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  1. Thanks, friends! I replaced only the pilot glass, the rest of the glass parts from the kit, I made them appropriate to the location. Glass pilot I took from the same kit, but later, there it is more correct.
  2. Hi all! I show the model of the Russian bomber Tupolev Tu-2S scale 1:72 from a kit of Ukrainian firm "ICM". A kit of old - 1997 (unfortunately there is nothing better), so to assemble it was very difficult: very poor mating of parts, minimum number of internal parts, manufacturing defects on the outer surfaces of the glass corresponds to another version, the fairings propellers we had to do independently, as well as many other small parts. 2 models I did for 2 years, stopping at 3 other more simple. I am sorry for the bad English.
  3. Very good! Thanks, friends! Corrected the first message. Can you see the pictures now?
  4. People, help! Look through Internet Explorer-see photo well. I look through Chrome-I do not see a photo. How to make it possible to see the photo?
  5. Interesting work! Looked with pleasure.
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