MM Enamel 4762 LIGHT GHOST GRAY 1 x 1711 Olive Drab 1 4693 AIRCRAFT GREY 1 1721 Medium Gray 1 4729 EURO 1 DARK GREEN 1 1 1780 Steel 1 4851 YELLOW ZINC CHROMATE 1 1 2089 RLM 80 1 4726 Dark Green 1 1 2090 RLM 81 1 4746 MEDIUM GRAY 1 1 1723 Gunship Gray 1 4757 NEUTRAL GREY 1 1 1728 Light Ghost Gray 1 4766 CAMOUFLAGE GREY 1 1741 Dark Ghost Gray 1 6406 CHROME YELLOW 1 2142 Flat White 1 4748 DUCK EGG BLUE 1 2135 Interior Russian blue/green 2 4754 DARK GREY 1 1781 Aluminum 1 4750 EURO 1 GRAY 1 Lacquer thinner 1 4765 LIGHT GREY 1 1732 Light Gray 1 4708 FIELD DRAB 1 4761 DARK GHOST GRAY 1 4605 TAN 1 4680 GREY PRIMER 1 4709 Dark Tan 1 4734 Medium Green 1 4812 GULF ARMOR SAND 1 4668 CLEAR GREEN 1 4755 Dark Gull Grey 1 4630 CLEAR RED 1 4658 CLEARBLUE 1 4673 WOOD 1 4625 CLEAR ORANGE 1 4754 DARK GREY 1
  15. I bought both items on impulse. The thing is, my work space isn't big enough to build them and nor do I have the space to house the kits. So looking to trade both kits for something. What I have: -1/32 Trumpeter Mig 23 (box open, bags sealed), -1/32 Special Hobby T-33 (box open, bags sealed). Pending Looking for 1/48 jets mostly, airbrushes, paints, or 1/35 modern tanks. If interested: davisstudent25@gmail.com Thanks in advance Khumar
  16. I actually called eBay (yes they do have that feature) and asked them about this seller. The lady stated that the seller was removed for violating eBay policy. What was weird is that the posting for the 1/35 BUK was still up, but I could not purchase it. Thus why I called eBay. You can call eBay and ask about your particular seller.
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