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  1. If you are OK with 1/43 and building a white metal kit, try this, about 2/3 down the page http://www.langleymodels.co.uk/acatalog/On..._plant__83.html Graham
  2. You can get several items from Accurate Armour in 1/48 scale including, K2 ambulance, Crossley Fire truck, aircraft handling tractor and refuelling vehicles. Also other items can be had from SOL and Gasoline. http://www.accurate-armour.com/showaaprodu...subcategory=251 http://www.gaso-line.eu/gaso-line.htm Graham
  3. Jon, Did you find your missing parts? If not I may be able to help you. PM me. Graham
  4. Thanks, at least I know what I am looking for. I am never afraid to look in the boxes of old vac kits, so I can keep an eye out for those brands. Graham
  5. Does anybody know of kits of the following aircraft? Northrop XFT-1 Northrop XFT-2 Northrop 3A All look very similar. I would prefer resin, but vac would do, and is most likely. Thanks Graham
  6. Very interesting, tanks for the photo and ruler.
  7. Does anybody out there have scale drawings for the Spitfire? The reason I ask is that in looking at the Tamiya 1/32 Spitfire cockpit, the seat is considerably smaller than other seats in other kits. The only dimensions that I have is a width of 17" which would make the Tamiya seat about 1mm too narrow and I have no idea about height. I have compared it with seats from MDC, Matchbox, Hasegawa, Eduard and Pacific Coast and they are all considerably larger, but they may be too large. I have been over to the Air Force Museum to look at the real thing, but can't get close enough to measure it. The answer would be accurate scale drawings but in 12 books I can find none of the cockpit, so I turning to collective expertise here for help. Here is a pic that illustrates what the issue is. All of these seats are from 1/32 kits. Thanks Graham
  8. CMHGraham

    Molders Storch

    I am looking to make Werner Molders Storch from the time that he was Inspector of Fighters. I have looked high and low for any info but the only photo I can find is a close in one that shows only the camo scheme around the cockpit. Does anyone know the complete scheme worn by this aircraft and also the markings? TIA Graham
  9. The Outlet Mall at Jeffersonville is about 40 miles south on I-71, so about 45mins from the Hyatt parking lot. Graham
  10. As a follow on to Jason's comments, I am the one keeping track and yes there are a few left. If you are coming in Wednesday, you should be able to get one then. Graham
  11. The convention is at the Hyatt Regency hotel, not the Convention Center. The two buildings are connected, but we are in the hotel, the more southerly building. Same place as 1997 Graham
  12. To correct a common error, the convention is at the Hyatt Regency hotel, not the Convention Center. The Convention Center is next door, but not where we will be. That being said, there is a restaurant in the Hotel, plus a bagel stand and I think coffee stand. Also, there are a lot of restaurants not only walking distance, but very short walking distance, 1-3 mins. Graham
  13. Guys, or should I say fellow carnivore's, Columbus is blessed with a lot of good Steak houses in the downtown area, several of which are walking distance. In the registration package, there will be a list of local restaurants to whet your appetite. As for Beef, the best and closest are Morton's which is on High Street, just around the corner, and Hyde Park Grille on the Cap over I-670. Just a little further away is the best IMHO, Mitchell's Steakhouse on 3rd street. If you can waiver a little from Beef to Bison, Ted's Montana Grill is just a short walk away in the Arena district. Which brings me to something else. If you haven't been to Columbus since the last Nats in '97, boy are you in for a surprise. The area to the west and north of the convention hotel has changed out of all recognition. I know you will enjoy it, especially if you like food. Graham Holmes IPMS Eddie Rickenbacker
  14. Actually, the convention opens its doors at 5pm on Wednesday and the vendors set up during the day on Wednesday. At least the larger ones will. From the room count that we have so far, almost as many rooms are booked for Wednesday night as they are for the later days. Of course that does not reflect the walk-ins, or though staying elsewhere. Graham
  15. Mike, to allay your fears and those of others, it may be quiet but we are over our quota for hotel rooms, and we set the quota higher than in 1997, so we expect a fine turnout. We have heard a lot of people who are coming in a day at a time, so business will be brisk and as Jason said elsewhere, we have added vendor rooms for more vendors. We look forward to seeing you there. Graham
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