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  1. Thank you to everyone for your answers. This gave me everything I needed.
  2. Hello All, I'm building the 1/48 Revell F-102 and I'd like to position the weapons bay doors and missile rails properly. However, I haven't been able to find out how exactly they operated. Could you help me answer these questions? - 1) Did all of the weapons bay doors have to open and close at the same time, or was the pilot able to select which doors to open and which to keep closed? - 2) Did all of the missile rails extend into the slipstream at the same time? If not, how were the rails grouped? For example, did all of the front missiles extend at the same t
  3. Has anyone seen any reviews, unboxings, or builds of Modelcollect's 1/72 B-52D? I haven't been able to find anything at all. Scalemates has no reviews linked, and the instruction manual uploaded for the B-52D is actually for the B-52H. Anyone see anything?
  4. I'm still in the research phase, but once I narrow down which serial numbers I need, I'll let you know. I'd need the tail serials with the "U.S. AIR FORCE" above them, plus the "BB-XXX" codes on the rear fuselage.
  5. Rick - I'm very intrigued by this. I looked up the sheets in question and they look like they would do the trick, and more. Do you have experience using these on aircraft? Would they adhere to a gloss surface?
  6. Very interesting. How much would this cost? (Sorry, typo, I was asking about Rob about the cost of the decal sheet).
  7. Nice build! And thanks for the rundown on the kit quality. I've always wanted to build a Devastator, so this review is helpful.
  8. Hello All, Did anyone ever produce a decal sheet for red USAF serials codes? Looking for them in 1/48 to be able to build a specific B-57. I can find serials in white and black, but not in red. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  9. Hello All, First build finished in many, many years. This is the Itaerli 1/72 RB-66 kit, built in markings for the 10th TRW at RAF Alconbury in 1964. I built this to hang on the ceiling of my boys' bedroom, since both were born while stationed at RAF Alconbury. Kids went nuts for it, so that made me happy. The Kit This is the only readily available kit for the any version of the B-66. It is actually quite impressive, as the kit comes with parts to make every major variant of the jet: B-66, RB-66, and EB-66. Technically, the EB-66 version sho
  10. Hello All, Trying to build a 1/48 Strike Eagle for my boys, but with their grandad's tail number. However, the only decal sheet in 1/48 that would make up an accurate representation of that jet is Afterburner Decals' "Lakenheath Mudhens" - long out of print. I only need a couple of decals from that sheet, basically any of the trapezoid versions of the 494th Fighter Squadron insignia. I've circled them in red in the photo below, to show what I'm looking for. If anyone can help, I would be very grateful. I will gladly pay for the decals + shipping. Or, if anyo
  11. I know, that video is such a gem. I love seeing the 494th hosted the local English kids, since that was my dad's beloved squadron. Also, bring back orange flight suits! I believe the marking at the base of the vertical stabilizer is a unit citation ribbon, but I'm not sure which one. Looking at the video, all the RB-66s are shown with an olive drab anti-glare panel in front of the cockpit. Those were usually factory-applied, so I assume they were that color on all RB-66s. But that's just my personal judgement call. And you'r
  12. I'd also like to point out that this video shows that the anti-glare panels in front of the cockpit and on the inward side of the engine nacelles were in fact olive drab and not brown or black like kit decals.
  13. Thank you very much! As a backup, there is a Youtube video showing multiple RB-66s at RAF Alconbury. It clearly shows at least two jets that can be built correctly by mixing and matching the kit decals (serials 54-0445 and 54-0442). Notice that they carry the same marking on the vertical stabilizer that you highlighted, but there is no diamond shape on the speed brakes. The video is here:
  14. Did we ever reach a definitive conclusion as to which scheme is which? I just bought this kit in order to build an RB-66 from Alconbury, but the details in this thread leave me more confused than ever.
  15. Thank you very much, gents. The time frame you provided fits perfectly for the photos I'm trying to label. Thanks!
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