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  1. People, help! Look through Internet Explorer-see photo well. I look through Chrome-I do not see a photo. How to make it possible to see the photo?
  2. Interesting work! Looked with pleasure.
  3. For a long time I was going to replenish my collection of MiG-9 with the very first copy of the I-300. This is the first Soviet mass-produced jet airplane. The plane flew for the first time in 11.12 24.04.1946 at the airport LII NKAP (Flight research Institute of the People's Commissariat of aviation industry) in Moscow. Pilot - Engineer-Lieutenant Colonel A.N.Grinchik. On the same day at 13.56 there made the first flight of the second Russian jet fighter Yak-15. I-300 made a lot of test flights. 11.06.1946 the plane crashed during the display of aircraft to the Soviet leadership. A.N.Grinchik was killed. Unfortunately, the "clean" kit of the MiG-9 did not buy, so I had to remake I-300 from MiG-9L. This is the third is my MiG from the kits of "Amodel", on this any difficulties was not. To match the prototype model had to remove the fork, add weapons, change the shape of the air intakes. Difficulties arose when painting. Unfortunately, to make blue decorative stripes on the front so most liked, did not work. I showed the model at competitions in Stupino and Varna. It flew 8,000 km (not alone, in a box with other models). I am sorry for the bad English. https://yadi.sk/i/D-MeeB7SNCWj9w
  4. Looks like a real plane! And the model of it? Excellent work!
  5. Thank you for the good words! Christian, I am very pleased That you want to take as an example my work. Yak-7B from the Museum of defense of Leningrad looked like this. However, we must note that it's a Museum piece, so it didn't look like most standard Yak-7B, for example, have the configuration of the air ways, like the early Yak-7. The nose fairing, apparently, was replaced in the course repairs and not painted.
  6. Hey, guys! I present to you my model of Soviet fighter WWII Yakovlev Yak-7B, scale 1/72 , from the kit of the Russian company "Eastern Express". This is a simple and cheap total war plane. The model represents the aircraft of the famous Russian pilot Hero of the Soviet Union major P.A. Pokryshev. This pilot in the 29th guards fighter regiment defended Leningrad from the Nazis during the most difficult time of the blockade. Soviet people starved to death, but did not give up. This aircraft was shown to the people in 1944, when the Museum of defense of Leningrad. The plane got there after it was removed from service. Likely his globally repaired. The aircraft has signs of both early and late modifications of the Yak-7. I have great respect for that pilot and wanted this model to my collection, but colored correctly model this aircraft, I have not seen. The model is going well, the only problem - brittle plastic. I changed the airways, the wheel wells, and the front glass of the cockpit. Sorry for the bad English.
  7. Hi all. Present his new model airplane of the company "Yakovlev". Now it is a training aircraft Yak-21. I have long wanted to have in your collection intermediate in evolution between the Yak-15 and Yak-17. The Ukrainian company "Amodel" gave me the opportunity. The Yak-21 is a double version of the Yak - 15 was needed to prepare pilots for jet aircraft. The aircraft was manufactured in 1947, just one instance because there was a better Yak-21T (later Yak-17). The model represents Yak-21 at the time of factory tests, conducted in April 1947, in Tbilisi pilot P. U. Fokin. The kit was made in the Assembly, if not the technological features of the short-run: all the parts have to fit each other, and some small parts to replace homemade. Also had to make their own equipment compartments chassis. The company "Amodel" offers the user the wrong color green-blue or gray. If you look at the photo, the plane was most likely entirely green. Sorry for bad English
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