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  1. here's for the next 20 to come.
  2. get a post-it or similar little piece of paper with straight edges temp. place the pe parts onto their locations and secure em via something sharp or pointy, like a blade or syringe (tinier the better) get your ca glue onto some flat surface then wet the post-it/paper letting it soak the glue evenly overall. depending on the shape of the surface area you may want to bend the edge or a corner of the paper into an L shape here! use the paper as a glue applicator, slide it in-between the part and the surface! if your ca is not of a lightning fast drying type th
  3. ammo is nothing like vallejo mc or ma, it's actually worse even with it's own thinner (doesn't accept anything else as thinner anyway) can't cover, can't stick, no fine work is possible freehand. their formulation are totally different i can tell you that much.
  4. yeah, that's probably worth more than an actual boeing stock...
  5. both are std 3 tone nato-flage of black brown and green imo, nothing extraordinary there. that being said judging by the wheels on both, obviously those vehicles seem to have travelled thru some serious (mostly dry or dried off very quickly due to temp) dirt and dust so the picture should be considered as a great example of how German soil and climate do affect the colors of such a disruptive camo scheme, especially on the faasv.
  6. not the foil, the plastic itself.
  7. indeed it does sound like surface tension; have you tried wiping the immediate surface that's going to receive the glue with ipa, or better a non-aggressive lacquer (tamiya yellow cap for ex) before applying the pva, waiting for the thinner to evaporate properly first?
  8. some kits are indeed the greatererst of em all, only when they remain in their box that is. especially a certain mfctrs...
  9. Beautiful build, indeed it's a looker among the contemporaries!
  10. murad


    @spejic thank you very much for the kind words. 😊
  11. tile grout or papier mache will give a very good concrete tarmac effect in scale due to their porous nature also once dry enough can be worked and painted on easily and can be made to crack if you want to add further realism. takes a bit experimenting tho but it's fun yet can be messy - make sure the area/room you work can be cleaned up afterwards. one downside might be the weight, especially at 32nd scale the surface area is going to be big even with an f-16 so as @aircommando130 suggests, prefer an inherently light yet sturdy material for the base like foam board or insulation foam (sold dir
  12. Now that's already looking gorgeous in cad shots, can't wait!
  13. 2 year old shelf-queen with ams: 1/35 Academy 1327 1/35 Griffon Model LB35022 7.5cm Kw.K 40 L/48 Barrel w/Middle Type Muzzle Brake 1/35 Black Dog T35087 Pz Kpfw IV Ausf J accessories set 1/35 Eduard 35553 Schurzen Pz.IV Ausf.H turret Zimm 1/35 Star Decals 35-85 PzKpfv IV Part 2 - German Tanks in Italy #6 1/35 MiniArt 35003 German TANK CREW 1/35 Eureka XXL ER-3505 Towing cable for PzKpfw. IV
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