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  1. Thanks mate. All colours were Gunze acrylics range for the respective RLMs. Cheers
  2. FW190A-2 Hptm. Hans Hahn Gruppenkommandeur III./JG2, Beaumont le Roger,France May 1942 (Tamiya 1/72) This is my latest kit finished. This is the Tamiya kit (60766). Built mostly straight out of the box with the following improvements: Eduard pre-painted photo etched seat belts Replace the wing cannons by 1mm metal tubes Replace the pitot tube using syringe needle Added IFF antena from metal metal wire Painting using Gunze (RLM02, RLM66, RLM70, RLM 76, RLM74, RLM75 and RLM04) and Tamiya (XF-85, XF-64, X-10, X-
  3. The motivation to built this model came from an informal Group Build organised in my modelling club SAPMA. The idea was to build a Spitfire used by an Aussie during WWII. I've choose to build a plane flown by Flight Sargent Kenneth "Kenny" Dudley Basset when he was attached to RAAF 452 Squadron based at Redhill, England, October 1941. Kenneth was born on the 16th of July 1916 in Roma, Queensland. In September 1940, he joined the RAAF and commenced training as a pilot at Narrandra, NSW. In 1941, he left for further training in Ottawa, Canada, and was the
  4. Thanks guys. It wasn't that difficult as I first thought. I really enjoyed it at the end
  5. Finally completed. Rigging made with EZLIne and glued in place with CA Glue.
  6. Definitely the Festive Season isn't a good time of the year for scale modelling here Down Under. Warmer weather and friends invitations to go out is so tempting that the bench time is happily neglected. However, I've managed to progress with this build and here are a couple of photos just to keep this build alive. I have added the wings to the fuselage and also started some weathering The bottom will be a little dirtier than the upper surface To be continued!
  7. Hi there the has recovered just fine and I’m already back to work. Thanks for your attention. The kit had som progress made to it. All paint mistakes have now been corrected and I’m in the process of weathering. Some photos soon. Cheers
  8. Thanks mate. I have now finished this model and it's here: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/305967-bf109e-3-weisse-5-obfw-jakob-arnoldy-mandal-1940-tamiya-172/
  9. Finally, as promised, here are the photos of the finished model. I'd say it was a pleasure to build this kit. Any set back I had was self inflicted and nothing to do with the kit quality. The canopy is pretty decent out of of the box. I only added a set of harnesses and some scratch built details to the panel. All the parts fit together very well and little putty was used. There were some mistakes regarding the painting scheme but I only noticed it because was checking my references (i.e. spinner colour).
  10. Well! I call it done. After finishing the small details and adding the missing parts . I finally got it finished. Here are a few photos. More detailed and better quality photos to come. Cheers
  11. Now is time to paint the frames. For the frames I used clear decal film painted. First painted RLM02 and then RLM71. I cut 1mm stripes to approximate length of the section. apply as per usual decal methods. After completing, use Micro Sol to make it conform to the part. Cut decal stripes of about 1mm and to desired length Here you van see the inside colour showing through on the middle frame
  12. Problem solved. Apologies for not having the photo of the damaged windshield but hereto is fixed. I've polished it with Tamiya compound putty medium and fine until removed (or most of it), I then gave it a bth on Future Clear and left to dry overnight. Sorry about the bad photography but the arrow shows what was left of the stain Same as previous photography remarks Continuing with the building I glued the parts on the fuselage using white glue. Now is time to paint the frames.
  13. Small parts details being added. The propeller and spinner in place. Please note the canon muzzle showing. The antenna mast on the right Landing wheels finished. Some Aluminium scratches made with Quilt pencil and some red tags made with watercolour pencil Landing gear in place Note the brake fluid line loop characteristic of the Bf109
  14. Yellow applied. I've used Gunze H413 RLM04 Yellow. After waiting overnight for paint to cure I decided to check it before moving on. A little setback, I was not happy with the results. Some overspray/bleeding paint and some huge misalignment. I will have to start from the beginning again. To be continued!
  15. Progressing with this building very steadily, mainly because I'm grounded home due to a recent knee operation. Anyway! The next step was to start with the painting. I've read so many reviews over the internet and one thing that was common to all is in regards to the fuselage band decals. They don't match properly. So I decided to to paint those marks. Since I was about to paint it, I decided also decided to paint the big white squares on the wings and fuselage. This is because the decal would be positioned just on the top of the rigging points and I would have to use few deca
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