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  1. depends on the base of the product, if it's solvent based i'd say refrain using plastic if able because there is always the possibility of solvent melting the container.
  2. dorsal spine in between the engines look more proud than Zactoman's ref shots, maybe the downward slope of the fuselage in that area is more than it should be thus making things pop up instead of tapering?
  3. hard to believe but if the kill was indeed made with a slammer at a mere range of 0.6nm then sidewinders should be shelved for good, no point in maintaining em since aim9 was supposed to prosecute a target at those ranges, not an aim120 - besides hobs my fas$ (love the forum auto correct )if it can't even hit something more akin to bombtruck that is a fitter, flares or not.
  4. looking at the top shot at moxdao, omitting parts won't mean anything since both canopy pieces looks like are shrunk in width around the side; they'd need adding and blending it all to the fuselage contour, not the other way around. this is a kit released in 2017 with a relevant price tag, right?
  5. holy cow that's amazing work
  6. kh followers might be better off with such a feature given their engineering and design philosophy (if there any) - one could only imagine how creative their drooped nozzle solution would be and/or resemble the real thing in the end.
  7. have you checked primeportal? brdm2 it does have an interior walkaround
  8. Hello folks this is Tamiya's stug3b built oob. usual tamiya, built was a breeze, working suspension was a real nice touch but of course the vinyl tracks are letting down. anyway the model isn't mine and i was asked not to do any kind of weathering, tho there is still panel fading, drybrushing and pinwashes. enjoy.
  9. expectation-wise eduard's danger zone. hobbyboss part of the build was so bad in terms of fit that i couldn't let myself use any eduard goodie in the kit, they'd be wasted. build wise PST's 1/72 KV-122, build evolved into a philosophical level; plastic from flash or flash from plastic? tho i built an Eastern Express T-38 amph. tank kit recently in 1/35, it's capable of contesting with PST just as easily.
  10. so if i understand you correctly, current or future ARM type of weapons are outta question?
  11. is there anything documented about an agm88 or anything similar with that particular job to be able to fitted onto/into and fired off an f35 so far? even if on paper how many and in what combo with other weapons?
  12. more numbers again. one problem i see with the sead part at least is that any dd rusian sam worth it's salt would require at least 2 good flights of f16s to do all the saturation as well as locating the real radar (decoys, triangulation, any ec aircraft the whole deal) and finally getting tru to even in a half assed iads environment. if that 4 f35s alone really can do the job just with their sensors and limited dead/sead capability then more power to them of course but as has been said earlier russians probably aren't standing still with their electronics and tactics.
  13. Meng's f35 has raised panels too unfortunately so unless the fit issues and sprue gates are just as terrible as their previous ones i wouldnt call kh f35 dead.
  14. better luck next year, hopefully.
  15. ah, more numbers.