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  1. I would venture to say their research is on par or better than most out there. YMMV https://www.facebook.com/fundekals.decals
  2. ALL Canadair built Sabres(MK2,4,5 &6) were actually F-86Es; just some were more like 'E's than others. The Sabre 2 and Sabre 4 were identical except for the flat windscreen on the '4'. here is a data plate from a Sabre 6
  3. announced at Chattanooga is the future release of the much waited on Fokker DRI/FI. It's all over the interwebs by now.
  4. or there is this; https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/48788-kittyhawk-132-t-6g-texan/page/11/
  5. IIRC, It was a Mike West article in Hyperscale that illustrated a fix
  6. nope, it's just off on its measurements, it is supposed to be a Sabre 6 wing. I did this a few years ago;
  7. the Heller kit's ailerons go all the way to the wingtip, so of course it's a standard span 6-3 slatted wing of the Sabre Mk6
  8. I modified the blades to the old style, wasn't hard to do. I just tried to make them look like a Fujimi kit blade Tony
  9. Its the new Airfix yellow SAR release with some PE thrown at it and the required conversion from a Westland; with the Belcher Gulf war conversion and some scratch doing. Way better than the Fujimi it, by the way Cheers, Tony
  10. If you can't find any, PM me your address, I have enough of my two sheets of SeaKing markings to make up one, and some Arrow Graphics numbers to make up what I used. Cheers, Tony PS ignore the too-tall rotor mast on my Airfix job. 😞
  11. the Belcher set is the only one that i know of, however, when I used them, I found them to be a bit light and the markings tended to disappear into the grey. I repainted my chopper a lighter than prescribed colour and then a better contrast resulted
  12. the Airfix F-51 comes with the un-cuffed HS prop too. It comes down to price and/or availabliity. I have both kits, if all things were equal, I would go with the Airfix kit, despite the L/G leg situation and the inaccurate horizontal stabs. Cheers, Tony
  13. the effectiveness of black basing and pre-shading ultimately depends on your application of the main colour coats over it, no ? It's all user dependant and no one here can say if it is too much or little. Good luck Tony
  14. How could they ever get tired of vacationing in the South Pacific?? mind boggling
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