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  1. Don't know of any full walkarounds, but I've got a handful of shots....... Not the greatest I know but theres something to work with. You should try Prime Portal. I know the ARH is a modified version, a new laser designator I think, plus different rockets and Hellfire missiles which the European operators don't use. Cobrahistorian or someone could give you a better answer (or google). Will
  2. Nobody within Ks of that thing would be fertile any longer Will
  3. I read something about a civilian version being under consideration when the military production line winds down in the near future. There is a market to replace the ageing Antonovs, I guess. Will
  4. If the guy was smart enough to remain anonymous, he's probably not even an Aussie.......... And was there really anything highly classified in there? Very interesting anyway Will
  5. Out of interest, how much ammunition do you (or would you) carry? Do you have a bag or something, or do you strap mags together, 'cause your flight suit doesn't have webbing, does it? Will
  6. I'm so jealous! I was there on Friday and 'cause of the dust storms and huge winds and temps quite a few demonstrations were canceled! Nice shots! Will
  7. They are now. Those photos were taken at Richmond late 2006. Will
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