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  1. iirc that vid was hasegawa, not tamiya.
  2. Thank you Silenoz.
  3. i'm looking forward for this build, unfortunately no pointers - all i've seen about this one was from open museum with rather rusty apperance, not sure if that's what you are going for... good luck finding shots from operational vehicles at their time
  4. Thanks a bunch guys.
  5. Finally calling her done. Build complete entirely OOB. If i am to build this fella again aftermarket items this one could really benefit are (in no order): stowage baskets, tow cables, tracks.
  6. nothing to criticize imho, always a nice touch to have grass sticking outta mud in tracks, nice subject nice build.
  7. popularity/anticipation of the subject might be a factor too.
  8. yep nice vid. hopefully we'll the rest of the episodes soon.
  9. what a monster, weatheing and all great looking build Mark, kudos.
  10. someone once said hase is not a kit company but a decal maker...
  11. i didn't notice this has became a trend. recently built their mig29 and the price was indeed steep, i thought it was the exchange rate but looks like not. otoh ditto Spruemeister, 29 came stuffed with weapons, lovely detail, ease of build and a very nice poster (same as boxart).
  12. ooh you'r gonna have a alot of fun! as for the painting starting over a white primer and painting panel by panel might do the trick with this kinda camo and wx.
  13. Stunning build Norbert, by any chance does anyone have a real picture of this particular jet with the particular loadout please?
  14. that's a lovely viper, keep on rocking!
  15. It can clean out vallejo's mess alright but that's it.