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  1. Thanks Mstor, I stand fully corrected, much appreciated, Regards, Pierre
  2. Thanks kindly guys, after some searching I am also sure it is the Italeri kit. I think the Academy has droop-able intakes which should make them look different. The Sidewinders also look kinda Italeri -ish. Regards, Pierre
  3. Hi Guys, Can anyone confirm which manufacturer is contained in THIS boxing? It does look like Hasegawa. Regards, Pierre
  4. Much appreciated guys! Regards, Pierre
  5. Thanks to all for responding, I was not aware that the Hasegawa nose gear is wrong. I do have the Academy kit also, how is the nose gear leg of this kit? Regards, Pierre
  6. Hi guys, I am busy with a 1/48 F-86F-30 Sabre, SAAF in Korea 1953. Just as a matter of interest, is the Sabre nose gear offset to one side by any chance? Looking at my Hasegawa kit, it sure looks like it. Thanks, Pierre
  7. Thanks mawz, that is interesting indeed. Sorry for my late response. Pierre
  8. Privyet(?) Nino, How about THIS I see a central fuel tank in some of the pictures. Regards Pierre
  9. Hi friends, I have two P-38 questions I need help with please. The first concerns the Academy 1/48 kit. I see on my Hasegawa kit there are a pair of vent louvres just ahead of the turbochargers on top of each boom but when I checked my Academy kit there seem to be two plastic lumps in the same position as if the louvres were filled before molding. Is this a problem with all Academy kits? The second question concerns the Red Bull P-38. Would I need an F, G or H to build this plane? Thanks for any help, Regards Pierre
  10. Thanks kindly Mstor, great idea, since the stenciling would more or less be the same, and those are thankfully included. Think I'll do that! Regards Pierre
  11. Good day guys, Is it just me or are there no decal sheets for a Soviet era Russian MiG-25, specifically the PD version? I have the ICM MiG-25 PD and wanted to do the box top bird but on some other website a Russian modeler mentioned that BORT 56 is in fact a PDS (converted P), meaning I apparently cannot fit that humongous belly tank. I googled everywhere, Begemot, Linden Hill, Ebay etc. and no joy. I apologise if it sounds whiny but I really want to have a Russian PD with the belly tank in my display case. Anyone have any good news? Regards, Pierre
  12. All I wanted right there, you're a star jeffryfontaine. Thanks kindly! Pierre
  13. Hi Guys, Can someone help me with two questions please regarding the P-38L. 1. Can I hang a 1000lb bomb on one pylon and a fuel tank on the other or was this not done? 2. Unfortunately I have a Hasegawa 1/48 P-38J which has most parts for a Lima model except the dive brake flaps under the wing. Is there any aftermarket product for this available? Thanks kindly, Pierre
  14. It is always a bad thing watching CNN and seeing the misery of a tornado or hurricane hit on a town. I admire the resilience of those people after having been struck by these natural disasters or fire as in the case of California recently. How they still manage a smile during interviews is beyond me. Makes me feel like a total idiot when complaining about a bit of fog or wind. What does strike me though is that many houses that I see that got destroyed seem to be build out of wood in the USA. They seem rather flimsy in those tornado prone areas. In Namibia, where I live, houses are rather solidly build of brick and concrete. Why are so many houses in the US build from wood. Even big double story estates or mansions seem to be built of wood or plaster board. Would it not be logic to build houses of bricks and concrete in these tornado areas? Is cost maybe a factor?
  15. What I find detracts a little bit on cars and also on aircraft models. The wheels! Car/truck tires like aircraft tires always show some kind of sidewall bulge and a flat spot at the contact point. The thing is heavy after all. I have seen some stunning models that look like they are filled with helium perched on their tires like ballerinas on their toes. I always try to sand a little flat area on the bottom of my wheels. Might be a bit difficult on rubber tires of car models though. Pierre
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