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  1. Great to deal with.US-UK in six days. Stephen
  2. I'll try this on my Rafale and F-16. Thanks guys Stephen
  3. Me! Along with those two guys who drove the truck and were (I think) Ex-American footballers. Stephen
  4. Yeah! A helicopter that could see and hear through walls as well as firing 6000 rounds a minute.I much preferred the movie though. Stephen
  5. Well spotted.Yes,it's on my to-build list as I love Raspberry Ripple a/c. Italeri GR.1 Neomega cockpit Xtradecal decals. Stephen
  6. I've never used the plastic primer I'm afraid but I swear by the grey and white primers.Just spray them on and give a light rub down
  7. Hasegawa 1/48 F-16A which was an ebay win and a package from Shawn Hull with some of his lovely detail sets for the F-16.I can't wait til he's back as I need his GE F110 nozzles. Stephen
  8. Here's what I do 1. Give the model a glossy surface with Future. 2. Once cured brush Future on to the area for the decal. 3. Place the decal in water for the required time. 4. Apply the decal to the desired spot on the model 5. Gently squeeze out the waterfrom the decal with a damp piece of kitchen paper. 6. Brush more Future on to the decal. This will pull the decal down on to the surface very firmly. This I find works on just about any decals and gives them a painted on appearance. HTH Stephen
  9. Wonderland models in Edinburgh carries the range. http://www.wonderlandmodels.com/ HTH Stephen
  10. Sprue Brothers and Shawn Hull ,what can I say? six days from USA to UK.Outstanding Stephen
  11. I was won over from enamels with the Aeromaster range of Acrylics the pro's are : Quick drying Less toxicity easy clean up I've used Aeromaster,Polly Scale, Lifecolor and Tamiya and Vallejo Model Color. I currently use Vallejo as they're absolutely brilliant even for handbrushing with little or no brush marks, a HUGE range and those little bottles which seem to hold a huge amount.I've thinned with just plain tap water and had no problems at all.Polly Scal are also superb and the main reason that I don't use them more is that my local shop J
  12. The missiles started out white with appropriate bands but in the mid late eighties they were painted gray to match the airframe.if you're doing a current a/c I'd use grey.The colored bands refer to live/ inert missiles.The brown band is for the motor and a yellow band with that designates a live warhead.A dummy missile would have both bands blue. HTH Stephen
  13. Today I received an Ultracast Spitfire IX cowling courtesy of e-bay as well as TwoBobs B-1B and F-16 decals.Yesterday 2 x PWMP 1/48 F-16 MLU updates courtesy of the wonderful people at LHS. Stephen
  14. Very graciously supplied a decal sheet (and plasticard) and asked for nothing in return.An all round good egg! Stephen
  15. I've switched to acrylics with Pollyscale/Aeromaster (still got a few left)/lifecolor/Tamiya and my current fave Vallejo which are about the easiest paints I've ever used.I also have some Color of Eagles which I haven't tried yet. Stephen
  16. I use bicarbonate of soda and superglue.This gives a rock hard finish that can be sanded smooth as glass. HTH Stephen
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