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  1. How to Fix Future Pool

    MiG Hunter, as for future and or it's ~= try the max amount of pressure your comp. can supply lets say 3+ micro burst, not even a pst pst but a single pst; nothing prolonged more than a fraction of a second. moving very fast in the mean time. distance is pretty much irrelevant unless you'r a couple of inches/cms away that is since you are pretty much finger ****ing your airbrush. no wrist movements, move your arm/airbrush entirely. takes practice but can be done. if you have access to x22 than even better of course, you can go wet on wet with it's lacquer thinner (tamiya yellow cap) easily for a smooth enough and gloss coat (tho not civvy car enough, at least not without some polishing love afterwards). with any type of acrylic thinner (tamiya white cap or drugstore %90+ ipa) i don't bother wet on wet / if it's possible to get an equivalent gloss ala lacquer thinned at least, i haven't figured out a way.
  2. SpPz2 Luchs

    Hajo hello i compared the a1 and a2 differences from takom's 1/35 luchs instruction manual and the only thing i noticed was indeed the vision port like thingie atop the turret: their difference is quite distinct which is something that i can't replicate so it'll have to do. :/ btw i am thinking of starting off with tamiya xf51 khaki drab for the base color, if you have any recommendations for a tamiya mix i'm all ears. cheers, murad.
  3. SpPz2 Luchs

    This is 1/72 revell 03208. The detail is exquisite, probably one of the best in 72nd scale revell's that i've build (and i build many) so far. i can not comment on the accuracy since i am unfamiliar with the vehicle tho. As you can see all the pioneer tools are separate parts, eventho it was a bit tricky the plastic is very good and forgiving which helps a lot with the cutting and cleaning - still being careful and having a healthy nipper is a must at these sizes (it's mere 10.7cm in length). The running gear is extremely detailed but i left it's assy after the paintjob and wx stages due to the cramped space there i fear i might not get in. btw after searching the net for ref shots decided the paintjob will be bundeswehr ral 6014 gelboliv, not 3 tone nato. i am meaning to make it into a vignette over this piece of wood.
  4. New Tool Bf 109G-6 from Tamiya

    checkout eduard's fb page for their e-day photo album.
  5. Dot filter on Hetzer

    gloss surface pro: easy to recover mistakes since the surface is smooth, pigments won't have anywhere to grab con: hence it's easy to remove the oil paints more than you want to causing you to start over flat surface pro: searching... cons: porous surface means it'll absorb / pull / hang onto anything and everything; causing tidemarks from thinner and/or linseed oil. hard to clean up as a result - might leave stains behind even if it looks like fully cleaned (if that's what you are after tho it's an upside)
  6. S-125 AA defence, Gran, 1/72

    lovely build Silenoz
  7. haven't been able to do anything worthwhile for the past month due to heat waves, now the temp is going down i am slowly picking up pace. this is zvezda's 3632 bmw r12 with driver and officer boxing. lovely kit, no issues. fuel drum and jerry cans are from tamiyas german fuel drums set, the grass is cut from modelscene's early summer with calc stones matting, earth is tamiya's earth paste. tiny amount of washes and pigments as usual. enjoy
  8. Go RD Go. got my popcorn following
  9. New F-16 color schemes

    nah, not glossy enough.
  10. F-14 - Why is it so popular?

    like any other vehicle; the shape of the design is pleasing on the eye to those who like the kitty. folks fortunate enough to hear the sound of it's engines could probably add more to the feeling. from a modelling perspective the vast amount of tailart and the amount of dirt it can accumulate would make it an ideal candidate for an interesting build despite being mostly of gray colors with a couple of adversary camo, also a wide enough array of loadout's possible in a single airframe - what else do you need more?
  11. MiG-29 9-13 Fulcrum C

    i love the camo colors very very much, makes an already amazing build very interesting and unusual. cheers
  12. 1/48 Hobby Boss Su-27 Flanker-B

    what a beast, gorgeous build.