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  1. That is more than I could have hoped for, thank you so much for the drawings, that is excellent Sabrejet, Best Regards, Pierre
  2. Thank you very much Sabrejet. The example I am building is a SAAF Korea F-86 fighter-bomber. It will have two 1000lb bombs on the inner pylons close to the main gear. Does this mean I have to move the drop tanks further outboard as on the Academy model wing? Pierre
  3. Hi, Need assistance with a question. Would the position of the drop tank pylons be the same on both the Sabre models. I am using the Revell F-86D narrow chord wing to convert an Academy F-86F to an early Sabre. Reason I ask is that it seems that the pylons on the Academy model seem a bit more out board than on the Revell Sabre Dog model. I am aware that the Revell Sabre Dog wing is swept too much. any help would be appreciated, Regards, Pierre
  4. Good day guys, A question, if I may, to anyone knowledgeable about the MiG-17. Currently I am building the Trumpeter MiG-15 and I also have the Hobby Boss MiG-17 in the stash. Since the cockpits are very similar I did notice that the MiG-15 has a window-like partition just behind the seat fixed to the sliding canopy. In the MiG-17 kit however, there is no such part. Is this an oversight by Hobby Boss or is this feature not present in the MiG-17? I thought maybe to improve rear visibility, they left it off on the Fresco. Thanks for any reply, Pierre
  5. Thanks habu2, sorry for the late reply. I love these math problems, lol. Will have a go at it now. Thanks for taking the time! Pierre
  6. Thanks guys your help is appreciated! Pierre
  7. Hi Sean, That is an excellent idea, thanks kindly sir! Pierre
  8. Good day guys, Can someone please help me with a calculation here? I want to create a cone shaped ring of plastic to add to the inside of a 1/48 Mig-15 intake in order to smoothen out that abruptly ending lip just aft of the intake mouth, a problem plaguing all Mig-15/17 models apparently. The smaller and larger circumference of the cone is easy using 2πr, right? But since this cone is created using a flat curved strip of plastic, how do I calculate the radiuses and corresponding angle between the two radiuses in order to create a curved strip that, when joined together, will
  9. Thanks Mstor, I stand fully corrected, much appreciated, Regards, Pierre
  10. Thanks kindly guys, after some searching I am also sure it is the Italeri kit. I think the Academy has droop-able intakes which should make them look different. The Sidewinders also look kinda Italeri -ish. Regards, Pierre
  11. Hi Guys, Can anyone confirm which manufacturer is contained in THIS boxing? It does look like Hasegawa. Regards, Pierre
  12. Much appreciated guys! Regards, Pierre
  13. Thanks to all for responding, I was not aware that the Hasegawa nose gear is wrong. I do have the Academy kit also, how is the nose gear leg of this kit? Regards, Pierre
  14. Hi guys, I am busy with a 1/48 F-86F-30 Sabre, SAAF in Korea 1953. Just as a matter of interest, is the Sabre nose gear offset to one side by any chance? Looking at my Hasegawa kit, it sure looks like it. Thanks, Pierre
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