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  1. Cheers mate. I would say never again with the masking but I would only be kidding myself. I have another of the Italeri kits in the stash along with 2x Kitty Hawk F-35B's and 1x F-35A.
  2. Cheers mate. I chose to leave the RAM plates intact. It made the masking a bit easier.
  3. Finished this one last night. Kit is built out of the box, no mods. Sprayed with Gunze Sangyo H301(engine grey) and H305(gunship grey). I toned down the RAM panels with a heavily thinned overspray of Gunze H301. I then sprayed with some Johnsons Klear and a very tiny amount of aluminium paint.
  4. Always been a fan of his work and watched the episode on Gold last night. To quote Mel himself "It's funny no matter how you try to forget the old times, the memory Kinda Lingers doesn't it" Kinda Lingers Mel, thanks for all the laughs.
  5. Like that scheme. May have to build one.
  6. The first man to walk where no man had walked before, Godspeed and Rest In Peace.
  7. Cheers mate. I lightly oversprayed the tailcodes with the base coat to get the desired effect. Fortunately for me I appear to have got it right on the first attempt. B)
  8. Finally got the weapons done and on the Spang Viper. Enjoy.
  9. It was done by hand. Had plenty of previous practice on 1/48 Tamiya and Kinetic kits.
  10. Later Have Glass Vipers do appear to be darker in colour, almost paintshop fresh with a slight metalic sheen.
  11. The 2 tone grey 'Have Glass' paint is Gunze Sangyo H305 and H306 with Gunze silver added in stages to get the mix right. I couldn't tell you the right amount to add however as the paint was mixed over a year ago when I did my 1/48 Tamiya kit in the same scheme.
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