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  1. One of the three heritage birds from Lakenheath was a C, but was painted in the same dark gray (36118) as the two Es, I assume for consistency's sake. I don't remember ever seeing a "Light Gray" Eagle in anything other than the standard grays (besides the ASB, aggressors, and some of the early experimental stuff, of course) otherwise, but wouldn't mind being proven wrong - the F-15 looks good no matter what color it is!
  2. Any more details on what would be required? I've got the K kit as well, but was thinking of converting it to either an MH-60S or a HH-60G... Or maybe just a straight UH-60L...
  3. Not today, but yesterday... got to see quite a few pretty cool things, including one of the F-16s that was scrambled over DC on 9/11... ALOMA 21 by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr WESTERN AIR DEFENSE by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr ...And the couple days before weren't too bad, either: VIPER VAPOR by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr BLACKSHEEP 11 by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr 166933 by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr F-FOURTH-U by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr ...Nor was a couple weekends ago: RAPTOR 1 by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr TRIPLE CRIPPLE by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr BUFF by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr FORTRESS ON FINAL by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr SWITCH 91 by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr (Sorry about the dump; I've had quite a bit to catch up on... half tempted to just create a dedicated thread to avoid spamming here...)
  4. I'm possibly interested in the F-16 package - how far along is the started kit?
  5. PM sent regarding the Twobobs F-15E sheet
  6. Sorry for the delay, but thanks a lot, guys! Falcon, that walk-around was great; some better angles on a lot of details than what I had previously. And Dave, those pics are fantastic as well; that first one especially; gives me a much better starting point than what I had, at least! I've been working on some other projects while I continue to gather references on this one, one of which is experimenting with resin casting... Pretty fun, but a bit of a learning curve, to say the least! Should make a lot of my "multiple" builds (6 F-15s, 4 F-16s, and a lot more planned) go a lot quicker, though!
  7. The second thing I'm looking for is photos that show the areas behind the seats, like the center glareshield, and the area behind the rear seat. the few photos I have show that there is a lot more going on that what's included in the kit, but not enough for me to commit to cutting plastic just yet. As for my plans for the kit, I'm building it as one that I've got a particular affinity for, namely 168000, which I got the chance to poke around quite a bit back in 2014, including sitting in the gunner's seat - I took a few "walk-around" detail photos, but of course, this was long before I ever had thoughts about building one of my own, and I also fell victim to the classic walk-around blunder of taking detail photos of the "big" stuff like the instrument panel, while completely ignoring things like the seats, glareshields, side panels, or really anything else that will be just as visible on the finished model... USMC AH-1Z 168000 by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr USMC AH-1Z 168000 by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr My end goal is to build another one at some point, so that I can have these two on my shelf together: (Side note: I actually submitted a few of my photos from that day as reference material for the kit decals, but there are a few corrections that need to be made that are a bit above my skillset or patience level, at the moment, so I went with the "easier" one to start...) USMC AH-1Zs 168800 and 168000 by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr
  8. Hi all, I'm currently working on my KH 1:48 AH-1Z, and am in the process of adding some detail to it - I've never liked having open photoetched screens with nothing behind them, and on the Cobra, there are a couple that are particularly obvious, because you can see daylight through them. As such, I want to avoid having an empty hole on my model, so I'm looking for photos of what's behind these particular grates: I don't necessarily need extreme detail, but I'd like to at least get an idea of what's behind them, particularly the general location of the structure inside (e.g. is it a small "boxed-in" compartment, or part of a larger open bay, and if so, what's the general arrangement of the "floor/walls" etc.). I've scoured the web and the usual walk-around sites, and found a few photos, but mainly just ones where you can see that there's *something* behind the screen, but not what it actually is... Again, not necessarily looking for extreme technical details, etc (though I wouldn't mind that as well), but more just looking for a general idea of how to "fill" the space so they're not just empty black holes...
  9. QUAKE AND FRIENDS by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr MUSEUM COUNCIL by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr
  10. On second thought, I went back and double checked my emails - I noticed I have a receipt from PayPal, but when I log in to your site to check my order status, it doesn't show any recent orders; it may be that I signed in using a different email address than usual, but I can't find anything other than the PayPal receipt in any of the inboxes I can access currently. I'm guessing just a backlog in processing orders, but Just wanted to double check and make sure something didn't get screwed up on my end during the order process - the PayPal invoice is dated April 14, and I can pm/email if you need any other info. Items would have been the viper guide and a 1:48 a-10 sheet. If it's just a backlog in processing, feel free to disregard; regardless, I'm in no big hurry
  11. Still waiting on mine, but I waited awhile to order, so that's to be expected, and I know it'll be 100% worth the wait! I've got a D and 4-5 C's, plus your Test Vipers and Heritage Vipers sheets that are just waiting on some better references! 🙂
  12. Not today, specifically, but these were all over the past week: This Miramar-based UC-35 is not an uncommon visitor to my area, but until last week, I'd only ever seen it parked - I got lucky on my way home from work, and happened to catch it on final just before the sun went down. GRIZZLY 39 by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr The next day, I got off work a few minutes early, and made it just in time to catch this KC-46A doing some pattern work on a pre-delivery test flight - I'm hoping this becomes a common sight as production ramps up, since I'm not able to get up to BFI or PAE anywhere near as often as I used to. BOEING 027 (4) by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr BOEING 027 (1) by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr BOEING 027 (2) by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr BOEING 027 (3) by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr And last, yesterday I got a pretty awesome opportunity to take a tour of CVN-70, the USS Carl Vinson while it's in port for some renovations and upgrades. I took quite a few photos, but most are strictly for the personal collection. Figured I could share this one though; I got a good chance to poke around the old F/A-18A instructional airframe on deck - best I can tell, this airframe came from the Stennis before she left on her most recent deployment, but I couldn't find a tail number or data plate anywhere, so I'm not sure of the exact identity of this jet. I always like getting to capture aircraft that are considered derelict, forgotten, or out to pasture, since it seems once they stop flying, most people lose interest. I feel like this is still an important stage of their lives to document, if nothing else, to help complete their history. INSTRUCTIONAL AIRFRAME by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr
  13. So far as US 'Hooks go, I'd love to see this one in decal form, in case I ever get around to building one... U.S. Army CH-47D 91-00261 by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr U.S. Army CH-47D 91-00261 by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr It's still (to my knowledge) the oldest operating airframe in the U.S. Army inventory - it was slated to be donated to the Museum of Flight in Seattle a couple years ago, but that still hasn't come about. I've got quite a few walk-around photos and close-ups of most of the markings (including a couple unique interior details), if that would be helpful as well.
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