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  1. I would put this in 'General Discussion'. More people will read and respond. Cheers, Tony
  2. Google Images has a ton of photos available; most(not all) RCAF Mustangs had the HS un-cuffed prop, so the version that supplies that would be the one you want ; there is a couple schemes that have the cuffed prop. Do You have the decal sheet in question, as the instruction sheet is quite comprehensive. any other particular issues in mind ? Cheers, Tony
  3. check Lone Star models site https://www.lonestarmodels.com/ Tony
  4. Yes, Hawk One(23314) was eventually equipped with the F-86F-40 wing which featured pylon mountings at wing Sta 72.25 and 118. They are the mounting locations of a late 'F' model Tony
  5. Yup, that's it. Pick your choose ! cheers, Tony
  6. Yes it does--however the wing pylons are not in the right spot--they need to be 53mm from the centreline Tony
  7. I see the font question is settled, however, if you wish; PM me and I could assist you with any other details you may want to add to your build. I have a few years experience on the CT-114 Cheers, Tony
  8. the Belcher sheet is also old and doesn't have the up to date marking scheme that is used currently, it can be used(with modifications) up to a 2017 Snowbird. Tony
  9. Bloody classic !!!!!!! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚
  10. perhaps this: you probably have seen it https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/f-86f-the-paper-tiger-capt-harold-fischer-which-wi-t215827.html?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=bfcd1ec5924b531551bc5dc1c5b8e5a1eca59370-1587501123-0-ASF9dWa0kGRpnZU_xTl-TD8-DOGBY8iUUdybHNt4j5iA7e75vi_QHitLSlsrkX1x3JWM6c2gB5hLQBrPur-EyNFCiUWo1GIKr02fwAgkqw7BHyrHXySTJnT8HmfLZ0nH-GcTH865ClHEATCDNMhvDxr8S_bKA2TUC_spBFw1mbePiwTpZFsGVtQakq-eK7Zta0FtQjfY11GAFWDvXgeskWfV0MJ1jEbWoBFbzgxGbgMSR1rfICg8wXhwW_q3mWhva7wjJGgjXe_AZaThj8yt-geT8QnZAvDxjWJlCjo6xu_HSmxGcQHMAR-nXA1zUHJPUh8Q2rTwB2UFluSGw7V0fTWjaAK7bfJ6gtAoe4oE_dVMP2uNVwpXXoi5E9HfdNk-mg
  11. Aircraft of that block did have 6-3 leading edges fitted before the end of hostilities, ala Beautious Butch (51-12971), it had 6-3 wings. HTH, Tony edit PS. since no kit in 1/48 gives you a correct slatted wing anyway, just go with the Superscale decals šŸ™‚
  12. perhaps, when I get around to it, I could use it to get a master for vacuforming. šŸ™‚ Cheers, Tony
  13. could you not get an Alley Cat corrected canopy instead of using the kit T-6 canopy edit; just read in your WIP about your canopy woes, that's too bad as I have the Alley Cat canopy but no KH kit. šŸ™‚ Tony
  14. Canada Post only delivers to the Canadian border--no further
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