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  1. This is really, REALLY good work. I love the paintjob - it looks like it was very difficult. I also appreciate the subtle panel wash and the detailed cockpit. Unique build! Thanks!
  2. Well that's a shame. They have some great subjects I would have really enjoyed building.
  3. Has anyone ever used Kora Decals before? How well do they behave? They have a lot of really interesting subjects I'd love to build. Just hoping they work well!
  4. I'm sure that there are photos out there somewhere, as there are several drawings of it online. Just can't find any myself. I'll check out the Crandall books. Thanks!
  5. Hello All, I'd like to build this Fw-190A-8 ("White 1" of I/JG 54) shown in the drawings below. It was flown by ace Heinz Wernicke out of Riga-Skulte, Latvia in Sept 1944. I can find drawings and decal instructions, but no photos. Also, would anyone be able to tell me what the camo pattern would have been like on the tops of the wings? Thanks! http:// http://
  6. Hi All, I bought the Academy 1/48 Bf-109G-10 because I wanted to use the Croatian UstaĊĦa markings included in the kit. However, after further research I found that the markings are so inaccurate that they're practically unusable. So - I'm stuck with a kit that's built and ready to be painted, but I have no markings and no subject. Can anyone: 1) tell me if the kit is accurate at all for a G-10? 2) tell me if I can modify the kit to make it into a G-2 or G-6? I am Bf-109 illiterate, sorry. Much obliged for the help!
  7. I found the j-aircraft thread that lists every single Japanese aircraft involved in the Pearl Harbor attack, but they didn't have any photos and didn't mention the discrepancy. Maybe I'll make and account and ask. Thanks.
  8. Hi All, I'm looking at buying the current boxing of Hasegawa's D3A1 Val, but I'm skeptical about the accuracy of the kit markings. The box shows a stunning green scheme with a red tail and yellow stripes on the fuselage and empennage, and states this was how it looked during the Pearl Harbor attack. I would love to build it but have been unable to find any photographs in support of this scheme. Saw a comment on another forum stating that the scheme is correct for this aircraft in 1942, but likely not used on December 7th, 1941. Can anyone send me any photos or point me to any resources which can confirm or refute this scheme being used during the attack on Pearl Harbor? Much appreciated. See photos below to see the scheme I'm talking about.
  9. Cool! I've read a lot about the Falklands/Malvinas War and have built a couple of Argentine birds. I have an old iteration of this kit and markings for the Argentine Air Force, so it's cool to see someone else post something like this.
  10. To everyone who has commented - thank you. I thought maybe it was just the yellow label reflecting into the bottle, so I poured some out into a clear glass. Yep, it has indeed turned significantly yellow to the point where it looks almost like someone mixed in a bit of apple juice. I have no idea what caused this; perhaps the Texas heat. Time to buy a new one! Thanks for everyone's help.
  11. I bought mine in Texas and it's called "Pledge Floor Care Wood Floor Finish with Future Shine". Basically look for Pledge with the Future symbol somewhere on the bottle.
  12. Hi all, I'm coming back from a long hiatus from building models. I still have an almost unused bottle of Future floor polish that I bought four years ago. I'm looking at it and it seems a bit more yellow than what I remember. I was wondering if it can "go bad", essentially not being as clear as it's supposed to be. Any help? Thanks.
  13. Beautiful! Now I have to ask how you achieved that feathered-yet-straight demarcation line between the lower color and the upper colors. It looks fantastic. I'll be building Tamiya's E-3 fairly soon, so I'd love to know.
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