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    Main hobby is history, focusing on the military side of it and being greatly interested in WW2 German military history, particularly the Luftwaffe.
  1. I am also willing to trade it for 1/35th German Armor. I am interested in the following: - Dragon Jagdpanther (late) #6393 - Dragon Pz.Kpfw IV Ausf.E #6402 - Dragon Flakpanzer IV Ausf. G #6342 Thank you, Tudor
  2. Hello Gentlemen, I am looking to sell the last 1/48th model kit in my stash. The kit is the 'Profipack' version of the plane, and it is literally brand new, all pieces are in plastic bags, nothing opened :D The price I am asking for is $40. Let me know if you're interested! Tudor
  3. Hey Buzz, I have an offer for the Albatros already, if that doesn't go through, I will let you know. The progress is found here Cheers, Tudor
  4. Hello, I am selling a 1/32 Albatros from Wingnut Wings, which I've started working on about 2 weeks ago, but haven't done much work meanwhile. Looking to sell for $30, shipping included. I am also selling a brand new Bf 110G-4 Night-fighter from Eduard, with pieces bagged. Looking to sell for $35, without shipping. Give me a shout if interested. Tudor
  5. When I cleaned old painted parts, even resin, I used a rather strong solvent my dad had in his garage. I soaked it, just as you've done, then put a pair of rubber gloves on, and started to rub the paint off using my fingers: careful, gentle rubbing, so that the parts don't break. I then left the part in the sun for 2 days straight. To me, it seems that heat helps evaporate solvents quite well. I cleaned it lastly with some Model Master thinner. There were some small traces of paint left inside engraved areas, but 95% of the stuff was gone. And yes, your part will "sweat" out solvents; leave
  6. It was working, yes. I used it to get home myself. However, ALL transit towards downtown was stopped.
  7. I was downtown and I made it home alive. I have a story to tell to my children and their children. Oh well :(
  8. I can't believe we're neighbours on this side of the pond! GO CANUCKS GO!
  9. But we have games 5 and 7 at home :)
  11. GO CANUCKS GO!! And Don Cherry needs to know when to stop talking. The only reason he's still broadcasting is because Ron MacLean knows how to keep a leash on his attitude.
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