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  1. for modelling purposes, a C-54 kit (and a conv kit) would suffice for a North Star, as most of the differences are internal and indistinguishable. A shortened Heller DC-6 would make a perfect C-5. Tony
  2. They are fairly equal in my view
  3. the Academy nose gear is just as bad as the Hasegawa fork. It should be a smooth tube with no stupid angles
  4. I made resin copies of the Monogram nose leg to replace the hopeless inaccurate angled Hasegawa nose fork. Tony
  5. stupid photobucket, never mind
  6. I would venture to say their research is on par or better than most out there. YMMV https://www.facebook.com/fundekals.decals
  7. ALL Canadair built Sabres(MK2,4,5 &6) were actually F-86Es; just some were more like 'E's than others. The Sabre 2 and Sabre 4 were identical except for the flat windscreen on the '4'. here is a data plate from a Sabre 6
  8. announced at Chattanooga is the future release of the much waited on Fokker DRI/FI. It's all over the interwebs by now.
  9. or there is this; https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/48788-kittyhawk-132-t-6g-texan/page/11/
  10. IIRC, It was a Mike West article in Hyperscale that illustrated a fix
  11. nope, it's just off on its measurements, it is supposed to be a Sabre 6 wing. I did this a few years ago;
  12. the Heller kit's ailerons go all the way to the wingtip, so of course it's a standard span 6-3 slatted wing of the Sabre Mk6
  13. I modified the blades to the old style, wasn't hard to do. I just tried to make them look like a Fujimi kit blade Tony
  14. Its the new Airfix yellow SAR release with some PE thrown at it and the required conversion from a Westland; with the Belcher Gulf war conversion and some scratch doing. Way better than the Fujimi it, by the way Cheers, Tony
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