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  1. Excellent, please post some pics when you finish. Cheers Ray
  2. For sure be careful, luckily I had two sets of these decals and it took me one and a half of the sets to complete the kit as some did crack and had to be replaced or repaired. It was the most decal softener I ever used on one kit. I used Microscale liguid decal film and every softener I had from Microsol to solvaset to get them to settle down. In the end I like the results so it was worth it.
  3. Excellent finish on your Halifax, like seeing these as the Lancaster usually gets all the attention.
  4. Phantoms pic was what got me thinking maybe its red? The above picture is on the Victoria airfield, you can just make out the old military control tower in the back ground and cropped out of this pic is the Martin Mars water bombers to the right. Patrick Martin has this same pic in his book, his color call outs say Reserve units used Blue for the cowling with the white and blue stripes on the rudder but I also know when the Navy took them off the RCAF that they were overall yellow till the next paint job from my other references. His book shows side profiles with Shearwater Harvards overall y
  5. I've gone through my references and been going through the internet trying to figure out the cowling and rudder color of this Harvard parked outside of the Victoria Flying club in Pat Bay. I thought it was blue but maybe it is a darker Red than the fin flash? Any help appreciated. Thanks Ray ay
  6. Here is my what if CF-23. After watching the documentary on the YF-23 I the saw the 1/48 Hobby Boss kit in my local hobby shop for a good price so I picked it up. This plane just looks cool even sitting still! The kit decals are terrible so instead of buying more decals I dug into the spares and came up with these "Still sourcing a couple more". I watched an online review and the reviewer described it as one of the top 5 worst kits he has built and I just simply don't agree. The Cockpit and canopy fit are excellent along with the intakes and wheel wells. The one spot I had to work on was the w
  7. Excellent builds Phantom, Inspirational for my NAVY Harvard 1/48 Occidental kit right now. Cheers Ray
  8. Simply amazing job Steve especially considering the kit. Cheers Ray
  9. Thanks Emil Your lucky to have that Uncle Bill's set, it really makes a difference especially the nose clear piece, it is a much superior shape. I'd like to see a new Tutor from another company for sure. I've got the CF-105 with the North Star Resin and Master Casters stuff so that will keep me busy enough before another Tutor comes along. Cheers Ray
  10. Thanks Guys. The Mk.3 is also my favorite version of the Clunk.
  11. Thanks Years ago I saw the Belchers kit at BC Shavers in Victoria just before HC released their kit but haven't seen another one in a looong time since. Both kits are long gone now but who knows maybe another manufacturer will take the plunge and do an up to date 48th Tutor. Cheers Ray
  12. Here is my latest completion. Hobby Crafts 1/48 Tutor with some of Uncle Bills Resin pieces added. I used Tamiya paint and the kit decals were actually Very good. Not the easiest kit and I had to walk away from it for for awhile but in the end I'm happy to have it on the shelf with my other Canadian subjects. Cheers
  13. I did a deal with Frank on another kit and it was a smooth transaction. Then I got the bug to build a Nigerian Alpha and tried to get this off Frank and never heard back from him. I see that he hasn't been back online in over a year so I hope all is well with him
  14. Thanks for the insight, I'm going to add a set to the cart and give them a try, I'll add my results to this post down the road. Cheers Ray
  15. Hi aircal62 When you bend them to shape do they hold that shape or do they want to return to their original shape. I use Stynelrez primer which I find has good flexibility and bonds excellent and I would prefer to paint them off the seat then attach them. They look impressive on websites but I haven't ever seen them or know anyone who has tried them. I'm getting an order together from Plaza Japan and was thinking about trying these out on my 1/48 IJN B7A2 Grace. Thanks Ray
  16. Has anyone used Fine Molds aftermarket seat belts, I believe they are made out of ABS plastic. Looking for your opinion on what you think of them. Thanks Ray
  17. Sorry Phantom, that and the CF-100 were scooped up by a guy in Quebec last week. He bought some other Canadian subjects off me as well but he'd been looking for a 1/48 CF-100 for sometime.
  18. Reducing the Stash again. I did a purge about 10 years ago and got the stash to 78 Kits by selling on here but mostly at a couple of model shows and at club meetings. Planned not to grow the collection again but then all these manufactures came along with new kits and I gladly turned my money over to them for stuff I couldn't do without!! So back over a hundred again. Couple of club members said they were having good success selling and buying on face book so the Girlfriend posted some stuff for me and I was surprised to move 8 kits in a little over a week. These were du
  19. Quick Update for anyone looking. Just picked up AFVs Israeli boxed Centurion off a club member. It does have a sprue for the Diesel engine cover but it also has the other parts on the sprues to make the British version engine deck.
  20. Just got my Second Pfizer shot last week and Happy to Have it! Grateful to live in a country where it is available and looking forward to more distribution in other countries. Looking at the numbers in Indonesia, Malaysia and Burma where even getting any vaccine is a problem it is not going well. Got Polio "Nope" thank you science 👍
  21. Thanks Dave Yes the Shot Kal, I'll take a look at some completed kits for the difference. Appreciate the help Ray
  22. Looking at AFVs IDF Centurion Kit #35124 and wondering if what is in the box can be made into a Canadian Centurion. Thanks For any help Ray
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