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  1. Jaypack44

    What'd ya see today???

    QUAKE AND FRIENDS by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr MUSEUM COUNCIL by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr
  2. On second thought, I went back and double checked my emails - I noticed I have a receipt from PayPal, but when I log in to your site to check my order status, it doesn't show any recent orders; it may be that I signed in using a different email address than usual, but I can't find anything other than the PayPal receipt in any of the inboxes I can access currently. I'm guessing just a backlog in processing orders, but Just wanted to double check and make sure something didn't get screwed up on my end during the order process - the PayPal invoice is dated April 14, and I can pm/email if you need any other info. Items would have been the viper guide and a 1:48 a-10 sheet. If it's just a backlog in processing, feel free to disregard; regardless, I'm in no big hurry
  3. Still waiting on mine, but I waited awhile to order, so that's to be expected, and I know it'll be 100% worth the wait! I've got a D and 4-5 C's, plus your Test Vipers and Heritage Vipers sheets that are just waiting on some better references! 🙂
  4. Jaypack44

    What'd ya see today???

    Not today, specifically, but these were all over the past week: This Miramar-based UC-35 is not an uncommon visitor to my area, but until last week, I'd only ever seen it parked - I got lucky on my way home from work, and happened to catch it on final just before the sun went down. GRIZZLY 39 by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr The next day, I got off work a few minutes early, and made it just in time to catch this KC-46A doing some pattern work on a pre-delivery test flight - I'm hoping this becomes a common sight as production ramps up, since I'm not able to get up to BFI or PAE anywhere near as often as I used to. BOEING 027 (4) by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr BOEING 027 (1) by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr BOEING 027 (2) by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr BOEING 027 (3) by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr And last, yesterday I got a pretty awesome opportunity to take a tour of CVN-70, the USS Carl Vinson while it's in port for some renovations and upgrades. I took quite a few photos, but most are strictly for the personal collection. Figured I could share this one though; I got a good chance to poke around the old F/A-18A instructional airframe on deck - best I can tell, this airframe came from the Stennis before she left on her most recent deployment, but I couldn't find a tail number or data plate anywhere, so I'm not sure of the exact identity of this jet. I always like getting to capture aircraft that are considered derelict, forgotten, or out to pasture, since it seems once they stop flying, most people lose interest. I feel like this is still an important stage of their lives to document, if nothing else, to help complete their history. INSTRUCTIONAL AIRFRAME by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr
  5. Jaypack44

    The 2018 ARC Holiday Raffle PRIZE LIST

    #15 - Super Hornets
  6. Jaypack44

    CD48148 - 1/48 CH-47 Chinook

    So far as US 'Hooks go, I'd love to see this one in decal form, in case I ever get around to building one... U.S. Army CH-47D 91-00261 by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr U.S. Army CH-47D 91-00261 by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr It's still (to my knowledge) the oldest operating airframe in the U.S. Army inventory - it was slated to be donated to the Museum of Flight in Seattle a couple years ago, but that still hasn't come about. I've got quite a few walk-around photos and close-ups of most of the markings (including a couple unique interior details), if that would be helpful as well.
  7. Jaypack44

    The 2018 ARC Holiday Raffle!

    Oh, what the heck - count me in; I'll have to double check the stash to see if I have anything to contribute this year
  8. Jaypack44

    USMC KC-130T 165000 VMGR-452 Paint Scheme

    Still looked the same when I saw it in May of last year: YANKEE 72 by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr
  9. Jaypack44

    1:48 F-16 Pylons

    Yep, that's the one, thanks for the insight on the Voyager set; for some reason, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of discussion about them (that Google can find, at least) to be found. Adding the lights shouldn't be too much of an issue, so I guess I'll be starting the search for a set!
  10. Jaypack44

    1:48 F-16 Pylons

    Hi habu2, I believe it's the original 1980s (?) boxing, with the color insert, and such. I've checked, and not seen anything that looks like -129s on the sprues (at least the ones that are mounted on the jet in my photos), despite there being AMRAAMs included.
  11. Jaypack44

    1:48 F-16 Pylons

    Thanks, but Attack squadron only appears to do the F-16 pylons in 1/72, and I need them in 1/48 (sorry, I failed to specify that in the original post), and Karaya's appear to both be molded with no rail detail (in the pictures I could find, it looks like the casting blocks are attached to the rail surface), and don't include the center pylon style that I need. I'm inclined to go with Voyager, since theirs appears to have what I'm looking for, I just can't tell if the LAU-129s actually have any rail detail.
  12. Jaypack44

    1:48 F-16 Pylons

    Hi all, I'm in the process of starting a 1:48 Hasegawa F-16D that I picked up last weekend; I'm wanting to build a jet that I've seen in person, namely F-16D Block 30B 85-1572 (ironically the subject of the kit boxart and decals, just "a few" years before I saw it). I'm still in the process of doing research, but one thing that showed up right away that I'll need to address is the pylons on the wings. The kit comes with the original style pylons, but when I saw it, they had been replaced by LAU-129s on the wingtips and outer pylons, and the center pylons included in the kit don't look much like what was mounted. I'd like to build the jet as I saw it (i.e. without any ordnance), so the pylons will definitely need an upgrade. The jet in question: USAF F-16D 85-1572 by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr USAF F-16D 85-1572 by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr Some googling has shown that Voyager makes a replacement set, but images are hard to find, so I can't tell if the rails are actually represented, or they're just flat, and expected to be covered by missiles. One other option I've found is Eduard's Brassin IRIS-T, which includes two LAU-129s and two RB99 rails (which look very similar - could they be used as a substitute?) That would in theory cover the four LAU-129s I need, but I'd still need a source for the center pylons. So I guess my question is: does anyone make a decent set of F-16 pylons that could be displayed "clean" without too much work? For the markings, I'm planning on cobbling together some bits from Jake Melampy's Test Vipers sheet, and eventually using that same sheet to build 85-1551, which came in at the same time (both were out doing refueling testing with the KC-46A last summer)
  13. Jaypack44

    What'd ya see today???

    Not from today, but a few from the last week or so: ARMY COPTER 03730 by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr N69655 by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr GLEAN 31 by Josh Kaiser, on Flickr
  14. Jaypack44

    Day trip around the Suffolk bases.

    Always love seeing your posts, Gary - always makes me want to come visit. I can't quite tell on my screen; was the E-3 LX-N90459? That's the one that was based out of my local airport (Boeing Field in Seattle) receiving upgrades - I had the chance to catch it several times during the three years it was here, and it still feels a bit empty without it parked down at the south end... good to see it out and about! One of mine from the last time I saw her fly: http://www.airliners.net/photo/Luxembourg-NATO/Boeing-E-3A-Sentry-(707-300)/4233091?qsp=eJwtjDEOwkAMBP/imgZFokgHHwgFHzDnBU4J3Mm2BKcof8ec6GZ3pFkplZfj45dWQSMZWNODdlRZ%2BWk0rjSjvYtKMM3XWw5nRf3UYgs7jimhOuT/TyrQn4KlnrlHdh8APXem4RC/ZKsL9wac80Lb9gX1BS43
  15. Jaypack44

    KC-46A Dual Build

    Thanks, all! Sorry for the delay; not too much to report, as I tend to work in short spurts at intermittent intervals... My main focus as of late has been the landing gear - I decided there were a few details that needed representation, namely: The brake lines are quite prominent on the real main gear, and are supported by a small ladder-like part to keep them clear of the main wheels (I assume). So I added that detail using bits of photoetched mesh from a long-ago scrapped F-117 kit, and some thin wire. I'm still debating whether I'll be building new gear doors and detailing the rest of the struts, as they aren't too visible under the wings. The nose gear received a little more attention, since the strut will be more visible, and the kit part was a little lacking. It's nowhere near perfect, but it'll at least look a little busier. The pencil dots in the second pic are markers for the lights on the gear; the two larger lights will be added after paint using a couple small MV lenses. @boeing767mech, I've thought about that door droop - still haven't decided if that's a detail I want to add, or not, since I'm not sure how I'd go about it, and in this scale, an inch is equal to .005", which wouldn't be too noticeable.