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  1. how would that end a pandemic for the rest of the world ??
  2. the MANY differences in the two versions negated Airfix including just a canopy or landing gear Tony
  3. no, the CDC is NOT looking at Ivermectin as an acceptable treatment, and 'death rates' have not doubled (for any reason).
  4. No one (yet) does a Canadian DHC-1 canopy/windscreen or any conversion . Be aware that the windscreen differed too as well as the bubble canopy. In fact the list of differences between a British built Chippie and a Canadian built example is quite extensive. Tony ps. Barney Dunlevy made his own canopy when he built a Aeroclub Chipmunk. I started to fashion a vac one, then gave up.
  5. putting this in the 'archived topics' forum probably won't get much reaction Cheers, Tony
  6. That’s it !! I’m getting my forums all mixed up, silly me. Model On !! Tony
  7. I would have thought the 'Ready For Inspection' forum is the more applicable spot for a completed build. Tony
  8. easy enough to convert this Mk4 kit to a Mk5, decals are from IPMS Canada for a 441 Sqn machine. It is almost OOB, with a bit of improvement in the cockpit/rear canopy area and a Legend seat added;
  9. FS 35237 does have a blue cast, it is in the blue range of the FS numbers, that's the '5' in 35237 Tony
  10. the 'K' had the original short chord wing but the final production from FIAT were equipped with the longer span '-40' wing
  11. Those are lovely Mike, i have one awaiting in my stash. nice work ! Tony
  12. they have always been present on the Twin Otter and since the White scheme on the Buffalo(SAR role) Tony
  13. looking good ALF, thanks for the WIP, I have two in the stash and your pics will be a good guide in the future Tony
  14. Pm me, I may have what you need Tony
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