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  1. putting this in the 'archived topics' forum probably won't get much reaction Cheers, Tony
  2. That’s it !! I’m getting my forums all mixed up, silly me. Model On !! Tony
  3. I would have thought the 'Ready For Inspection' forum is the more applicable spot for a completed build. Tony
  4. easy enough to convert this Mk4 kit to a Mk5, decals are from IPMS Canada for a 441 Sqn machine. It is almost OOB, with a bit of improvement in the cockpit/rear canopy area and a Legend seat added;
  5. FS 35237 does have a blue cast, it is in the blue range of the FS numbers, that's the '5' in 35237 Tony
  6. the 'K' had the original short chord wing but the final production from FIAT were equipped with the longer span '-40' wing
  7. Those are lovely Mike, i have one awaiting in my stash. nice work ! Tony
  8. they have always been present on the Twin Otter and since the White scheme on the Buffalo(SAR role) Tony
  9. looking good ALF, thanks for the WIP, I have two in the stash and your pics will be a good guide in the future Tony
  10. Pm me, I may have what you need Tony
  11. the Canadair Mk4 was equivalent and identical to the F-86E-10 when from the factory. Later in life they gained the 6-3 wing and became F-86E(M) . All depends on the time frame see this for info on the Mk5/6;
  12. I used a section of textured plexiglass from a shower door, painted the bottom side with greens/blues, then put some waves on top with an acrylic medium and dry brushed them white. Pretty lo-tech Tony
  13. finished this a couple years ago; lots of photo etch and my fist attempt at water
  14. Snowbird3a

    CP-107 Argus

    my post was from 2010, and I think even then it was history for a while. Cheers
  15. A lot of folks use ‘deck tan’ cheers, Tony
  16. Snowbird3a

    CP-107 Argus

    You can omit the ‘FS’, just 501-109, a very elusive colour but described well in the previous comments. cheers, Tony
  17. Be aware that this is a Downsview aircraft and may not have the same colours as a machine from Pat Bay, Wasn't Shearwater colours different, too. I'm scouring my references to see if anything pops up. does one of the Pat Martin books cover this question ?? Cheers, Tony
  18. having built a few Eduard kits and have a couple of WNWs in the stash; no comparison. WNW all the way for fit detail and engineering. The size is only detriment that I can surmise. You may get more opinions if this thread was moved to the 'Classic" pre '39 Forum where it truly belongs Tony
  19. I highly recommend the Belcher Bits Tutor if you can lay your hands on one. The two areas that bug me are the intakes are too large, hence the intake covers that I fashioned; and the nose is a bit too curved on the top(not a deal breaker). The kit includes Snowbird tanks (correct shape, not like the HobbyCraft useless tanks), and the long external fuel tanks that adorn some Big2 aircraft. cheers, Tony
  20. Nice clean work. Between yours and my Tutor post, it is interesting to see the relative strengths and weaknesses of both the HobbyCraft and Belcher Bits kits. I have yet to build a HC version, having built two Belcher examples. Cheers, Tony
  21. used the J-Bot decals for the 'Big 2' 50 Years NATO scheme 1995. I bought this kit, started, from EBay many years ago. the canopy was glued closed so I didn't bother opening and fixing anything in the cockpit.
  22. got my recent order from Above&Below graphics yesterday. Great , fast service. Tony
  23. yes, the P-51 kit or the F-6A kit involves less converting. Depends on what the OP has on hand or availability of other kits. Tony
  24. the P-51A has a wide 'bulged' carb air scoop while the Mustang Mk1 has the narrow straight sided carb air scoop. Other differences include; P-51A has port wing landing light only the Mk1 had a landing light in each wing; the Mk1 had a gun camera opening outer leading edge of port wing; ; different openings in the wings for the different armament; the Mk1 did not have the three ID lights under the stbd wing; the ventral air scoop was fixed on the P51A and the Mk1 had hinged doors front and back . not usually modelled, but the Mk1 had little backward facing scoops just behind and abo
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