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  1. I think you need to go back to school and learn how to read English, my friend. I'm done trying to explain it to you
  2. I suspect that Eduard will, eventually, have to deal with a competitor that offers a similar product for less but much will depend on overall demand. Many modellers will probably be quite content with a 'sans rivets' Mil Mi-24 or may seek an alternative solution (riveting machine etc). I don't believe the Eduard set will cater for the earlier machine (I assume you are talking about the first 'glasshouse' version of the Mi-24 Hind ?) since the layout for the forward fuselage, at the very least, is quite different. In any case, no-one (so far) has produced a kit of the early variant
  3. I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about but you are obviously becoming very emotional and irritable with regard to this overall 'conversation'. In the interests of everyone else, I am going to bow out. Good day to you, Sir !
  4. Absolutely spot on in my view. I think some modellers do get a little 'carried away' (I include myself in this category) and think that ALL modellers are looking for the same level of detail when clearly they are not. I have, for example, seen just as many Hobbyboss F-14 Tomcats on the competition tables as I have seen Tamiya models which goes to prove that many build as much for pleasure as they do for accuracy and detail. The Mil Mi-24 Hinds have flown off the shelves here and I guarantee that probably 7-8 out of 10 modellers are quite happy with building the base kit without any additions.
  5. I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment. It was indeed a great pity that Zvedza skipped on some important details (pardon the pun) such as the lack of good cockpit/cabin detail and the now infamous rivets. These were very strange omissions, given what they have provided in other recent kits such as the Pe-2 and C-130 Hercules. More the pity when they got so many other issues correct, including the tricky 'tail kink'. My guess is that they really wanted to ensure their kit competed well with the Trumpeter offering and decided to cut some corners in order to keep the RRP down. This policy ha
  6. Why are YOU trying to start a flame war (sorry, special military operation) over this topic ?. All I have said (in the many posts that I have responded to) is that I see absolutely NO point in discussing or viewing an item that is no longer available to modellers on the general market. This is especially the case since Eduard has, very kindly, arranged to provide all of us with an alternative, albeit pricey for some, item with which to embellish our Mil Mi-24 Hinds. I'm sorry that you have resorted to becoming very excitable over the fact that I am unwilling to discuss items that are no longer
  7. Why are you in contact with or giving these people 'air time' ????
  8. Anyway, thanks for posting these. I now have a full set of placement instructions to go with the decal sheet, which should make life easier when I eventually use them.
  9. To make their own decision about what ?. If the product is not available, it's not available. simple, really. There is absolutely no point in comparing something that is not available !. In my mind, the Eduard product is superior, if somewhat pricey and I feel sure that another enterprising company will look to produce a similar product, should they deem that there is a market for it. At the end of the day, it's the Manufacturers choice whether they continue with the production of certain products. I, too, find it difficult to understand why manufacturers suspend production of huge
  10. Totally agree with you............BUT this is the FIRST time I have seen any kind of instructions !. I did not receive any such information with my set......just the decal sheet itself.
  11. What's the point ?. They are long OOP, and no longer available anywhere which is, I imagine, why Eduard have now decided to produce their own !.
  12. The Eduard set id, quite clearly, a rather costly set which may well set it beyond the scope of many other than the Mi-24 accuracy fanatic. That said, you get what you pay for and this does look to be far more user friendly than the Arma version (which I have). There are absolutely no reference points on the Arma sheet so you have to work it all out for yourself and some of the layout is not as clear or obvious as that included with the Eduard sheet/s. I have little doubt the Eduard set will take considerably less time to apply and "time is money" as they say; thus it will leave more time for
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