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  1. yep, kinda the same idea, seen only on domestic Air Reserve squadron Sabres. Our interceptor Voodoos never had the red patches though. Tony
  2. Mk5s were delivered in NMF, but were painted camo soon after. No, it would not have any red sections if it was a NMF aircraft in Europe. Google Image search of Canadair Mk5s should give you an idea of a typical squadron Sabre. Or just continue on your path with the SU codes, assume, if you will that it will before ‘58. Tony
  3. I seriously doubt the tail tip is red, it looks like a bog-standard grey tail tip of all Sabres; the H-stab area is red, as are the outer wings. I'm guessing that this a/c in 1955 was in Europe with either 434, 439, or 441 sqns. this pic dates to after the 'sugar scoops' were installed (mid '58)
  4. John, the SU is the identifier for the CFS in Trenton, not Summerside .
  5. let's return the thread back to the subject of ALF's Hawk One Sabre, now;
  6. The Airspray Sabre was ex-German(not South African) and one of the Sabres rescued by the late Ormond Hayden-Baillie. Never flew with the RCAF and was always a Mk6. Tony
  7. page 231 of the Milberry bible has a photo of 23350 and it is captioned 'from the Central Flying School' in Trenton 'SU' does not mean Summerside. Tony
  8. The wing is NOT from a Mk6, it is a F-86F-40 wing. The aircraft that towed targets in Cold Lake was a ex-German Mk6 from Airspray.
  9. To make a C-5 out of a 1/144 DC-6; shorten the fuselage 16mm in front of the wing and 8.5mm behind the wing. that's all, everything else is the same. I did some extra work on the cowl flaps and hollowed out the oil cooling scoops and stuff. CanMilair decals
  10. You wanna 1/48 Tutor seat, PM me. the wing tank/ pylons are further inboard than standard Sabre pylons. I don’t have a measurement, just go by photos. Tony
  11. I'm no Tomcat expert, but probably a 'G' or an 'H' Cheers, Tony
  12. a bit of light reading; http://aviationarchives.net/Flight Systems Sabres.htm
  13. Classic example of bad information The scoops were a feature of Orenda powered Sabres, both Mk5s & Mk6s. They came into use in the mid`58 timeframe. Thats why GH Mk5s have the sugar scoops
  14. Black, there is a T-33 at the museum at the Vic airport, you can easily gain access to the cockpit. Tony
  15. Ah yes, I can see now. Now back to our regular scheduled program
  16. John, FWIW, the Sabre Mk5 had grey cockpit and seat with a black instrument panel. Cheers, Tony (decals are on the way)
  17. Sabre Mk5s were 23001-23370, John, I have a ton of decals at home and I will be home late tonight, PM me and we can see what I have spare and available for you Tony
  18. Looks the biz, Rh side loooks more convincing than the left IMHO. great work! Tony
  19. In that era, the shoulder harness did not go through the headrest. The pilot sat on a survival seat pack similar to the Tutor seat pack. I get home later tonight, Brad, I can send some pics 😀 Tony
  20. The T-33 seats didn’t have too many versions, Brad. They should work fine. Later in the nineties, the shoulder harness came through the headrest. What era are you doing? Tony
  21. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Kitty-Hawk-1-48-F-101B-Voodoo-KH80114/292513410952?epid=14017677780&hash=item441b286f88:g:EGsAAOSw73Nax23T 'this product has an extended handling time' yup,
  22. I thinks it's time the title of this thread was edited
  23. I've been known to put a model on ARC, HS, Britmodeller at the same time. Nobody has complained yet. Tony
  24. Relax, I'm still getting amused by all the 'good job' comments, when all they are trying to say is 'I like that colour scheme/decal set'. Forgetting to look at the actual construction/painting of the model. Keep it up folks :) Tony
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