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  1. I’ve tried finding that as well. Nothing on eBay except for one that wants $215 for and Hannants once had them but Are sold out.
  2. Hello everyone I’ve been what seems forever looking for the standard camo decal markings (bottom profile in picture attached) for the Argentine IA-58 Pucara in 1/72 from the Airfix or Special Hobby kits. I emailed Airfix to see if they had any sheets from their kits #’d A73003, A03068 or A77661 but unfortunately they never had any in stock. I also tried to find any aftermarket on EBay or Hannants but no luck either. I will gladly pay for any costs if any of you happen to have these decals and are willing to part with them. Thanks in advance Mark
  3. Hey everyone, I’ve had lots of interest in many Mach2 models and I know they are quite crude when it comes to quality. I also know they take lots of extra work to build. I’ve read many reviews in forums but they were all from many years ago. I was wondering if any of you know if their newer subjects are better quality than their older kits or are they still the same as their older offerings. I have no problem putting in extra work to make reasonable looking model but just want to know that the end result accuracies of the model will be worth spending the money on. Thanks in advance, Mark
  4. Are you sure about this? I get updates from them and I've never received one about the B-1. I also can't seem to find anything about it on their Facebook page.
  5. When I bought a new bottle I wasn’t sure if it was the same as the original Future until I checked the UPC code on the bottle and they were both the same. I then knew it was the same formula.
  6. Jan_CZ, Thank you very much. That’s exactly what I was looking for. Mark
  7. Hello, doesnanybodybknow where I can get the instructions paint guide for Trumpeters 1/32 SU-25 with the Frog on the tail. I found one image online but can’t make out which colours are used on it. https://www.emodels.co.uk/trumpeter-1-32-su-25-frogfoot-a-02276-plastic-model-kit.html thanks in advance Mark
  8. The Quebec International Airshow in 2008 had both teams at the same show
  9. When I first heard about Canuck I couldn’t believe the amazing variety he was producing. It was a dream come true for this Canadian modeller who tries to build at least one of every aircraft ever used by Canada. And the quality of his decals are unquestionably some of the best I’ve ever used. Here’s hoping that one day Canuck will start putting out some new releases because there is such a lack of Canadian aftermarket decals these days.
  10. I can’t remember where I heard this but I recall someone telling me that he’s doing custom decals sheets for a certain kit manufacturer instead of for his personal business. It sounds like he lost a lot of money when he put out the BoB CF-18 kit a couple years back.
  11. Are you looking for part #'s 70 & 71? Unfortunatley I'm missing the antenna (part 72)
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