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  1. Hello Chris Just saw this sad info Our prayers from France are with both of you take care ! Afsar and Marie
  2. Hello Chris I guess that I have to buy a trumpeter Tomcat now Do you think that trumpeter knows that you are helping them to sell their half accurate 1/32 models ? Awesome details as usual keep up the great work
  3. just awesome as usual I am speechless Congrats Chris !
  4. hello Chris Is it the only part that you are going to work on with the trumpy kit ? I am thinking about the canopy that is pushed way too far back this will make the zacto-trump a highly accurate model. Ps / I am thinking about a bit of resin on the rear and a new canopy to solve the issue
  5. indeed, it looks really good !
  6. hello Chris no need to say sorry I understand your point regarding the business And Do not worry I have enough plastic to play with for the moment I just need to wait
  7. Hello so now where do we stand on this UB conopy just bought the G version can not wait too long for a combo order for the beast :P
  8. ohhhhhhhhh another strike from Chris this looks awesome ! can not wait for the final version ! Will have to buy a trumpeter tomcat later I am sure some other points can be improved too if you need some photos as references I can send you some nice scans ! just let me know unless you have a good book
  9. A retailer told me that he has just sent its last trumpy f-14 to Preston Idaho :lol: the buyer did not want the offer for free paints and glue that goes with the kit strange hey... :P
  10. Amazing, just brillant ! masking decals should be included in all 1/32 scales aircrafts spraying markings looks sharp
  11. Thks for the quick response colors ? grey details I guess as I am working on a Singapore airline megatop decals for a white body
  12. Hello guys currently restoring a herpa 1/200 b747-400 I need to replace the pilot small door and add up little details So I need to find 1/200 b747-400 stencil... details ... do you know where I can find them or a name of a manufacturer ?
  13. the camo seen on Combat Aircraft is awesome
  14. once again the limits of modeling have been blown away happy us great job Chris
  15. Hello Guy I am sure you are cooking something good ^_^ for the next rendez vous on this topic keep it up
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