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  1. Another very nicely done conv. I'd like to see a family shot ... if you have the room.
  2. Back in the day Hasegawa was considered a premier manufacturer, the kits featured nice crisp detail and were generally accurate. IIRC I paid a very pricey $25 Cdn at the LHS (later F-14 at $80 or F-18 $60). Fast forward 40 years and while they are still decent and good beginner kits, they are somewhat lacking accuracy and detail. To answer your questions, it was a sought after, if pricey kit that you had to order through your LHS or mail in to places like Squadron.
  3. Nice, maybe I'll sell my stash of them .... But for you my good friend, I make special deal ... 😁
  4. If you are on FB, there is a B1 builders group. All sorts of goodies there.
  5. Nice, I look fwd to your progress. I've one sitting on the backburner and no doubt this help get me motivated.
  6. Hi I would say yes, it is for the shipping cost. Or you are paying $15 for the parts w/free shipping. I guess it depends on your POV. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed a number of sink marks on their replacement fwd fuselage sections? Tom
  7. Mine arrived yesterday and like many others the box was pancaked but a quick look would suggest no significant damage to the parts. Tom
  8. Hi Old school scratchbuilding. love it. I've one in the stash so I will certainly keep this bookmarked. Keep up the good work. Tom
  9. Hello

    I am planning to work on my old Monogram 1/72 B-52D and converting it to B-52H Late.

    After checking on the forums, I think the best conversion kit is the Cutting Edge and of course it was long time OOP.

    Then I ran into one of your old message in early 2010 and you mentioned you had 4 sets of CE at that time, so I just like to try my luck and check if you will by chance still have any left.

    Thanks and with kind regards


  10. HI I ordered my ICM MiG25RB from the Ukraine because it was cheapest price I saw and it arrived safe and sound. If you wanna go ESlay try Milia_3 or Auroramodelshop. FYI, you do not pay customs fees on kits. You pay GST/PST/HST PLUS a handling fee. Tom
  11. Hi Mine is sitting here whimpering to be built. What kit are you asking about? 1/72 Italeri? 1/48 Rev/Mono with conv sets? Tom
  12. I like it. I have been debating picking one up and your build seals the deal. Thanks for posting.
  13. Hi http://www.lonestarmodels.com/store/3c0/lsm-40569-eb-57e-conversion Tom
  14. BUMP Just rec'd my LSM conv and would love to start it knowing that decals will soon be released. Any update? Thanks for your time. Tom
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