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  1. FS 11136 Insignia Red; FS 15044 Insignia Blue; and well, White
  2. that was a group I joined earlier on, but soon grew tired of the antics of the main players. I exited quietly. Tony
  3. Wasn't me. 😀
  4. Careful, a CF-104 and a F-104C are different aircraft. To the uninitiated, they may look the same, but they're not. Tony
  5. Isn't that what Test Post Clubhouse is for? Just sayin'
  6. Close, the 'silver' is the whole length of the wing from root to tip. You really should use reference photos, Shawn.
  7. You're (sorry, couldn't resist)
  8. Those leading edges look very non-NMF, you in a hurry Shawn? Tony
  9. YVR, and not because I live in BC. It's just well laid out and beautiful to boot. Favourite non-Canadian airport would be Schipol, Very easy to transfer around, great lounges, and easy to get in and out of by train. Least favourite would be Heathrow and least favourite Canuck aijrport would be YYZ(Pearson). Both are a nightmare to transfer through with line-ups for everything you do, and baggage as slow as molassas. Not even gonna mention my Delhi, Chennai or Mumbai experiences. Cheers, Tony
  10. check out that 'museum spray job' overspray !! I would call that almost ZCY on that nose door, I wouldn't fault anyone for going with a aluminum color either.(in service) Tony
  11. Do you have any pics of this green NLG door, Mike? I have absolutely none and pics in the Milberry bible (pg 290) of a German Mk5 show AL colour. Cheers, Tony
  12. RAL 7001 Silbergrau is a shade of grey, it is not silver Tony
  13. this for light reading;
  14. best measure the model and measure the printed plan. That will give you an accurate ratio. cheers, Tony
  15. personal preference--nothing more;