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  1. Cyanoacrylates - need advice

    Dollar store or regular grocery store stuff. I put down a piece of masking tape down on my desk and squirt a small puddle on, then use a toothpick or small loop from copper wire to apply. I use Zip Kicker when i need speed, and apply the kicker with either a paintbrush or a toothpick. Hardly ever use the pump sprayer MY $.02 Tony
  2. P-51A Mrs. Virginia Markings

    Page 64 of the SAM Publications on the Allison powered Mustangs has a photo, and it doesn’t look yellow to me. Looks like an aluminum spinner by the sheen. HTH, Tony
  3. Hasegawa CL-13B Sabre - RAF Sabre 4

    According to ‘The Canadair Sabre in RAF Service’, Sabre XB664(B) was fitted with the 6-3 after delivery. So you could open up those holes for the wing fences and put them on if you wish. As RCAFFAN has mentioned, you are slightly confused as to the proper wing status. Tony
  4. Modern Blue Angels Blue: best way to reproduce?

    a bit of light reading here; http://tailspintopics.blogspot.ca/2011/04/blue-angel-blue-and-gold-draft.html
  5. CT-133 Cockpit Colours

    Brad, very early, we had the spoked wheels. We also had the wheels with oval/teardrop holes. Problem is, wheel detail is always in shadow in photos, so it’s hard to tell when the wheel types changed. I have no quality T-33 maintenance time, so must bow to other SMEs. Cheers, Tony
  6. CT-133 Cockpit Colours

    Brad, I haven't seen any decent wheels in 1/48 that match the 12-hole pattern that our T-birds had. How are the GWH ones, are they the spoked variety?? Cheers, Tony
  7. CT-133 Cockpit Colours

    Brad, cockpit was black except for the grey intrument panel. I was in a wheel well in the 80s and it was yellow zinc chromate, but they could be painted aluminum as well. sadly, miles away from my desktop, loaded with reference pics. Tony
  8. Best 1/72 Allison P-51?

    the two XP-51s were actually Mustang Mk1s pulled off the assembly line. Although the Academy kit is not a Mk1, I feel it still is the best basis for a Allison powered Mustang. Tony
  9. Tony Feredo's Mustang!!!!

    Perhaps you don't know what 'Today's Birds' is all about. It is to comment on the latest models on the ARC main website. Cheers, Tony
  10. Tony Feredo's Mustang!!!!

    That is why there is a section called 'Today's Birds' in the Aircraft Modelling section. Cheers, Tony
  11. CC-144 Challenger

    the putty must be reaching the tail section by now :) Personally, I would've never tried to putty a mismatch that severe. Model on !!!!! Tony
  12. CC-144 Challenger

    You can definitely see the mis-match at this stage. Any chance, Shawn, of knocking off the cockpit section and trying a refit?? I know., it's your model and everything..... Cheers, Tony
  13. The voodoo that I do

    One other mistake from Monogram was the large oval vent on the stbd wing/fuselage area. It should be rectangular. I rarely see it taken care of when viewing people's builds. It may be a bit of a bear to accomplish, though. Your call ! Cheers, Tony
  14. The voodoo that I do

    no resin exhausts available at this time, Two Mikes talked about doing them awhile ago.
  15. 1/32nd Kinetic F-86 Sabre

    'The Huff' was a F-86F-1 and the cockpit was black(from photos). Seat headrest was a gray. You can't go wrong by painting the wheel bays an Interior Green color. Cheers ,Tony