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  1. murad


    This is from the ICM's set of luftwaffe winter pilot and field maintenance set #48086, enjoy
  2. murad

    Type89 120mm ATG

    Hello folks, this is Trumpy's Chinese Army Type89 120mm anti tank gun built oob. kit was almost ok until the very last moment where the vinyl band tracks were a good 1cm short, so i had to move both idler wheels back and strengthen first and last road wheels due to the vinyl being not elastic enough. Still a pleasant build, after going tru some ref shots from the interwebs i decided to ramp up the dust, believe me this is very much restricted versus the real life shots these behemots being covered almost entirely in wet mud somehow (concealment?!)... Enjoy.
  3. murad

    Pz.II ausf.C

    Don Thank you very much. 😊
  4. murad

    VBL Panhard Milan

    Hi all, Tiger Model #4618 VBL Panhard Milan in 1/35 built oob. Not a bad kit per se but a tad expensive for what it is imo. Enjoy.
  5. murad

    Pz.II ausf.C

    meh of a kit, built oob. it's a pretty recent molding, not the afrika corps pz.II from BC alas it's uninspiring at best unusual for a contemporary tamiya kit dunno why. anyway, enjoy.
  6. murad

    T-90 zvezda 1/72

    Zvezda's T90 in 72nd scale #5020 built oob, lovely piece of kit, very very good. single length tracks are a bit problematic but still manageable. Enjoy
  7. Hey all, this is dragon #6294 built oob. magic link tracks and a ton of pe available in the box. kit is a bit finicky here and there but still a lovely build overall, enjoy.
  8. murad


    cheers Grey Ghost 531
  9. murad


    Hi all, something in braillescale this time, modelcollect's t-64bm bulat. it was built entirely oob for the kit comes with a metal barrel and a whopping 4 frets of photoetch. lovely kit except a couple of issues but nothing major. it was a also a gift from a dear modeller friend - enjoy :)
  10. . still at honeymoon? bah i thought it was overrated..
  11. murad

    F-4D 65-0608

    Lovely lovely build of an unusual looking beast, i didn't expect how this would look in the end, it turned out a phantastic build!
  12. murad

    F-4D 65-0608

    almost there, finish line on sight
  13. murad

    F-4D 65-0608

    despite all grey it's come alive, looking lovely.
  14. murad

    F-4D 65-0608

    it's an unusual paint scheme as phantoms go imho. + it's a bit early to like or dislike, once everything is sealed off with a flat coat you might have a different opinion.
  15. murad

    Takom Merkava Mk1 Hybrid

    great idf color and build, lovely.