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  1. Lots lf nice news. But revell come on, A400m in 72? Why not in 144? And why is there no decent C-130 kit in this world? The Trall is a great kit, would love to see a Herc in the same quality! And most important: WHERE IS THE MIRAGE III/5/50 KIT IN 72??? Please revell, don't let trumpeter screw it up. Thanks revell for the new tools and reissues and Happy new year to all. Tobias
  2. Hi all, got the Rafale M. Here are two pictueres of the M specific sprue and the the decal sheet. Sorry for the poor qualitiy, had to to use cell phone camera and an even crapier internet connection (EDGE). Sprue and the decals: (edit: added link)
  3. Hi, try here: http://www.modellversium.de/kit/hersteller...-hobbyboss.html Text is written in German, but you get a look at the sprues at least. Hope that helps. Tobias
  4. Former NVA LSK/LV AN-26 calibration aircraft from Transportgeschwader 24 (Dresden-Klotzsche), now at German Airforce Museum in Berlin.
  5. Hi, if you're looking for decals, try here: http://www.babibimodel.com/joomla/index.ph...age=shop.browse I've no experience with them, at least you can pay by paypal. Lots of Türk Yıldızları (Turkish Stars) decals in all scales. Tobias
  6. Nice one, very impressive in reality, and a huge beast. Watch for the diesel soot on the left hand site where the exhaust is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CR_9pcNT_Qs (last life fire shooting by GE ArtBn 405) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-nnUiMgE24...feature=related (Future Weapons) Spend my time mostly on Marder 1A3 AIFV, Tobias Edited for links
  7. Hi toolo, sorry no comment on accuracy. Try AML's website: http://www.aml.cz/en/AA4820-1.html http://www.aml.cz/en/AA4819-1.html http://www.aml.cz/en/AA4817-1.html Tobias
  8. Hi folks, long time no see, I know, but hadn't much time lately. The little one and University are taking their toll. Doing the stay home daddy and University when wife is home to take over equals no time for whif-ing. Managed to do some gluing recently and will post pics soon. Tobias
  9. Hi, count me in with the Airfix repop of the Vista Fairey Fulmar in 1/72, OOB with kit decals. Tobias
  10. Sorry, the original proposal is too ugly, it gives me eye pain! Still working on the antenna prototype, may be I'll do a second with a different antenna arrangement. Could be the second competitor for the Brazil Navy Future AEW Aircraft Program (BraNaFutAAP). So, have to get another Viking for a reasonable price.
  11. Here is a first impression on the antenna. It can't be put much further towards the front, otherwise the operators in the rear seats will eject into the antenna.
  12. Hi, started with the kit. Filled the sono buoy launcher and the bombdoor panel lines, glued the coclpit together. And did some more thinking about the antenna array. Problem is, Erieye can't cover 360°. In my humble opinion, it's a no go for a carrier based aew bird. Discussed the matter with ChernayaAkula when I've been over at his place today. So, still no decision about the antenna, but I've build a prototype antenna. Pictures will be posted, as soon as I can find the card reader!
  13. As if the nose of a Viking isn't bulbous enough Except for the tail, it's the easiest conversion. No change to the wing fold mechanisms, minor changes to the airframe, only making the bird a big butt. And a hump of course. The price tag on this one might be the lowest. May be a voting to decide on the version to be build? If I could get another Viking ( got 3 so far, but the other 2 are going to be "normal" S-3s) for little money and time to build it...the result could be a demonstrator for Lookheed Martin and Saab. Landbased aircraft need no wing fold. Let me know, what's your favorite?
  14. One more, a wedgetail like: The radar could be tilted to one side.
  15. This is my starting point, Revell S-3B kit: I'll try to do this whif as plausible as possible, ie the less changes to the airframe the better (costs). Don't know about the hangar space on the Sao Paulo, keeping the aircraft as compact as possible is a priority. @sv51macross: Haven't thought about that. Found this ugly thing on the net A proposal for a Viking AEW with AESA. Might work on a NIMITZ class carrier, but on a small one? What about a "podded solution": For the pods, I found a pair of KKR-1 recce pods. They can be modified for the radar antenna, whether on top or under the
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