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  1. At the 32 second mark. You can clearly see a VA-86 A-7E in the background and then it taking off from the Nimitz.
  2. Wondering if any company has done this?
  3. I will take the 1/72 Italeri A-4E/F $5 1/72 testors SH-3H $5 1/72 Navy set of 3 planes F-14 A-3 A-7 Thanks Gabe Also your mailbox is full
  4. I bought a kit off ebay minus the decals. I pulled it out of the stash today and realized that it is an "F" model with the RWR Antennae on the top of the tail fin. That limits me to decal options to basically the kit decals. Every other "F" set of aftermarket decals are for the plain tail version. I would like to buy or trade for the kit decals if anyone is not going to use them or if anyone can recommend a set of aftermarket decals for these odd scooters. It is this boxing
  5. Why would they be dropping a torpedo so close to a space capsule? :wacko:
  6. Hi guys Need the front and main landing gear and wheels from the older Revell Mirage III and the main wheels from the older Frog/Novo Mirage III. if you have complete kits i can trade also or buy. If you have a junked one or older one taking space let me know Thanks I am in Texas Ill pay shipping and your price or maybe i might have a kit you might like. Other parts like sidewinder rails pylons and supersonic tanks afe also welcome. Thanks Gabe
  7. If anyome has these decals around, please let me know. I just need the Swiss F/A-18C part,but will take whole sheet. J need the J-5002 decals the most I can buy or trade something for these Thanks I am in Texss Gabe
  8. One thing I found out is while MM Gull Gray is a tad dark, It will fade over time in sunlight like the real thing. I was working on an F-4J and had painted the fuselage but not the top of the wings. I then put it up on the top shelf in our sunroom. Fast forward 6-8 months and I take her down to work on her. I new Gull gray out of the same bottle was definitely a different shade than the one applied months before. It will fade over time in the sunlight. The difference is more noticeable on smaller scale. I built the Revell F-14 tomcat overall Gull Gray and it looks spot on when fresh.
  9. Why doesn't he just put a penny next to for comparison. Problem solved.
  10. Yes, just unit markings and roundels and the side letters. Just what is needed to make the Midway plane. Thanks, Gabe
  11. Hi guys, Wife bought me a Revell 1/48 TBM Avenger. The markings are wrong as it is a TBF-1. I know HB releaesd a kit with those markings in a TBF-1C boxing, which are not correct. I would be willing to buy or trade. I am in Texas. Thanks Gabe
  12. I have the kit, minus the decals. I tried emailing you, but its bouncing back as undeliverable.
  13. I would be willing to throw a couple of things in and keep it going. I had been out of modeling for a couple of years and am back in and realize I won't be able to build all in my stash. I am in Texas. I can send it to someone in the USA. Message for details.
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