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  1. Mine arrived yesterday. Had a rough journey, but great book. Thank you
  2. Hi all, I am building the aircraft of the 32nf FDS/TFS. I am now lokking for the F-86F 1/72, but am offered an F-86E.What are the externaal differences betwwen the two, and can an -E be build into an -F?
  3. Hi all, I am currently building an 1/72 F-100C. Now I come to the landing gears and see all kind of different things on photo's. So here comes the question. When parked, will the landing gearbay doors be open or closed? Kind regards Marcel
  4. Hi Guys, Looking for Two Bobs 48-114 F-4C First of the Weasels . Any one has one to spare? Willing to pay of course. Regards Marcel
  5. Hi, Does anyone here know the difference between the Kinetic an Skunksworks 1/48 Flightdecks? Regards Marcel
  6. What I need is a decent looking F-16A. I am no F-16 specialist. So does it look like an A model then I will build it as an early Dutch F-16. Is it really an YF-16 then it will be a nice practice jet for my daughter.
  7. Good day, Is it possible to make a decent F-16A out of this model? Kind regards Marcel
  8. Mine arrived too. Fantastic. Now I have to wait till my home renovation is finished....
  9. I think we are just stunned into silence. It looks great so far. Kind regards Marcel
  10. Looking fantastic, Can I allready order one? Regards Marcel
  11. How about Verlinden's M151 MUTT?
  12. Hi guys, thanks for the answers. Looking in to it I would love to build the 1/48 B-17F from Revell, but it will take up to much space. So I will opt for the 1/72 model. I think I will try to get the Legend B-17 pilots to fit. I will build it as a remembrance to a B-17F Bombardier. My family adopted the name of 2LT Wendell O. Palmer on the wall of the missinh at Margraten Cemetary here in Holland. The LT became missing in action during a mission on the 17th of july 1943. The aircraft will be from the 525BS, 379th BG. Any decals available out there? Kind regards Marcel
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