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  1. There's a specific Aviation Art section on Wet Canvas now - down in the "Explore Subjects" Section.
  2. Thanks Mark and Sernak , Acrylics is all about building up layers till you get smooth washes . The initial patchyness of the canvas can be very disheartening even for me after 30 years of using them . Then when it starts to work it is a real buzz to see through the final stages of one that has turned out well ,as in this case.
  3. One of the best Phantom prints around I reckon.
  4. Looks good to me - I'm no expert on F14's but it's a well executed profile ,no doubt.
  5. Thanks Moritz and Holmes , I'll be sure to post the black T-bird - it's a commission which I will soon be embarking on .
  6. Thanks Holmes and Gray -, I really enjoyed painting this one . It's a good looking aircraft . I'm looking forward to tackling the black T7 in the Loop before too long.
  7. Acrylic on canvas board 20" x 16". A small tribute to one of Britains finest.
  8. I seem to have missed your earlier posts on here - but just had a look through this thread and would like to congratulate you on these excellent digital art works plus some interesting history as well.
  9. I noticed Art has been delving into the world of 3D using Blender freeware with his Bell X1 project. I've been busy over the past couple of months creating a couple of quick models to use as composition aids to a tricky painting I have to complete. Note the irony there ! Months and quick don't really match up do they . I constucted the basic virtual plastic models without too much heartache . Then I got the bug and decided to take them through to the textured finish stage - something I had not tackled bef
  10. Interesting subject and a nice mesh Art .
  11. Thanks Mostar and Gray -it's good to be able maybe to use painting to add a little extra to a photo.
  12. Came out really well - great job on a highly detailed set of subjects.
  13. Thanks Gregg - have to agree - the Jaguar doesn't attract that much attention in the art field but it had it's moments and was a stalwart of the RAF first line for many years. I may do some more paintings featuring the Jaguar - evidently the viewpoint in this one may be too "tail on" for some and doesn't capture the long , lean lines of the aircraft - so I'll pick a few better angles. This particular view worked for me because it caught them "heading out" into the wide blue yonder.
  14. Two 6 Sqn Jaguars head out from RAF Kinloss during their last JMC deployment there.
  15. Very nice - great work on the panels - very realistic.
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