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  1. Scooby is correct. The owner of Flightdecs did have some major health issues that forced the business to cease operations.
  2. Absolutely. Thank you for all your time and effort Steve
  3. Great to know. One can never have too many F-16’s thanks Dutch.
  4. I think this is a long shot. I've had this Esci F-16B kit for many years and just discovered today its missing the clear sprue with the canopy. If anyone has a spare Esci canopy or even a Hasegawa canopy that should also be able to work. Comparing my built Hasegawa F-16B to the Esci frame they look like they're almost identical in size. Thanks in advance everyone. Mark
  5. Unfortunately Flightdecs is no longer around.
  6. It’s too bad about CanMilAir as he had some very unique Canadian content.
  7. If you can’t get them from Leading Edge (sometimes takes awhile to get response) there’s also Two Bobs that has them in 1/48. I’ve bought several different Two Bobs sheets and they’re excellent quality as well. According to Leading Edge’s website Dave doesn’t even have 1/48 listed at all. https://www.twobobs.net/contents/en-us/p721_48-264-CF-188-60-Years-of-NORAD-Hornet.html
  8. KursadA - Is a 1/72 sheet still in the works for this? Since you mentioned a couple years ago that it would be my Hasegawa kit has been patiently waiting for it. 😉 thanks.
  9. Any update on this sheet? This thread has gone quiet for quite a while now. Hopefully this one is still in the works especially for 1/72 😉
  10. cf18hornet


    He mentioned he wants it build it as a current CF-18.
  11. I waited three months for his B-52 engines. After a couple months I emailed him about the status of my order and the next day he emailed back saying the casts had worn out and had to make new ones. A month later they arrived.
  12. I almost entirely use Model Master enamels and was looking at going to use True North paints. Unfortunately I live in Canada and no one up here seems to carry them. Also after sending two emails to True North about if it’s even possible to order directly from them and get them shipped to Canada I’ve have never gotten a response back. I also don’t think it’s even possible to get them shipped to Canada because Sprue Brothers can’t shipped Model Master enamels up here so I can’t see True North paints being allowed either.
  13. I’m not sure if it’s possible to ship from the US to Canada. I do know that Sprue Brothers can’t ship MM enamels to Canada so I assume shipping True North paints to Canada would be under the same conditions.My main concern is the total cost buying from the US. After paying our horrendous exchange rate, high postage rate and the possibility of paying import duties and/or taxes it would make these paints ridiculously expensive.
  14. I have used MM pretty much since they first came on the market because I really like the way they hand brushed. I have been researching the True North paints brand availability but searches of several Canadian hobby stores have come up empty. Does anyone here know where I can buy True North paints online from a Canadian hobby store? Thanks in advance, Mark
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