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  1. Very possible.........it is 'funny' how the composition of the plastic has suddenly changed for no apparent reason (unlike recent Airfix kits which now feature a harder, darker grey plastic to replace the rather soft material that was used up until around 18 months ago and which drew some criticism)
  2. Yes, The clear plastic sprue in the latest, AC-130J variant, is definitely different to that included in the original C-130H and C-130J-300 kits that I have previously obtained. As you say a loft softer and bendier....and normally this plastic is much harder than the 'standard' plastic in the kits.
  3. Yep.......mine is the same. Actually, I believe the problem may stem from the type of clear plastic used.......I have several of the previous releases (C-130H, J etc) and the clear plastic is of a harder material in those earlier releases. The whole sprue in the AC-130J kit is very 'bendy' which leads me to believe it may be a different type of clear plastic material....maybe a result of sanctions...who knows ??.
  4. Dave, I wouldn't worry too much about the tracking (I'm assuming you ordered from Estonia ?). For some reason the Omniva tracking stops once the package leaves Estonia (which kinda negates the whole idea of tracking, I know). That said, the Estonian postal service is pretty reliable (I've lived here 8 years now and very seldom had a problem with mail in either direction) and the important thing is that with tracking you are able to make a no quibble claim with Omniva in the unlikely event that the package goes missing. If you ordered it from mudelautod all should be A OK !.
  5. Its either pure laziness or, as I suspect, done on the basis of keeping overall costs of the baseline kit down because they know that the purists (of which there are relatively few,) will be waiting for an enterprising aftermarket company to come along with an improvement or super-detailed set anyway. The sheer number of aftermarket sets that have come out already for the Mil Mi-24/35 Hind helicopters have done little to reduce sales of the basic kit; if anything they have encouraged further sales.
  6. OK, I'm going to drop out of this conversation now. It's obviously going in the same direction (with the exception of Gabor's excellent input) as most discussions on ARC and so I'm done with it.....just tried to be constructive.......hey ho
  7. Gabor, Yes.....you are so right and this is why I have enjoyed this thread so much. You have taken an impassioned view of all three kits and have provided, IMHO, an excellent assessment of all three kits, highlighting the good and the bad. Your detailed analysis avoided me wasting too much time and money in trying to acquire the Trumpeter kit, for sure !. None of the kits are perfect, as you rightly point out, but at least we all now have a very good guide to help us decide which kit fits our requirements including accuracy, buildability and economic considerations. Well Done and T
  8. I simply cannot believe the fuss that is being made of the so-called issue with the 'surface detail' on the Avantgarde/Annetra kit. I received one of these two weeks ago and either A). I got lucky and received one without surface texture issues or B), there are lots of people out there making a mountain out of a molehill. Sure, if you were doing a natural metal example (if such a thing exists !?) it could be an issue but in my case, I strongly believe that under a coat or two of camouflage and varnish this so-called 'issue' will largely disappear. Some of the photos I have seen seem to have b
  9. Hi Folks, Title pretty much describes my request. I was given a partial set of Afterburner Decals (AD48-050) 'Balad ANG/AFRES Vipers at War' but have no decal placement instructions. Does anyone have a full set of these and can scan and e-mail a set of the Instructions. Many Thanks
  10. Yes......like getting Sprue Brothers to reply to e-mails.....
  11. Received my copy of the AMK Mi-17 kit yesterday afternoon and after a close examination of the parts, I am happy to report that my particular example does not bear any of the reported issues with surface texture. The transparencies are also crystal clear although the main canopy has some slight distortion on the lower panels; I suspect these will appear less pronounced once it is mounted, with all the cockpit detail behind it. My only issue is with the decal options, which are not particularly inspirational for me but then again I do recognise the 'local' interest given the kit manufacturers C
  12. I concur........just completed a very satisfactory deal with Don.......decals arrived safely from Canada to Estonia in just over a week !.....Great comms and great service !
  13. Title says it all.......Complete or partial sheet for Pakistan Air Force F-16s would work for me. Cash (or trades) waiting..... Mark
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