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  1. Hi Roca, I've just finished downloading the file. Thank you very much for your help! I'll post the finished model pics here once again, Thank you! Ofer
  2. Hi Roca The subject kit is the 747-400 in the Lufthansa livery Just like this one THX Ofer
  3. I bought second hand 744 Revell 1/144 kit#04219 but unfortunately the Instruction sheet was missing. I've tried to contact Revell directly and asked them to mail me a PDF version, but no response from them. Will appreciate if anyone can help with that issue, to scan and mail me the subject kit instruction sheet (any digital format is convenient) to hh_lionking@yahoo.com Thank you in advance Ofer
  4. As an EX airline mechanic that worked and tried to model this plane I must say you did a remarkable work. I just hope that one day we will have a good 747-200 1/144 model with all engine variants …to replace this awful AIRFIX kit.
  5. BTW guys, what engine type is supplied with this kit? GE CF6 or PW4000 thanks
  6. Hi guys, what about the Mig-21PF with comparison to the Academy one
  7. Not easy to find close up 5TH pod pics... so I attached some from more then 10 years back we installed JT9D 5th engine on one of our 747-200 Sorry for blurring faces and airline marking. Note the gap between the pod strut and the wing Enjoy...
  8. THX for the Info... tried to find a good photo of the upper/bottom fuselage seam just to understand the depth & size of that seam ....with no luck. can anyone assist with that? THX! Leon
  9. Hi guys I’m in a process of my Tam 109E3 and I have a question… Does all the 109E-3/4/7 had that split line on the top fuselage and on the bottom as well? or should i sand away that seam line? thx for helping Leon
  10. WOW Thanks Pierre :wub: Probably i've made the mistake painting them Green-Zinc :) ... although i'm sure i checked that issue. THX Lion
  11. Hi, Very nice work... From the top view picture i saw that you painted the engine intakes in White, shouldn't it be Green Zinc-Chromate? I had problems to find the info on that when i built my MG Thud (5-6 years ago) thanks for sharing Lionking
  12. Hi, Sorry for not been here for a long time... I've been reading all the comments here, and the answer is YES I’m really helping a guy from my work. He is taking part in some quiz I even don't know where, due to the fact that modelers looking for the small and minor details I thought to get help from my colleague modelers. He sends me the hard questions he can't find by mail (that's why I use ImageShack). I don't think that’s cheating when you asking friends.... but, if you think it’s a bit unfair. Then I’ll stop. Thanks guys Lionking Apology for my English... as i'm not f
  13. THANK YOU guys ! ;)
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