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  1. Yes , Luftwaffe Mk6s were grey underneath, called Silbergrau. The used Mk5s they received had the standard RCAF PRU Blue undersides. Tony
  2. you don't need a 'real photo', the graphic I posted and my explanation is quite clear, the kit uses the outer pylon position of the later F-86F wing, while you need to move then inboard to a position of 53mm from centerline as per the earlier wing.
  3. You still have a LH fuel filler present, when it should be located on the RH side(similar location)
  4. Don't use the 'Hawk One' Sabre as a measure of the wing pylon position. It has a late Mitsubishi built wing with the later 2-pylon locations, and it's tanks are located on the inner most The pylons on a standard Sabre 6 are at Sta 99.5" and in 1/48 scale that is approx 53mm from centerline. this image shows at top, the later wing and the lower is the early wing applicable to F-86 A,E, Fs and Canadair models Tony
  5. Those small vent holes (1 LH, 2 RH) on the aft section should not be there on a Canadair Mk6. Tony
  6. that seam inside the top fuselage vent sticks out like a sore thumb; also a seam at the boat tail behind the rudder HTH Tony PS move the locating holes for the wing pylons in so they measure 53mm from centerline, they are in the wrong place-every manufacturer puts them in that spot for a late F-86F
  7. the 'rumour' is just that ; 'a rumour' And it is not supposed to be another F-86F, it is rumoured to be a 'E', although a 'A' would be welcomed as well. Tony
  8. Bear in mind that the Luftwaffe Sabre 6s had a different nose wheel, in that it did not have 'spokes' but more of a flat disc. I am not aware of a aftermarket example in 1/48 Tony
  9. There is plenty photos of camo JG-71 Sabres with the older seat. Still looking for pics of JA-120 Tony
  10. from the Larry Milberry 'bible'; "no JG 73 Sabres received the Martin Baker Mk5 seat" there are plenty of photos of Luftwaffe Sabres of all squadrons with the older NA seat Tony
  11. Best use a photo of an actual airframe for your model. Luftwaffe Sabres we’re delivered with a North American built ejection seat, getting fitted with a MB seat later in their career.
  12. Port side shown, RH side identical; quite an easy job considering all the work you are accomplishing elsewhere.
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