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  1. My Goodness Manfred ... I've been away from the board for a few weeks and now I see this NEW project?? I've been asked to teach Painting to members of the local Art Centres down here near Niagara Falls Canada and have been focussed on this all summer ... and we've been pleased to have a good response during this Virus stuff. So my attention has been elsewhere ... and I haven't even sat at my Modelling desk since June ... But I'm astounded at the new project, within a major project, that you're proceeding with. I'm very happy to see you continuing with this but it amazes
  2. i'd be proud of this model too! Nice job Randy! What I really appreciate is the extra effort involved in this build ... the research, applying that research into the build and adding all kinds of detail. There are aircraft builders on ARC that just build the kit outta the box, maybe add a brake line or two and crank out a model ... their focus seems to be on decal placement and paint and not necessarily building an accurate model of their preferred subject. And then whinge about the "poor fit". A build like this is a most satisfying one to complete for
  3. Firstly Manfred, how are you feeling? Is the shoulder totally 100%? Secondly, this angle bracket solution is brilliant. Your solutions always bring a smile to my face ... your ability to think "outside of the box" is remarkable! Plus, taking the time to document every step and post it all to 3 or 5 different sites is most appreciated by all of us who are watching and learning from your journey. The time you spend Thinking of a solution, Building that result and Posting those results is ... incredible! Thank You! And you 3D proponents, can it really m
  4. Thank for the build pix ... I had made the assumption that the AMU was scratch built ... man, that looks good! They did a nice job on it! Can I ask about the gold visor, it doesn't look as shiny and highly reflective. Is it just the angle of the image or is there a coat of matte clear on it? I'm glad I helped to redirect you back to ARC ... thanx for the hat tip! ;- D It's great to see your builds! Pete
  5. Slartibartfast, the old Revell Lunar Spacecraft kit was 1/48 too ... And to my eye, Dragon hasn't fixed the LM's descent stage, if anything it's too tall. plus, the antennae are way off and the 'eyes' of the Ascent stage are too small ... IIRC they're the same issues as Dragon's initial offering, was that 1/72? What a shame ... ! If you buy this, it looks like you'll have to buy New Ware's update set ... that is, if you want to make it look correct! Just my 2 cents! Pete
  6. I'm so glad you returned to this build Homer ... and the results you're getting are just spectacular! When I did my Cutaway I put as much into the cockpit as I could, including the bags on the ceiling so I really appreciate what you're doing. Yes, they're not visible but I know they're there! And thanx for the 3d scan of Discovery ... WOW! And just FYI, Dutycat, passed away 2 or 3 years ago ... 😔 Pete
  7. Very nicely done! I did one a few years in 1/24 along with the Gemini 9A spacecraft. The build thread is here on this forum ... I like yours better! The colour of the suit, the detail on the helmet, the ELSS looks GREAT! I'd love to see more build pix ...your AMU looks perfect, along with Geno! And his mics are missing, I think, but is that your concern? Nice to see you here and glad you made it back to ARC! Pete
  8. All those surface details really add to the quality of the build Randy! This is gonna look GREAT! The painting of it, for me, would cause some palpitations ... so I hope it goes well for ya! And for your home made decals, can I ask what decal film/paper you use? I have a couple of packs of Papilio which is just awful stuff ... I think it's more for making 'stickers' on coffee mugs and scrapbooking type activities, not for scale modelling. Thanx for posting these Randy ... this is really looking Terrific! Pete
  9. You're displaying a lot of happiness in this post! ... A Happy Squirrel ... a Happy Lamp and a Happy Manfred! And I'm smiling while visualizing you performing 'windmills' in your backyard! Thanx for this multi-level update! Pete
  10. Thanx for this update Manfred. I do hope the mobility of your shoulder remains good. It may not require surgery, and active usage, physiotherapy, may suffice ... but I'm sure that you'll give the possible surgery as much thought, and research, as you give to this hobby. I wish you the BEST in your decision! Pete
  11. Your calm, cool attitude comes through in your posts Randy ... the resin expanded a bit too much?, oh well, I'll just ... cut it off! Rather than getting your knickers in a twist and throwing it against the wall, you just ... carry on! That's the way to enjoy this modelling activity of ours! And this is really looking good, young man! Keep up the wonderful scratching stuff! Pete
  12. Just reading through your posts, you're such a rank beginner, you NEED to make these mistakes. Good On Ya! You're gonna learn the intricacies of this hobby way-y-y-y quicker. I've been in this hobby for about 12 years and every model I've done, mostly Real Space subjects, have been to try out a new technique I saw online. If I screw up the paint, I'll sand it off and do it again. Now, I've been a commercial artist in a different lifetime, and know my Airbrush quite well and the freehand fine line transitions is what the Airbrush specializes in, it's what it's DESIGNED to
  13. I just saw this post, here on ARC, in the Tools and Tips forum ... about Vallejo paint and Airbrushes ... http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/313811-my-how-to-airbrush-vallejo-model-air-color-instructional-guide/ It's got some good info Manfred! Pete
  14. My goodness, you're already back onto this project?? ... That's WONDERFUL!! You heal very quickly! I'm like Captain Kirk, I just adjust the thinner and paint till it flows correctly. To me, it's like following a recipe for making Soup, The recipe calls for such and such an ingredient, but I'll put in this and that. It may call for 1/2 teaspoon of Salt, but, after tasting it, I may adjust it and put in 2 teaspoons of Salt. With Paint, my air pressure stays constant but I will adjust the ratio of Paint and thinner till the Airbrush is happy! Running it through the Airbrus
  15. The lettering on the tail is most excellent! You are one precise modeller! And the whole assembly looks GREAT! I hope your airbrush issue is just a broken seal ... my Paasche is over 40 years old and still works lover-ly! Albeit, with some minor seal replacements! Enjoy your break and we'll all see you when you return to this terrific project! Pete
  16. Your tiles look just fine Ret. Mine look the same and if you consider the scale thickness of the tape, it's, like, 2" thick ... so it's gonna look a little strange, but it beats the hell out of the smooth surface of the bare kit. Your leading edge RCC panels look GREAT .......... hey, wait a minute!! Where's the BIG UNITED STATES decal on the side?? And the Windows look TERRIFIC ... all in all, this looks pretty dang good! Nicely Done Ret! Pete
  17. Hiya Mike ... shrinking the images to less than 100kb is a strange limitation ... but if you use an Image hosting website, you can post multiple higher resolution pix in one post ... which we'd all like to see! And you posted this in time for the 51st anniversary! I'll check out your YouTube build. I completed a 1/48 CSM / LM a few months ago using a lotta scratch building and New Ware update sets. Pete
  18. Those subtle shades really look good George! And all those little shapes represent a LOT of masking! Nice work! Pete
  19. I agree with George ... we need to see more pix Ret! You're just teasing us with one or two ... come on ... we wanna be OVERWHELMED with pix! These do look pretty good though! Pete
  20. My, my, my-y-y! This is just ... SOO-PERB! ... and you did this 20 years ago ... ?? The job you did on the nose with the Milliput and that per-r-rfect sanding job ... DANG you did nice work! And your photos look GREAT too! Thanx for posting these ... I'm lovin' this! Pete
  21. WTF???!!! WOW ... I don't visit ARC for a few days and I missed this news? But really Manfred ... you've been at this build, putting all kinds of mental effort and expending all kinds of creativity, I'm not surprised you'd like a break from this. But this story ... it's pretty elaborate and well ... yes, I suppose it's possible .. but-t-t ... You could have just said that you're taking a lo-o-ong break from this effort of yours. Honestly, we would all understand! But Seriously ... I hope I didn't make you laugh ... and as a fellow old m
  22. The pix are GREAT! This build is lovely! ... so far-r-r ... ! I've been in this hobby for just 12 years and never knew building, like you've done, even existed. This ... is my kind of build. All built from scratch ... don't keep us hangin', post some more pix ... or even tease us with an image of the finished model and we can then just sit back and enjoy the build progress. Thanx! Pete
  23. I enjoy watching you go through the mental conniptions trying to develop a solution for all these kit deficiencies ... and getting a lovely result! I love the old school thinking, Randy! Keep it going! Pete
  24. THis'll be good to watch! Your model building skills are wonderful! But, don't keep us waiting too-o-o long, okay George? Pete
  25. Your collector friend is gonna be so-o-o pleased with this Shuttle! Your painting of the OMS tiles and the wings is most excellent George! The shades are so subtle ... Well Done! I hope we see your posts of the Monogram Shuttle a little sooner than ... 9 years! Pete
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