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  1. check out that 'museum spray job' overspray !! I would call that almost ZCY on that nose door, I wouldn't fault anyone for going with a aluminum color either.(in service) Tony
  2. Do you have any pics of this green NLG door, Mike? I have absolutely none and pics in the Milberry bible (pg 290) of a German Mk5 show AL colour. Cheers, Tony
  3. RAL 7001 Silbergrau is a shade of grey, it is not silver Tony
  4. this for light reading;
  5. best measure the model and measure the printed plan. That will give you an accurate ratio. cheers, Tony
  6. personal preference--nothing more;
  7. While things are drying on my current 1/700 CV-16 Lexington project (where there is no WIP), I thought I would start to convert my Airfix SeaKing to a Canadian CH-124A. I have a Belcher 'Gulf War' mod kit and some Belcher decals and an Eduard exterior PE set. Comments most welcome as I am not a SeaKing expert, by any means.
  8. very nice !!! But you need to edit your title a bit !!!! Tony
  9. two threads here;
  10. Look closely, I see open LEX slots and a dogtooth. Standard stab though. Tony
  11. IMHO, for a postwar F-51 then it would be the Tamiya or the Airfix kit. Both include the non-cuffed HS prop. Cheers, Tony
  12. In the first D & S book on the F-18, there is a couple of pics of TF-18 #2. It is in the gray scheme, and you can tell it has open LEX slots and the dogtooth LE. It did crash in Sep '80. Hornet #9 was also painted in the Gray scheme, but I have no pics of it. HTH, Tony
  13. I have a spare old ATP sheet of windows for the DC-4/DC-6/DC-7. PM me your address and they are yours. Cheers, Tony