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  1. Thanks for the insight, I'm going to add a set to the cart and give them a try, I'll add my results to this post down the road. Cheers Ray
  2. Hi aircal62 When you bend them to shape do they hold that shape or do they want to return to their original shape. I use Stynelrez primer which I find has good flexibility and bonds excellent and I would prefer to paint them off the seat then attach them. They look impressive on websites but I haven't ever seen them or know anyone who has tried them. I'm getting an order together from Plaza Japan and was thinking about trying these out on my 1/48 IJN B7A2 Grace. Thanks Ray
  3. Has anyone used Fine Molds aftermarket seat belts, I believe they are made out of ABS plastic. Looking for your opinion on what you think of them. Thanks Ray
  4. Sorry Phantom, that and the CF-100 were scooped up by a guy in Quebec last week. He bought some other Canadian subjects off me as well but he'd been looking for a 1/48 CF-100 for sometime.
  5. Reducing the Stash again. I did a purge about 10 years ago and got the stash to 78 Kits by selling on here but mostly at a couple of model shows and at club meetings. Planned not to grow the collection again but then all these manufactures came along with new kits and I gladly turned my money over to them for stuff I couldn't do without!! So back over a hundred again. Couple of club members said they were having good success selling and buying on face book so the Girlfriend posted some stuff for me and I was surprised to move 8 kits in a little over a week. These were du
  6. Quick Update for anyone looking. Just picked up AFVs Israeli boxed Centurion off a club member. It does have a sprue for the Diesel engine cover but it also has the other parts on the sprues to make the British version engine deck.
  7. Just got my Second Pfizer shot last week and Happy to Have it! Grateful to live in a country where it is available and looking forward to more distribution in other countries. Looking at the numbers in Indonesia, Malaysia and Burma where even getting any vaccine is a problem it is not going well. Got Polio "Nope" thank you science 👍
  8. Thanks Dave Yes the Shot Kal, I'll take a look at some completed kits for the difference. Appreciate the help Ray
  9. Looking at AFVs IDF Centurion Kit #35124 and wondering if what is in the box can be made into a Canadian Centurion. Thanks For any help Ray
  10. Sorry its not a 100%. Have a look at Barracuda Studios, I found they produced one. Lockheed F-104 Starfighter Drag Chute Housing, Barracuda Studios BR48082 (scalemates.com)
  11. Are these all the pieces in that set. I don't have the original package as I take small resin pieces and put them in individual trays to prevent damaging tiny parts.
  12. If you are still looking for this I might be able to help you. Pretty sure I have this in the stash, downstairs.
  13. Thanks, the weathering washes out a bit in the pics compared to in person. I'll be adding more weathering before I take it to the next model show but this was a fun build in between a Trumpeter Wyvern and Hobby Craft Tutor. Tamiya Kits are great for getting motivated again. Cheers Ray
  14. Keeping this trade in Canada, seeing if someone has a 1/48 Hobby Boss Su-17M4 Fitter-K or a 1/48 Special Hobby Single Seat Viggen for trade. What I've got for trade is: 1/48 Tamiya F-16 Block 50 Kit #61096 with Masters Metal Pitot 1/48 Hobby Craft Tutor “Military Version” Kit #HC1425 with Uncle Bills Resin Airbrakes and nose wheel well. Factory Sealed 1/48 Hobbyboss F-105D Kit # 80332 with Eduard Mask. Factory Sealed 1/48 Hasegawa CF-104 Kit #09539 With Aires Cockpit #4098 1/32 Pacific Coast Models Macchi C.202 kit # 3200
  15. I was going to do this subject but have now switched gears to a Canadian Hurricane, If you wanted to do this subject and have the markings for a European MkIIc "Like Hasegawa's Kit# 09051" to trade give me a shout. I'll include the white metal 6 stack exhaust that come in the kit that this scheme used. Thanks Ray
  16. Here is a pic off my screen of the accident, unfortunately he sent me a TIF file and I cant change it to PDF right now.
  17. Here is my latest completion, Tamiya's 1/48 Mosquito with Master Gun Barrels and Eduard PE Interior. This is a build I had intended to do for some time of my Friends Dads Mosquito. He flew operationally in Europe in 43 and 44 and finished of the war in 1945 at 133 Squadron in Pat Bay BC chasing down Japanese Balloon Bombs. In July of 45 he was taking up KA111 for a test flight after maintenance and it had a twin engine failure on take off at about 150 feet. It ended up broken in half off the end of the runway but luckily he walked away from it and was flying the next day. I was got to see his
  18. Awesome stash there Fred and a solid plan 👍. A lot of my kits I also got on sale in my travels around the world, I look at my stash and remember when I picked up the KV-107 in Australia in the bargain bin or an excellent trip to Tokyo when I went to an amazing Hobby Shop and picked up the then brand NEW Hasegawa F-104. Think most of us can relate to planning a particular subject buying the kit then the squirrel runs by and we have started on another subject. All part of the Hobby and fun.
  19. I had to google kyphosis 🙂 and I was just looking at some pics from a Hobby show in 2019 and not the slimmest group, YES step away from the bench and go for a walk regularly. 2 hours straight at the bench for me is about the norm with some 4 hour saturday mornings when the weather is crap. Bench and Coffee early in the morn two thumbs up. Totally agree that collecting is a big part of the hobby but I'm building kits to get the stash under a 100 so restricting the buys and doing some trades. As for other distractions oh Ya.
  20. This is the B list of kits and somewhere in there is what I call my trade bait for other kits I would like to add to the stash.
  21. Happen to be going through the stash tonight, did a search and saw this thread. Will I finish? Looking doubtful even though this has been my most productive year as I finished 3 kits off the shelf of doom "None left on there now" and finished 3 others. I have 124 kits in the stash and these below are my A-list which I fully intend to build. There are a few subjects I'm looking at getting but hoping to trade for them from my stash or pickup at the next Hobby show. There is One kit I will be buying new as soon as it hits the shelf, ICMs new OV-10 Bronco, other than that I think I can resist al
  22. Hi Colin I'll be putting up an assortment of my kits for trade shortly on Buy and Sell which will include the Tutor. In hopes of finding for either a 1/48 Hobby Boss SU-17 #81758 or a 1/48 Single seat SH Saab Viggen. Cheers Ray
  23. Yes, a good reason to grab stuff when it is available and put it in the Stash 🙂. The decal sheet I am looking for is from 2005, not hopeless but slim chance. I will still do up a 133 squadron Hurricane easy enough and just keep an eye out for the Bulldog decal which I can add at anytime. Cheers Ray
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