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  1. I just checked and the last time I posted was 2006. there are a lot of new names, and thankfully a lot of the old names too, I've Spent most of the day (don't tell my boss) checking out the forums catching up on the posts of those who have gone and the ups and downs of some of your lives. It's good to be back home..... but why the heck is the Moai Vincent thread still going 😀
  2. I dealt with them a year or two back, no problems at all. Shipping was fairly quick and well packaged item. regards
  3. Some great shots Ken.. seems you're getting very handy with the DSLR. regards
  4. from Bloomberg.com Hornby Plc (HRN LN): The maker of Scalextric model car- racing kits, and Revell AG, a German model company, may be among potential buyers for privately-owned Humbrol Ltd. (48319Z LN), the owner of Airfix Ltd., the London-based Times said, without saying where it got the information. The shares rose 1.25 pence, or 0.5 percent, to 261.75 pence. regards
  5. yep, i agree £100 for the TSR is making people lots of cash. I thought about putting my Buccs on Ebay, i bought the complete airwaves set for mine. Wonder how much that would go for
  6. It's not a blunder, there are two kits, two sets of instructions and a decal sheet for the 5 different variants. It was meant as a limited run. And it's already £15 over what i paid for my mint copy. That's a good return for gathering dust. :P
  7. Bryan


    heres one, try the various manufacturer sites, the may have more. this one is from LM. LM engine photo
  8. As the description says, this is not a good trader alert, but i thought it should be posted here. I really cannot describe how humbled i am by the generosity of our very own "Breadboard". Hal has gone the extra mile for many of the ARC community, and today i became on of those people. Hal, from the bottom of my heart, i thank you, i am truly grateful for your gift and it will be taking pride of place in my modelling room. I have purchased a frame in which it will be housed and displayed along with the plaque that describes where it has been. Mike(Waco), i am extremely grateful for the ef
  9. Nice Typhoon, Number 3 Squadronseems to be operating a few aircraft in this scheme. Nice. :)
  10. I would welcome some feedback guys, as many already know Leuchars was difficult this year, mostly because the sun was out all day, not something that usually happens :D
  11. Interior done, fuselage halves joined, other bits and bobs on - sprayed with Mr Surfacer to fill the awful bits. The Gnat is also nearly done. I have been spurred on a bit by this GB. Pics of the Gnat soon, here's the Hawk so far. regards And for the Gnat, i managed to screw up in getting the lightning flash but i'll sort it with stock decal sheet. It's an old and tired moulding, but with some work it looks ok(ish). Canopy still to be done, the plastic has some crazing, so i'm wondering if i should do a vac one. Seats are awful currently contemplating making new ones from scratch.
  12. I'm going to use some artistic license because, just like F16's There are no two the same. Barley Grey looks way darker than this one, although in the air it looks similar :blink: Raf Leuchars had a single seater and a twin seater on flying displays both were different. example
  13. Along with my Hawk 127 i'm thowing in a Folland Gnat i'm actually building fo someone else. I have been making great progress this week with both. regards
  14. Whilst it might be fitting to open this up to all models, i have to agree that it would be pertinent to restrict this build to aircraft only. Once the position is clearer regarding the Airfix/Heller/Humbrol situation then we could consider a tribute if need be, but i am not against the idea of a complete catalogue group build if the powers that be are in agreement. regards
  15. I'm in BAe Hawk 127 RAAF no 79 Squadron, basically oob. regards
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