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  1. Academy 1/48 Hawker Hunter help needed

    go to scalemates.com. You can download them from there. Tony
  2. I haven't used this method long enough to see any fading, however the complete decal does become dry so I do recommend a couple of coats of MicroScale Decal Film before applying
  3. no it's the acid in the paper staining the clear carrier film, sunlight (UV) bleaches away the yellowing.
  4. P-51A / A-36 cockpit floor and wheel well colors

    No non-skid coating, just interior green
  5. some nail polishes are cured with UV light ????
  6. Yes, that's the traditional well known method. However, I'm happy that this is a method I can use during the long cold cloudy days of the West Coast winter. And how long does it take when the decals are taped to a window??? Model On !!! Tony
  7. this is 12 hours under the UV lamp
  8. https://images.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=AwrTceBN8H1aYzAATZQPxQt.?p=UV+nail+lamp&fr=yhs-adk-adk_sbnt&fr2=piv-web&hspart=adk&hsimp=yhs-adk_sbnt&type=co_appfocus5_cr
  9. I had an old sheet of Arrow Graphics Mustang decals that I really wanted to use bad. But it had yellowed since the 90's I remembered this nail lamp that sits around the bathroom doing nothing, so I absconded with it downstairs to the hobby room and 24 hrs under the lamp took away 99% of the yellowing. It is currently in use correcting my IPMS Canda Navy sheet in anticipation of the Airfix Sea Fury showing up on my doorstep imminently. Cheers, Tony
  10. Airfix Sea Fury

    I’m glad I pre-ordered at Hannants because I got mine for under 20 quid each🤩 Tony
  11. Pre-shading

    I use ALL my tools in the toolbox (pre,post, oils, pastels, future wash, the list goes on)
  12. Stars and bars on F-86E wing

    photo proof that Mig Poison started out with the old slatted wing :) do you have a photo of it with the 6-3 hard wing?? the pylons did not get 'moved' for the FB version, they were still on sta 99 In fact it was a leading edge change, not a whole new wing for the 6-3 mod Tony
  13. Stars and bars on F-86E wing

    Yes, all the kits of the F-86F have the pylons in the wrong place, 1/72 & 1/48 The only correct placement kits are of the F-86D, don't know why
  14. Scale Model Shops

    and could any answers (or this post) be placed in the 'Hobby Shop Directory' in the Classified section of these forums Tony
  15. I've enjoyed watching many a TV program of trench and battlefield excavations and the discovery and eventual ID'ing of the combatants of the time. My cousin Graeme, who still lives in my birthplace of Sunderland England recieved this in an Email from the DoD; In November 2014, a set of human remains – those of a British soldier – were discovered in the vicinity of Zonnebeke, Belgium. Found with them was a piece of military insignia – a shoulder title from the Durham Light Infantry. Following an exhumation of this field grave, the Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre has been carrying out some very painstaking research in order to try and identify the soldier. The starting point was the shoulder title; from this, we know that he served with the Durham Light Infantry. We have trawled through the war diaries of all the different battalions from this regiment for the entire period of the war and managed to exclude them all by virtue of the fact none of them were in action at Zonnebeke until the 2nd Battle of Ypres during April – May 1915. Five territorial battalions fought in the 2nd Battle of Ypres, but it was possible to eliminate four of them as they didn’t march through - or see action at - Zonnebeke during the battle. The one battalion that did was the 1st/7th Battalion, which lost 8 soldiers, killed in action, on 26 April 1915. None of them have a known grave and all are commemorated on the Menin Gate. We instructed our DNA contractors to take a sample from the remains, then traced family from each of the soldiers and asked them to provide a DNA sample for comparison against the profile obtained from the remains. The comparator sample for the Edmundson family was provided by Thomas’ second cousin once removed, Norman Edmundson; the comparison proved that they were related through a shared paternal relative and that the remains were those of Thomas Telford Edmundson. Norman is pleased that the remains have been identified, but does not want to come to the service, hence my searching for more family. You and Thomas are related through William Edmundson (1803 – 1857), your great, great, great grandfather and Thomas’ great grandfather. William and his wife Ann had 2 sons (Mark and Joseph) and the direct line of descendants for each of them is shown below (although I haven’t included more than one son per generation). It now falls to me to organise a full burial with military honours for Thomas; this is planned for 14 March 2018, at Perth Cemetery (China Wall), near Ypres in Belgium. It will be a full ceremonial burial and I’m attaching a couple of pictures from other similar services – I hope they’ll interest you. I would be delighted if you and any other members of Thomas’ family would like to have some input into the service and attend on the day . There will be military and local Belgian dignitaries attending, together with standard bearers from the Royal British Legion, a bearer party, chaplain and bugler from The Rifles and myself and a colleague from JCCC. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission will provide a headstone bearing Thomas’ name. Following the ceremony there will be a reception/refreshments. We would also like to send the story/pictures to local newspapers in the Sunderland area. end quote' This turns out to be my Grampa's second cousin(if I know my hiearchy.which I don't). I've already planned a trip to Europe to have a week in the Somme area and lower Belgium. I'm so stoked Cheers, Tony