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  1. I know they're Royal Navy but would this be of any use https://www.pj-production.be/en/figures-1-48/161-481125-equipage-lynx-royal-navy.html
  2. Great pictures, thanks for sharing them.
  3. Right here https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/jcexet06lavmg0zllytl.html
  4. Great pictures, thanks for sharing them.
  5. I thought Sierra Hotel had gone out of business five years ago.
  6. 8 Test Tomcats!!!!!!! Bring it on.
  7. Have a great time.
  8. As usual the Germans get there first.
  9. Kinetic a bottom feeder!!!!!!! That is the stupidest comment I've seen on this forum in a while. Raymond Chung goes out of his way to make the best kits he can he actively sought out help from the IPMS UK Harrier SIG to ensure the Sea Harrier and trainer kits were as accurate as possible, he also had help on the F/A-18 kits. Taniya and Great Wall have in the past made errors on kits ;Tamiya Beaufighter, Meteor F.1, Great Wall made errors on the F-15B/D and the MiG-29 so no one's perfect.
  10. Great build especially the paint finish. Stephen
  11. I'd definitely go for VAW-127 from the USS Coral Sea.
  12. Email them and suggest it, there's a link on the Quickboost homepage.
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