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  1. McLaren M7A, 1968, Bruce McLaren

    Hi, First of all, sorry for the (very!) poor quality pics... I will try to make some better. Brake calipers and the stub axle (?) were chemically burnished. Brake calipers were "stolen" to the M19 in order to replace those supplied in the kit. rear axle parts are prepared and drilled... too much drilled! I had to play with the low temp solder in order to fill the hole in the lower part, then sand, but now it's ok. Brass knobs for the dampers. Same method than those done for the Ferrari 312F1. They will be burnished. Primer and paint for everybody: Hi, Thanks Chris. This is just a light chemical treatment that can be done by everyone ;) You can use Blacken'it to oxidize the parts. If Blacken'it is not available, you can use the product provided by Uschi Van Der Rosten or Master. You just have to dip parts into it, wait, rince and brush them. Few progress. As usual, radiator is filled. Better pics than those from yesterday: Weld lines added. It's a bit rude for now, but with primer and flat black it should be ok. If not... I'll undo it and will make the weld lines with the iron as it was tested initially. Dampers almost finished. A Koni sticker was added... Just now need a light oil wash. Primer and paint session . Front dampers clear coated: Not that happy with the weld lines I find pretty rude and out of scale... I will decide what to do after "weathering" job on this side exhaust. Update on the Gearbox/Engine assembly and test fit: cooool! Time for pictures: Maybe I will do something like that for the weld lines: Pascal
  2. McLaren M7A, 1968, Bruce McLaren

    Hi, thank you Mates! Pascal
  3. Ferrari 312 F1 1967, Chris Amon.

    Hi, Thank you very much for kind comments guys. More pics of the finished Red Roaring Beauty in the "Display Case" section. Ferrari 312 F1 1967 Pascal
  4. McLaren M7A, 1968, Bruce McLaren

    Time to work on the Hewland Gearbox. Parts were already sand blasted then primed with GC light grey primer... sorry for the picture! Parts drilled where I'd add some details. The A/N line is ready. Black quickly sprayed. Test fitting: Washes , dry brushes, oils accessories and more soon. Small progress on the gearbox. Dry bushes with Polished Steel , Polished Alu from chez Humbrol Metal Cote. Oil job with Rembrandt (Extra fine) Sépia and W&N Artists Ivory Black, Gris de Payne et Outremer. Of course RB Motion bolts and washers were used. Pics will tell more: I hope you enjoy the Rooooaaaaring Papaya WIP. Pascal
  5. McLaren M7A, 1968, Bruce McLaren

    Front bulkhead riveted and modified. New mount using once again Rob's parts instead of the molded white metal. test: Damper modified for the machined head: Nose ready for primer: Holes opened : Primer from Gravity: Steering wheel prepared and masked: Family picture: Test on the other version of the windshield. Front bulkhead unmasked and ready for completion: A small "T" fitting is quickly done. New modification for the upper part of the damper and the upper triangle: Steering wheel is almost done and waiting for oils: Small details added on the pedals: Brake fluid bottles detailed and installed. Adding few details on the steering box: The Roooaaaring Papaya is still progressing! Velocity stacks are finished. I was not that happy with the cam covers... So I replaced the white metal molded ones by some 0.8 Calibre 35 made from resin: McLaren Papaya Orange for the front extractor... I forgot. Forward triangles ready: Fuel pumps ready : Studying how I will put the harness. Hardware from F1 Specialties, T3B. Hairy DFV! details added on the "electronic" box: And on the admission ramps: Pics of the Cosworth with the sub assemblies installed and few details: Pascal
  6. Hi, The Ferrari 3121 F1 1967 is finished... Time for the Gorgeous 1968 McLaren M7A! This is of course the beautiful kit from Model Factory Hiro, 1/20. The first step of the post will not be a building phase, but a quick Kit Review :wink: The Box: The plastic box: White Metal: Other parts: Decals: Instruction shhets: This is one of my favourite Formula one! Test fit, holes and... rivets! Some parts of the engine were sanded: Cockpit parts prepared, drilled and riveted using ss rivets, pre assembled but not yet polished: The white metal side water pipes replaced by brass pipes and alu holders. Edi did the same on his build. Rivets ok. Test fitting with screws: Primer: Black is black: This is the black I use to paint the propellers at the air club. The stunning Widia (Bosica) Vellocity stacks for V8 DFV: ... What else?! A/N fittings from the kit: Orange!! McLaren Orange from GC: I love it!! Nose (sorry for the horrible picture...) with tiny PE moustache installed and rear wing ready for primer Oil tank with weld lines and test fit of the stunning RB Motion anodized A/N fittings: Quick "fill" of the inside of the radiator with lead wire. Enough once both front and rear grids will be placed. Almost finished: I hope you will enjoy this WIP... Pascal
  7. Ferrari 312 F1 1967, Chris Amon.

    Do and undo... I was not so happy with the fuel lines: redone: The wire mesh that protects the velocity stacks against ingestion of foreign objects (FOD) is shaped using the included tool. The mesh is a bit too "flashy" for me. I put the grid under the flame to give it a more suitable color. The shaping is thereby slightly more facilitated. A small test seems to validate this solution. As mentioned above, the heat shield is made, its implementation validated. it only remains some paint and weathering: Exhaust assembled: And exhaust clamps installed: A new light coat of white is quickly sprayed, then a thin coat of Aqua Gloss in order to protect the paint. Sorry for the pics... The heat shield is sprayed with Alclad White alu over a primed Dull Alu base: The mesh is temporarily installed. Test fit of the exhausts over the heat shield: Weathering started (oils): It may need to be accentuated (very slightly) in some areas and reduced for others. Carpet Monster ... And a missing part of course! A new one is made using 0.6 brass. Primer and Alclad Black already done and waiting for the Airframe Alu. Decals time: I'm not sure about the PROVA number... Next to her sister from 69: Less sponsor in 67?... Rollbar finished and installed: Engine also installed and everything is connected (Oil filter, tachometer...) Hubs are modified to avoid the use of the black screws: I prefer ball joint ;) A screw head is added on the dampers adjustment knobs: Sensors details added on the radiator hoses. A quick oil (W&N) dry brush was done on the seat and the steering wheel. Fuel pumps were slightly detailed Same for the Alternator using RB Motion unbelivable stuff! Installed: Engine and gearbox married: Just need to connect the front brakes lines and the radiator holders to finish the front area: Last pics of the WIP: The Rooooaaaarrrring Beauty should (very) soon be finished! Thanks a lot to Misao HIRO for all those incredible kits and thanks a lot to Rob (RBMotion) with his impressive range of stunning stuff!! Finished! The Roooaaaring Red Beauty is now ready to rejoin the paddock! Last job was the nose: done. Not very clean but enough for the pics: Hope you enjoyed the build... Pascal
  8. Ferrari 312 F1 1967, Chris Amon.

    I started to work on the gearbox: ...but was not very satisfied. So, I tried to add some more details: J'ai aussi bien travaillé sur le reste des éléments du train arrière et des photos ne devraient pas trop tarder... Plumbing time for the front bulkhead: Progress on the rear: Prep and primer of the exhausts: First try of the white color: ZP "pure white". And weld lines: Plumbing of the dashboard started: Black painted caps, then mask and paint process including Klir for the finish coat and oil . Seam is intentionally left in order to depict (or try to...) the plastic bottle. Lockheed bottles installed: Light wash on the metal tanks: ...And finally a small test fit: ZP White is now applied on the exhaust parts: Few details added on the dashboard: Nuts, bolts, wiring... Still working on the battery... waiting for cables: New machined knob, polished and installed on 0.8 SS rod. The beautiful genuine grid is just detailed with machined bolts and lightly weathered. Cockpit is now almost done. I also decided to scratch build the fuel tap which appears on some of my pics, but not on others... Tube installed on the expansion tank: Test fitting of FWD parts: Still adding tubes and cables on the engine...: I hope you like it... Pascal
  9. Ferrari 312 F1 1967, Chris Amon.

    Well, here's one which is all disheveled, long hair and loose: We'll have to take care of him ... I did not like the original links more than that. I decided to make new ones: A nice hair cut and new links installed: The "jars" are polished and fitted to the roll bar . I took the opportunity to install RB Motion Banjo fittigs: It remains to connect all this little world ... New paint for the wheels: the Gold done before didn't please me... So Primer, Alclad Black, then Alclad Gold tomorrow: Wheels are drilled for the Valve stems from Rob. Schock absorbers are also primed with Gravity. - Wheels in Alclad Pale Gold - Dampers in Red (GC) and Black (ZP). Small placards on the red part: Knobs not painted but treated with Master Blackening agent. Wheels assembled and equipped with RBMotion Valve Stems: Here the work of the day: brakes! In order to properly clean, coloring and "scratch" the disks (White Metal), I quickly crafted small plates of turned aluminum. They will allow me to hold them on a small tool holder to be fixed in the drill chuck. Turned parts: Disk on the tooll: Done but still dirty: The rear discs are detailed with beautiful PE parts, but lack detail for my taste. 0.4 holes drilled in the part: Allen head from Rob (RBMotion): Brakes are also... Calipers :wink: Drilled and equipped with copper pipes and brake bleeders from Rob once again The front discs on their hubs: Rear ones with a first light "wash": Well, not a lot... But more soon. Pascal
  10. Ferrari 312 F1 1967, Chris Amon.

    The tub is drilled and equiped with 0.5 stainless steel rivets. Then the tub parts are assembled (welded) with low temp solder (70°C). Same thing for the front tub part with Calibre 35 0.7resin rivets this time. The frontwhite metal bulkhead and his PE part are drilled, but I didn't used the PE part... I just used it as a template for, I think, a more realistic result. Once again, Calbre 35 0.7 resin rivets were used. The steering column is cut and the external part of the steering rack is replaced by stainless steel 1.2mm syringe needle cut at the right size. 0.7 resin rivets once again. Pedals won't be visible at the end... Small progress on the dash board and research regarding the engine. So just few pics for this small update... Front face of the dashboard installed in the tub: Aft: Close up: Gauges are covered with a "glass" made of Rodhoid cut with a Waldron Punch & Die but it's not really visible on the pics :? ... Cavallino ! Radiator is ... empty! I've tried to make it a bit more realistic or, if not, just more pleasant for me :mrgreen: Brass 0.8 and Alu scotch "aircraft" type: Nice and still bright... Fwd and aft mesh: Primer GC: Dampers are great: made of machined aluminium. Just a detail added from F1 Specialties. I wonder if I haven't already seen the same detail added somewhere... Not perfect, but not bad :) Black ...is black: Almost invisible once the engine is assembled to the body, but I couldn't resist :twisted: Teflon mask and Orange FRAM from Gravity Colors. Oil filter done. I hope you like the WIP and the red Beauty. More soon. Pascal
  11. Ferrari 312 F1 1967, Chris Amon.

    Me again I set about installing mirrors on the body ... not so easy! I noted the dimensions depending pictures of the car and decorating instructions for positioning. Drilled two holes to be able to insert copper wire in each mirror, and drilled the upper body including one hole slightly larger on the front for adjustment. I let a bit length for inserting two bolts on the inside face of the bodywork part. Few things were done on the engine and you can see the comparison with his little brother from 1969... Wheels painted gold: Onc again 67 & 69: Time to test the "Surface Primer" from GRAVITY COLORS. the good point is that it works upon resin, metal and plastic. First of all some parts need to be prepared or finished before painting process. ... And holes need to be done once again! But it seems I like rivets :roll: 1st, drilling the PE: In position: holes drilled in the resin tub : another test fitting next to the 1969 little sister. Mirrors details: Time to play with the gun Mr Sparmax Flat Pattern & the Primer from GRAVITY COLORS Pics with and without the camera flash: Surprising 1st almost transparent coat, then miracle and a real pleasure to work with! The nose Still little work to do on the nose Top results: Slight problem on the nose and upper body part due to Staedtler permanent ink marker: still visible after primer... Wet sanding and putty Mori Mori Next step of the painting process. A light color coat is done over the grey primer. That will be the Giallo Modena for a great and bright Rosso Corsa! Sanding and primer... ... Yellow: Rosso: prepared and primed: ZP Black Here are the "wrongdoers"... :twisted: GRAVITY paints are AWESOME!! Easy to work with, extremly thin coats can already give a beautiful result and a strong deep satin finish. They also dry very quickly: perfect!! Next step is the finnish coat that will be given by the Clear. So let's go for the Gravity Colors clear coat test! New gloves, stirrer and cup for the mix. 3 components: clear, activator and thinner with a 3:1:1 mix ratio. I always let the mix at rest for about 5 to 10 minutes in order to let allow to the chemical mix to degas. You can add more thinner if necessary. Then, one mist coat and, 5 to 10 mn later, a wet coat (or more): that's all! Parts drying in the "magic box": To sum up: Great and pleasant product. The gloss is... SHINNING!! Deep gloss even if thin. Only 6ml of clear 2ml of activator and 2 of additive thinner were used... Alclad gold on the center of the wheels. The ones shown before were the 1968 312 F1 :oops: I hope you like it... More soon! Pascal
  12. Hi, Let me introduce the Ferrari 312F1 1967 from Model Factory Hiro, 1/20. This is one of the greatest kits I've worked on. Here are few pics: First, test fit. No glue on the parts... nice fit :wink: 14 first engine parts: few parts of the gearbox: some of the cockpit parts: assembly of oil tank by welding: preparing front cooler for welding: Small progress on engine, some of the parts glued together... Few holes and...few rivets: Resin rivets: Backside view : Hopping you'll like it... Thanks fopr reading. Pascal
  13. Ferrari 312 F1 1967, Chris Amon

    Me again Small addon to the Red Beauty.: MFH Pilot Gear. Pascal
  14. Hi, Finished! The Roooaaaring Red Beauty is now ready to rejoin the paddock! Not very clean but enough for the pics: Thanks a lot to all of you Mates for being so patient for this build and thanks so much for all your comments!! Pascal 8)
  15. 1/25 1970 McLaren M15 indy car

    Beautiful!! Pascal