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  1. Hi, Decisive assembly if any, the engine is assembled with the chassis. Assy is done with Loctite 401 and reinforced, as usual, with screws, washers and bolts. The inside of the bathtub is done, the seat is finally installed as the side water pipe and the gear selector. The fuel valve is installed. More soon. Pascal
  2. Hi Thanks 😉 I decided to make the fuel cells connection faucet. It's made of white metal and a spare / modified distributor. Working on the dashboard. installed the lower body part is now done and weathered All the body parts are now fully dry. White dust is coming from the varnish dust while reopening the rivet holes. The CAVALLINO is installed on the nose and the original decal is replaced by an "enamelled" badge from an old MFH reference. Fit test of the front area.
  3. Hi, I finally managed to finish the ignition coils system, after a last modification. Small brass bridges of 0.5 were installed on each side of the water / oil tank to hold the "bungee cord" in place after having stretched it. There was a problem with the length of the radiator supports, I redid them in brass of 0.8 which I brazed with silver solder. It was also time to paint the radiator(s): No more beautiful polished metal appearance and place for brass. ... And decided to represent t
  4. Hi, Still progression both on the rear and front. Difference between before and after work on white metal parts. The small bucket doesn’t belong to the 312F1...but to a Tipo 500. I wanted to install thin aluminum sheet on the structure. Pascal
  5. Hi, Thanks;) Few progress and improvements. I wanted to rebuild the anti roll bar with brass, but the original is good and almost hidden behind the tank... The grills are installed on the radiator and the simulated inside tubing is still visible. A new Sandow will replace the white metal part. Pascal
  6. Hi Mates, The envy gradually returns... Preparation of the front parts. Difference between parts done and TBD. Tanks temporarily installed: A bit closer Coils and ignition system done: Exhaust Test fit: Pascal
  7. Hi, Just for fun: DFV Cosworth piston and rod. Voilà. Pascal
  8. Hi, Decals session Once dry they are cleaned as well as the surrounding area. Then holes are done in the decals. More soon. Pascal
  9. Good evening everybody, It’s been quite a long time since my last post...Sorry. Aircrafts can’t wait! Few progress on the Red Roaring Beauty! Riveting the bathtub and the bulkhead is now done. The wooden shifter knob is clear coated and test fitting is mandatory for the engine/cockpit/body subassembly. The fitting holes and the front Ferrari logo area are masked. I had a little « spot » on the Red, so I sanded it and made a touch up. The dampers looked to simple for my taste. I used
  10. Hi, Thank you. I use CA glue and low temp solder. Pascal
  11. Hi, Thank you very much Modelers! I worked a bit on the small metal tanks and others parts that need to be cleaned and polished.[br]Fuel filter/distributor and water expansion tank. I also made a quick test of the pedals on the front bulkhead. Test fit of the rear structure and tank of the Red Roaring Beauty. Battery and coils prepaired, masked and primed. Starting to connecting brakes and fuel pipes. Engine pan scratched. Alfa Rosso ZP on the coils: ... And white (Titanium White GC) for the battery Machined bolting and washers have been instal
  12. Hi, I really apologize for very Laaaaaaaaate reply!!☺️ Thanks so much for all your kind comments and for being so patient following this WIP! Pascal
  13. Hi, 😂🤣 Better to have metal to depict metal... sometimes.🙄 Pascal
  14. Hi , It’s been a long time since my last post... A new Formula 1, from 1967 (Great year!) Here are few pics of the engine.[br I was not that happy with the kit throttle linkage... So I decided to build new ones with machined parts from RBMotion. It was also necessary to show a bit of interest regarding the exhaust and prepare the white metal parts of the Spaghetti: To prime and paint them: Other parts are just treated to be left with a natural metal finish: I prefer to solder them instead of gluing for evident reasons: I played a bit with the iron in order to r
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