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  1. I present another of my MiG aircraft. This is the very first production aircraft of this brand, the MiG-1. Unfortunately, no company produces a kit for assembling this aircraft. I love MiG planes! I wanted to have this plane in my collection. I made it from the MiG-3 of the Russian company Alfa in a box Maquette. The model represents the aircraft of the 31st fighter aviation regiment of the 8th mixed aviation division at the Karmelava airfield (near Kaunas) on 22.6.1941. Before the war, the regiment flew to a field airfield and for a month of intensive flights brought its equipment into comple
  2. Another great "moment"! Great job! Congratulations!
  3. Very nice models! Thank you for your interest in Russian technology!
  4. Hello, everyone! I will show you my model of the Polish spotter-scout SBLim-1A from a very good kit of MiG-15UTI Czech company "Eduard". To redesign the aircraft, he changed the lower front part of the fuselage and redesigned the equipment of the rear cabin. The model was made with great cooperation. The model was made in Tobolsk - this is in Siberia, the set was sent to me by a camrad from the Czech Republic, the decal was made by a colleague in Moscow, a colleague from Nizhny Novgorod in Irkutsk found me a photoetch. I'm sorry for the bad English.
  5. Thanks, friends! I replaced only the pilot glass, the rest of the glass parts from the kit, I made them appropriate to the location. Glass pilot I took from the same kit, but later, there it is more correct.
  6. Hi all! I show the model of the Russian bomber Tupolev Tu-2S scale 1:72 from a kit of Ukrainian firm "ICM". A kit of old - 1997 (unfortunately there is nothing better), so to assemble it was very difficult: very poor mating of parts, minimum number of internal parts, manufacturing defects on the outer surfaces of the glass corresponds to another version, the fairings propellers we had to do independently, as well as many other small parts. 2 models I did for 2 years, stopping at 3 other more simple. I am sorry for the bad English.
  7. Very good! Thanks, friends! Corrected the first message. Can you see the pictures now?
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