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  1. Steve, the responsibility is not yours ... your past action was perfect and appreciated. In scale model contests, "Real Space" is the category in which we contest participants enter our builds. Real Space, Historical Space, Non-fictional Space are names of contest categories I've seen as well. It's the case in IPMS USA as well as here in Canada. So the name of this forum is definitely NOT a cause for confusion ... there's no need to apologize, Steve! It's per-r-rfect ... just ... the ... way ... it ... is! Pete
  2. RealSpace ... if you wanna build "what-if's" or Sci-Fi there's a specific forum for 'em here on ARC.
  3. Gee whiz CJ, thanx so-o-o much ... I don't know how much you'll be able to assist as it's a 30 year old Dremel but ... it's the Flexible Coupling ... It doesn't seem to be so flexible does it? It's item #5 on the Parts List. Anyway, filling some more gaps with 0.05" styrene sheet and I'll trim and file and then Prime it ... First sanding after priming it ... And added a few shims to the Descent stage too ... trim, file, sand, re-prime ... but it's getting there!
  4. I'm glad you're gonna focus on the 3D version CJ ... I often wondered why you built it all from scratch when you had all the 3D info at your fingertips ... With your trademark attention to the smallest detail this is gonna be soo-perb!
  5. One cone was styrene ( 4 tubes of varying diameters ) and the other was Milliput ... both turned out nicely! Shimming the fuel tanks using .005" styrene. They'll get trimmed and sanded later ... The footpads were cut off from necklace beads ... and as the last cut was made, my Dremel's drive shaft broke ...... I use a Dremel so rarely that I may not replace it. Starting the platform ... drilled out the holes and establishing the placement of the struts. With footpads and platform fitted ... With the platform done ... I needed to beef up the attaching edges of the aft section ... ... and using Mr Surfacer that's at least 10 years old, I filled some little divots in the Milliput patch ... With the platform done, the building is done, now it's the finishing ... filling ... sanding .. priming ... sanding ... but getting there! Pete
  6. HO-LEE-KOW! I woulda been defecating razor blades! You deserve an enormous pat on the back for trying this, but it had to be a huge relief! Good on ya Fozzy! And I'm glad this'll be on display for many more people to see and appreciate! ( You should ask if the model could have a chaperone ... You ... for the flight! ) And the tail section is looking, typical for you, gor-r-geous! 'Tis a nice solution for the tail section attaching points! Pete
  7. Thanx gentlemen! Manfred, you're correct ... much LOVE ... but much more ... frustration! ... but still good, clean FUN! Smoothing the transition from sphere to tube ... A quick coat of Flat White as primer and starting on the thrusters ... the hemispheres will go on the bottom of the Descent stage. Milliput was used to transition the cockpit ... it'll get sanded a bit later ... Millput sanded and now I'm filling the big gap with Tamiya filler ... and smoothed out with some Nail Polish remover ( diluted acetone ) with a Q-tip. Apologies for the poor focus ... this is showing how I made the thruster mounting cones. Styrene tubing in a drill running against a coarse file ... A screenshot from a Grumman LM documentary, to refresh your memories ... this image is squished vertically ... ... and dry fit with a Thruster assembly. Drilling those little spheres for the thruster bells was one ... large ... pain ... in ... the ...... neck! But this is getting closer and closer to paint. The subassemblies are done, now it's the smaller stuff ... Thanx for taking a peek gents! Pete
  8. I think I remember you-u-u ... and this LLRV thing looks familiar ... Oh-h-h-h ...now I remember ... .... nice to see you back on this CJ ... I hafta say, your 3D rendering is gor-r-geous! I hope you complete this before, you know, the end of the world ... in 10 years! Pete
  9. Nico, if you're interested, this is my build thread of my Cutaway LM ... it's on page 8 of this forum ... Pete
  10. Nico, I found these on my old Mac. They are from the CD in the book Virtual LM. There were many more on the CD but these are images that I definitely used in my build of the 1/48 Cutaway LM. These are low resolution for this forum, but each image is over 1 MB. If you would like the LARGE files, let me know here, and we'll arrange something. Hope these help! Pete
  11. No Thank You ... you're doing just ... fine ... ... and YOU are the perfect man for this job!
  12. To resurrect this build ... the Acrylic spheres, which I had ordered in mid-November, arrived in late March ... close to 5 months. But as I was completing a different model, it mattered not. Anyhoo, I needed the spheres to make the fuel tanks hanging off the side of the Ascent Stage. I had to cut a 3/4" tube in half ... My apologies for the poor focus, but I wanna show the chamfer that I had to file into the tube for a better fit of the balls, which were also cut in half. My little jig to glue the hemispheres to the half tubes ... On the bottom of the Descent Stage are 3 fuel tanks which partially protrude and I'll use 2 tanks from the Revell Apollo Service Module's tanks. I'll cut 'em off, and fit 'em on, a little later. And, I'm still getting re-familiarized with this build but I think the major subassemblies are done, I can get onto the antennae and Reaction Control System ... ... but there's still a LOT of filing and puttying and sanding to go ... but it's looking good, so far! Pete
  13. You've got some nice little details in there and ...but, I can't tell what the scale is ... 1/72? ... 1/144? ... 1/48? And your 3D skills are impressive! Pete
  14. Nice to see you back on this Fozzy! ... and not putting on the wings or engines eh-h-h? Uh-huh ... we'll see what happens over the next few months ... How about doing just a portion of the wings, say a scale metre from the wing root ... ? I'll be watching these final subassemblies coming to completion ... this is real eye-candy! Thanx Fozzy! Pete
  15. Thanx Ret ... I sure hope it's sooner than later ... I won't be building too many more as my vision isn't getting any better, so for me, it's just a matter of time. Thanx Slartibartfast ... Here's a few beauty shots ... the entire model is mounted at a bit of an angle, say 5 degrees, so in this image, the HST looks off kilter. It is in fact at right angles to its mount and nice and solid! All in all, I'm quite pleased with how this turned out! And here's an actual photo from the mission ... Thanx for taking a peek at this build ... now, what's next? Pete
  16. Some references ... I did a search for Lunar Module LTA-1 and got these 6 images ... https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/lunar-module-test-article-lta-1a-11d/nasm_A19740648000 Another old listing ... http://www.apolloarchive.com/apollo/lm13/ This is from the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal website ... https://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/a11/a11LM5structures.pdf A few images from the rebuilding of the LM in the Smithsonian Museum https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNzVQuA_j7JImthqWnT8l0vtniqFCRScSrMVN54vz8vuxvoj2ok4ut03bib3ouXtw?key=RzUyYlh6Nm1HaTlSNjFBMDcxRzN0NkZIUl9WS3hB A lot of links I used are broken Nico, not really a surprise after 10+ years ... I'm sure you already have a lot of these but I hope these will help. Pete
  17. 🤣 The Lord of the Rings indeed! Such a wonderful ... yet very time consuming ... effort, Manfred!! I can only imagine the strain your poor eyes endured ... it's nice that you treated them with a well deserved rest!
  18. The level of detail you wish to include is completely your choice! Your scale seems large enough that adding these rivets will certainly enhance the look of the model, but, you may get overwhelmed with the number of rivets needed ... but, we will definitely appreciate the amount of detail you DO include! There is a watchmaker on YouTube, "Clickspring", whose work, even though it isn't watches, amazes me! He was building an Antikythera mechanism and his quality is outstanding! Pete
  19. Thanx a lot Gents! Underdog, this won't get displayed. I'll post it to just a 2 or 3 other fora and then ... it gets put in a box waiting for a contest to get shown. I enjoy showing my builds at a show to educate and, hopefully, get kids curious about the Space program. If it wins an award that's a Bonus, but not my goal. For instance, I'll be happy if I overhear someone say " Gee, I didn't know the Hubble was so-o-o BIG!" When a judge looks closely at it, if they even know what they're looking at, my builds aren't perfectly clean ... they're a touch on the rough side ... but for me, they've all been fun builds! True recreation! Just tidying up some final details ... I glued the RMS joints into a position and this is my jig ... The shoulder joint was weak so I drilled it out and stuck in a 3/32" styrene tube. It wasn't till a bit later that I realized I had some 3/32" ALUMINUM tubing ... but when this Canadarm sags, I'll replace the styrene with the metal ... I won't glue the shoulder joint in to the Payload Bay and will remove it for its long-term storage. And then guess what ... It's DONE! Here's a few pix of it ... they were taken quickly and I may, just may-y-y, take some better ones later on. Here's a screen shot from the STS 125 Hubble Repair Mission video ... Yesterday, I was adding decals to the RMS and OBSS as well as the Astronaut on the side of the HST, and buttoning this build up and ... a feeling of withdrawal washed over me. I'm almost sad it's over. Solving the various issues has been on my mind so much over the past few months, that I'm going to miss the thought process. I can imagine how Manfred will feel when he completes his magnificent build! But, I have the Grumman proposal LM to do now, the acrylic spheres came in about a month ago ... so I'll see you over there! Many Thanks for your comments and suggestions Gentlemen ... I really appreciate 'em! Pete
  20. I'll see if I still have my references and see if the links will still work. I'll help you as much as I can! Back then, 2007 or so, I bought the book Virtual LM and there is a LOT of wonderful references and a CD was included ... I remember seeing many many photos of the structure on that CD.
  21. You should have no problems with all those lovely details at that BIG scale you're building. This is my LM that I built over 10 years ago and it is 10cm tall. 1/48 scale. The Apollo Lunar Module is a favourite of mine ... I shall be watching your progress!
  22. Hello Nico! Welcome to this forum. In my opinion, it is the best Real Space forum! We understand you very well ... and this build looks like it is going to be very interesting to watch! Do you have plans for this model? Will it be a combination of Metal machining and styrene or mostly machined metalwork? And will it be a cutaway as it looks on the LM link that you provided? Thank you for showing this to us and please continue to keep us updated! Pete
  23. Ricardo Thank You! This foil is REAL foil, not paper and if it discolours, nobody's gonna ever know ... And Thank You for your photos of Atlantis at KSC ... you may have noticed your views on Flikr going up, that was just me. Thanx Underdog ... I'm happy with the way this is coming together ... it looks pretty good ... from 2 feet away! 😉 I wrapped Bill's airlock in Grocery Bag plastic ... ... and extended the airlock tunnel with styrene tubing ... I'm ready to attach the cargo and had made these semi-circular brackets but ... they were too big, so I made new ones that are half the size ... Their scale is better too ... These little brackets were painted Gunmetal and attached. I had to glue 'em all in to see if I could get the OBSS to fit correctly. I did get it aligned properly but it took about 2 and half days of adjusting here and there ... but it now fits! And I had to see how the HST fits on it and ... it's SOLID! Such a good feeling! The HST is supported on a thick brass rod ... and I wanna camouflage it somehow ... maybe. And while reaching for my coffee, my arm jerked and ... knocked over the HST. It's festooned with handholds and all kinds of delicate thingys and a few of 'em broke off. And it took another 2 days to repair 'em all but, this HST was built in 2007 and at the time I didn't know Evergreen had all sorts of shapes and size of styrene. So this little model was made from Brass rod, Piano Wire, Aluminum sheet and is pretty solid, surprisingly ... so there was no big damage ... but all those little breakages took time to fix. The High Gain antennae needed an extension added and I used a short length of styrene tube. I was pleased at all the details I had included in this old HST build ... For instance, the attaching points for the 2 Hi-Gain antennae were right where they were supposed to be ... all the handholds were too. If anything, I've gotten a little sloppy over the past few years! This long build is almost done ... I think! Pete
  24. Underdog, a few years ago I did a 1/72 Spitfire that my Uncle had flown and compared 'em side by each ... and to be honest, I STILL don't have a firm grasp as to the size of the Shuttle. Ret, thanx much! I'm glad to share everything I do and ... i hope we see some of your results! Some of the small stuff includes ... foot restraints. I'd like to include an Astronaut for scale. So I'll rebuild another one ... The PB doors have been installed ... and the PE actuators for the PB doors as well But in getting the final fit of the cargo, I realized that the pallet interferes with the OBSS. If you look at the far end of the OBSS, you can see it doesn't align with its rest ... ... this may be a little clearer ... darn it ... but, it never fails, right? But, slowly but surely, it's getting closer to being done ... i can't wait to see how this'll all look! Pete
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