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  1. . still at honeymoon? bah i thought it was overrated..
  2. F-4D 65-0608

    Lovely lovely build of an unusual looking beast, i didn't expect how this would look in the end, it turned out a phantastic build!
  3. F-4D 65-0608

    almost there, finish line on sight
  4. F-4D 65-0608

    despite all grey it's come alive, looking lovely.
  5. F-4D 65-0608

    it's an unusual paint scheme as phantoms go imho. + it's a bit early to like or dislike, once everything is sealed off with a flat coat you might have a different opinion.
  6. Takom Merkava Mk1 Hybrid

    great idf color and build, lovely.
  7. F-4D 65-0608

    lookin' great.
  8. Yet another 1/48 Tamiya F-14A (updated 21 Feb)

    @CaptainObvious is the panel liner tamiya's gray alone? reason i ask is because the one i have is almost a pale/light blue grey - nothing compared to the ones in your pix. the build is looking stunning already btw, lovely.
  9. big huge thanks to all the folks who took their time and contributed their knowledge to the production of this babe in scale,
  10. F-35 news roundup

    so there is going to be a arm developed for the f35 afterall, nice to read.
  11. F-4D 65-0608

    watchout for the tabs around the intakes for locating the upper fuselage, might need some loving. then the fun part of intakes can begin....
  12. Canopy painting

    tamiya masking tape flush on the canopy cut with a fresh new sharp blade with is my default goto. however there is a prerequisite; i use the the canopy frame detail as a guide to follow with the blade otherwise you'r asking for all kinds of trouble no matter how surgically steady your hands are - problem is not all kit producers provide enough definition on their parts, ie. if the lip is not great than the thickness of the masking tape then comes the trouble with this method which is where the alternative of cutting thin strips of masking tape and manually placing these on the clear part following the frames as guides and possibly going blind in the mean time. aftermarket precut masking tapes do come in handy in situations like these, especially if it's a ww2 subject with a farming greenhouse instead of a canopy. pricey? as said earlier you are paying for a service which is saving you time and effort in return, still entirely subjective.
  13. Helo diorama base

    Ditto AFM, results are amazing.
  14. actually gunze H aqueous bottles are 10mil as well, at least the one i am holding right now, unless they have tamiya like big jars too.