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  1. This was started in the Group Build for the 50th Anniversary of the First Manned Landing on the Moon ... here's the link to that build to catch you up ... I'll finish the build in this thread. I added some rivets using the Archer rivet decals. Masking the Command Module's Heat Shield The wiring for the High Gain antenna Gloss Black on the CM in preparation to spray on Model Master Chrome Silver. I had to do this a couple of times because the shine wasn't glossy enough. And I use the Chrome paint instead of foil strips. I don't like the way it photographs. The Service Module got a good coat of Flat White both as Primer and to cover the White Radiators. New Ware's photo etch parts pop nicely! i want the SPS engine bell to look like it has been fired, so I wanna have a Burnt Metal look to it. I first paint Gunmetal on the lower part and cover the whole thing as well. The SPS bell is a New Ware resin piece. Once that coat is dried, I use Electrical tape to mask off the lower part. It stretches so I can apply it to the curved surface of the bell. This works on aircraft and Space Shuttle noses too. Then I sprayed on a coat of MM Leather to give that Burnt Metal look. I'll tweak it all a little later. I also foiled the SM heat Shield with Bare Metal Chrome foil So this build is down to the short strokes now, some paint touch-ups and decalling to go. Till next posting Pete
  2. So far, so good CO! You're doing a very, very nice job with the paint ... the LM is tricky to do. I've built 7 or 8 LM models in every scale, so while I know a fair bit, I'm still learning more about this incredible vehicle. This was one of my very first models built about 11 years ago. As a Cutaway, the foil is missing on half the machine. The differing coloured foils have to do with insulating qualities. To keep the weight low, Mylar Kapton was used and as many as 25 layers were utilized. So the different colours indicate more or fewer layers, as far as I know. I saw that you replied to Lunokhod's posts, Vincent is the Master of LM builds ... he has designed a 3D 1/32 version. Every single detail has been researched and rendered accurately, so if you want more information, he's the one to ask! I noticed on your Ascent stage, on the front is a half round antenna, that only appeared on Apollo 9's LM ... that was the first test flight of the LM in Earth orbit. And your placing of the unfinished Ascent stage onto the Descent stage is something I've done on ev-ery model I've built ... it's just too tempting to see how it'll all look together! The grooved section on the underside of the Aft portion is a radiator. That is the Equipment and Electronic section and generates a lotta heat. Here's a couple of links in case you have a few minutes and wanna learn a bit more. One is Vincent's and the other is a LM expert, Paul Fjeld, who built a Full Sized one for the Cradle of Aviation Museum in New Jersey and has consulted with the Smithsonian on their refurbishing of their LM on display ... http://spacemodels.nuxit.net/1-32 LM/index.htm https://pfinspace.com/lmdata/ Keep doing what you're doing Cap! It's looking good! Pete
  3. It's so nice to see you here Adrian! This is going to be wonderful to watch ... but aren't you much further along on this build? All of the equipment in the Payload Bay for the Hubble repair mission was hard to build in 1/72 ... to see it done in 1/179 will be very interesting! Thank Adrian! Pete
  4. You know, when I read this, I thought to myself, I should mention the "P" clip insulators, but no I won't, because that's just not very amusing ... So what do you choose to build? Those Insulators ... and ... they ... look ... GREAT! The 2nd attempt is much better! Well done Manfred! Pete
  5. Looking at your steady progress, if you could see me Manfred, I'm smiling from ear to ear in amazement ... in appreciation of your added detail. I do hope you're really enjoying this build ... enjoying all this research and making this enormous effort in replicating the smallest detail ... my, my, my ...... I know, I enjoy seeing every post of yours! Pete
  6. Hiya Cap, and Welcome to the GB ... oh wait ... ........... heh, heh, but it IS nice to see ya here! So far, this LM of yours does not to look messed up in any way! So far ... so good! The patterns of Kapton mylar look spot on and your usage of the "Kapton" tape is a nice touch. This is the first Dragon LM build I've seen and am curious to see how it turns out! But like I said, so far, so good, you're doing a terrific job! Pete
  7. Lost Erik, thanks very much ... ! Mick, this GB was fun for me ... a little disappointing on a few fronts, but overall, FUN! I'm pretty sure this is the last bit of construction on this ... Archer Rivet decals, plus the scimitar antennae Using copper wire this is the wiring to the Hi Gain antenna. The pin is the hinge and the antenna will telescope to different positions too. I mean, I need something to move when I'm playing with this in the tub! Right? And I masked the bottom of the Heat Shield on the CM. In a little while, I'll spray everything with Flat White then the colour coats I think I'm gonna move the next steps over to the Real Space forum along with a couple preliminary images for context ... I'll see y'all over there! Thanx for taking a peek here! Pete
  8. Thanx dnl42 ... I listened to this entire mission, in the background while I was doing other stuff, till just after the landing ... what an event! I also listened to the landing quite a few times ... wow! aircommando130, I had contacted the local newspaper in March about doing an article on the 50th anniversary. But, I had suggested they might be interested in some LIFE magazines I have from the late 1950's, 60's and early 70's on the US Space program. They contacted me in early July and came over with a photographer to do the article ... however, I also brought out a few of my Apollo and LM models and after seeing the models, the writer made the focus of the article on the models and me, the LIFE magazines were secondary. And, the article was on the front page of the paper ... above the fold! While it surprised me, it was terrific to be able to add my own take to this 50th commemoration. Combined with meeting Charlie Duke, Apollo 16 astronaut, last October ... I'm a happy guy! Now, where did those 50 years go ... I'd like a few of them back! Pete
  9. Well, it's still August 31th, and I wanted to get the Large Radiators built, and they are ... the following are self-explanatory ... There's still a lotta little things to do yet, add all the RCS thrusters, add the 2 scimitar antennae, some access panels ( out of Aluminum Foil ) onto the CM and like that ... but I'm glad I got the Large Radiators done ... Thanx guys for participating in this GB ... this is the last official day for it! Pete
  10. Well, it's August 31th and we've been at this since February 1th. In retrospect, it went by pretty fast! I'm disappointed that I didn't get my build completed, but health issues kinda threw a wrench in the works. Specifically vision problems ... I got a treatment 3 months ago, which is an Injection into the Eyeball and a week and a half ago, the left eye stopped seeing properly, so I'm gonna get another Injection in a week and a half. The Meds that are injected do-o-o help ... but blindness is in my near future ... real life can get pretty interesting eh? Should you indeed complete what you started here, you can continue posting here or post a thread in the Real Space forum where we'll all see it. I hope to complete a couple of builds over there, I mean, someone has to keep Manfred company over there! So thanks to you all that participated in this commemoration of the First Manned Landing on the Moon 50 years ago! Pete
  11. ... believe it or not Bill ... on a quiet night, I can hear it whimpering from here!
  12. Thanx Mick! Ret, years ago I went to the Evergreen Scale Model site and when you see the wide variety of extruded styrene they have for scale modelling, you'll be amazed! I get mine from Wheels and Wings on the Danforth in T.O. All the hobby shops in this area have closed down so I order my stuff from these guys and they're quick. And I wish I could keep the 'fire in the belly' consistently, but it ebbs and flows ... I hope it flows better in the Winter months!
  13. I had missed your post from July wherein you stated that you were gonna attach all the sections ... aw-w-w shucks. However, I do understand your position ... but all the detail, all that effort in researching and building ( from scratch ) all those details need to be shown. But that's just my own prejudice showing. I used to work as a Technical Illustrator and LOVE Exploded views and Cutaways. So to see the inner workings of an aircraft, the structure, the 'crampiness' of it, fuels my enjoyment from this hobby. If you're just gonna show the exterior, then a plastic kit will suffice. No effort, no research, nothing out of the ordinary ... it's done in a month. That said, I shall still watch, with interest, your progress on this build Fozzy ... I'm certain you'll take this to, not just the next level, but 2 or 3 steps beyond that! I'll be here in a couple months! Pete Hang on a minute ... I just looked at your pix again and only now realized you were leaving the top panels off so the viewer can see all that lovely detail inside ... okay ... I'm happy again! Nicely Done Fozzy! Phe-e-ew-w-w!
  14. Almost done ... just the 4 little disks on top of the dish horns And this little subassembly is done. The dishes didn't form very well ... maybe I should have annealed 'em to be a little more flexible?? My use of PE is pretty limited and this PE is fairly thick and it didn't conform very well to my curved surface ... oh well, you can only tell from certain angles ... My styrene 1/2 round came in and it looks like I ordered the wrong size. 1.5 mm instead of 1.0 mm ... so I may run in to a delay should I choose to order another package of 1/2 round ... There's just 10 days left in this GB and Real Life is rearing it's ugly head, so I hope to complete this by then, but ... we shall see. Pete
  15. Wow and ... WOW ... your ability to observe the detail and then ... THEN to be able to replicate it in such a tiny scale is ... just ... plain ... remarkable! And it's not just the general detail but the complicated routing and complex details of, for instance, this cable tray. I don't even want to think of how you're going to replicate the RSS ... my goodness! You're doing a superb job Manfred! ... Carry on! Pete
  16. The last bit of construction is the Hi Gain antenna ... I wish New Ware had supplied this complex part, it woulda saved me from building it ... off and on, it took all day yesterday. I used Mike Mackowski's Apollo CSM reference and Vincent Meens 3D model from his website for reference, plus 6 or 7 photos. The parts at the bottom of this image are just styrene rod, tube and strip ... ... cutting bits for the Horn, which will be sanded and carved. ... this'll be carved into a bevelled square shape ... ... my 'jig' for assembly ... ... and I'll hafta form the dishes on a curved surface and do the final assembly. I'm awaiting some Styrene rod from my hobby shop and will do the large Radiators and then tweak the CSM and paint it ... I hope! Thanx for taking a peek! Pete
  17. Let's hope ARC complies and let's see if I can post anything ... Attaching the itsy bitsy bits of PE on the RCS thruster housings I finally attached the hull of the CM to the Heat Shield. I had to do some minor puttying and sanding ... the tape is just to hold the two parts together Attaching the tiny PE bits. I asked on the Tips and Tricks forum and one of the guys suggested, to temporarily place these bits right where they needed to be, prior to CA gluing, use Future. I did and it worked very nicely. ... with the Docking probe and collar and PE handholds from New Ware. I still need to build the large Radiators and the High Gain antenna, then it's paint and decals ... I hope! But it's gettin' there! Till next post Pete
  18. That was IT!! Thanx guys! When I started modelling about 12 years ago, I pored over all the modelling sites looking for tips and tricks ... one of 'em was that Future can adhere delicate parts or clear parts. The bond isn't super strong, but it's strong enough. And as I read cag_200's suggestion ... it dawned on me that I had indeed used this technique many years ago and simply ... forgot it! Thanx alot for your suggestions gents! Pete
  19. Thanx viper730 ... 'twas an interesting read. My first thought is "it may be too thick." I mean, even CA, applied with a small applicator, leaves a droplet that is too big. Now, I'm not looking at replacing the glue, CA works fine, I'm just wondering how to place it, remember these parts, disks, are about 1 mm in diameter and I just want to hold 'em, precisely in place, while I apply the CA. Hm-m-m-m ... Future eh? ... now THAT sounds like a good idea! ... Many Thanx cag_200! I'll hafta try this out and I hope the CA displaces the Klear ( Future ) Thanx guys!
  20. Thanx guys ... but no joy yet. A-10 Loader, that's exactly my technique. But when my wire loop gets clogged, I hold it over a lighter and burn off the dried up stuff. The CA I use bonds instantly which is why I need to place it ex-act-ly. If you look at my image, those little circles at the top of the fret, will be cut off and THOSE need to be applied. A sharp point won't be fine enough. Like I said these are ti-i-iny-y-y parts and they have to go on pre-cise-ly. So my question is ... how do I hold those itty bitty bits onto my surface prior to gluing? I'm just looking for a real temporary solution so I can adjust the position of the PE and then instantly adhere it. The Gel, which I have, will just ooze out of the part ... that's not acceptable. Man ... I hate tiny PE parts! Thanx gents!
  21. Can you suggest a manner in which I can precisely place tiny PE items on the model. I've tried ... 1. a droplet of water, or just moisten the PE, to keep it in place until I CA it ... nope, it moved 2. I tried a droplet of paint to keep the PE in one place till I CA it ... that sort of worked. But the PE item was just off level by an RCH. 3. these tiny PE pieces are too small to use tape Any suggestions gents? Here's an image of the PE and where I wanna place 'em ... on a curves surface
  22. Thanx Mick! The CA, Cyanoacrylate or Cyanoacrylic (?) is just Superglue. And I get mine at the Dollarstore, 4 little tubes for $1.25. But I've found that the PE needs to be cleaned. For quite some time my PE would fall off at the slightest touch, then I started giving them a Vinegar bath and, they stick real nice now. That may be all you need! Pete
  23. Let's see if this works ... ....... ... nope ... so I'll split this post in half ... Continuing with the Service Module ... I was about to glue the Heat Shield to the aft end and felt a couple divots ... so I filled and sanded them one more time ... ... then glued it down. It's all starting to come together! I placed the New Ware Resin and PE onto the Service Module to adjust the spacing between radiators ... ... then CA'd them all down ... Now I need to build the Large Radiators but I need to order some 1/2 round ... meantime, I'll attach some PE to the CM. Thanx for looking in ! Pete
  24. For some reason this is not allowing me to post any images ... maybe ARC ain't working correctly ... bear with me ... Pete
  25. Continuing with the Service Module ... I was about to glue the Heat Shield to the aft end and felt a couple divots ... so I filled and sanded them one more time ... ... then glued it down. It's all starting to come together! I placed the New Ware Resin and PE onto the Service Module to adjust the spacing between radiators ... ... then CA'd them all down ... But as this update set was designed for the Dragon kit, this Resin piece was quite thick, so in order for it to get attached, I had to do a little surgery on the SM. ... it needed to be embedded into the plastic so-o-o ... ... and ... installed. The part is lovely and you can see how thin the Resin is too. Now I need to build the Large Radiators but I need to order some 1/2 round ... meantime, I'll attach some PE to the CM. Thanx for looking in ! Pete
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