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  1. Does anyone know whether JPS Modell (Jens Popp) paints are still available and if so, where can they be bought? I am looking for some colors for Mirage 2000's. Thanks, Derek
  2. Looks terrific! Waiting to see it with the decals on! Derek
  3. It took much longer than I expected but the last bits are finally done and I can declare this build complete! Derek
  4. I have just completed a 1/32nd Revell Hawk for the colorful aircraft G/B with markings for a black demonstration aircraft. There is a HUGE roundel decal covering the bottom of the aircraft and the entire fin is covered by a large decal too. I have had bad experience with Future (not enough time to position the decal) and plain water (puddles up on the kit surface) so I tried adding a few drops of washing up liquid to the water and voila, a perfect thin layer of water and enough time to move the decal into position. I used Gunze setting solution and it worked perfectly. Pictures in the Group B
  5. The easiest way around all this is to simply include the actual shipping rates in the item description (I ship from Israel and usually quote 4 prices: USA, Europe, Australia, South America) and add a note to the bidders to ignore eBays standard shipping as it appears in the listing under the "Payment and Shipping" tab.
  6. Thanks to all of you! The MM table was a great help Stefan, I settled for kit 09632 in the end. Derek
  7. I have just acquired a set of 1/48th decals for the "Blue Angels" F-4J and am looking for a Hasegawa kit to go with it. There are plenty available but I'm getting lost in the multitude of different boxings! Any recommendations on which is preferable (newer moulding, engraved panel lines etc)? Derek
  8. Almost there! All the decals but one for the canopy are on (including the multitude of stencils). I still have to complete the canopy ( rear view mirrors), add the u/c, the gear doors and a few other small details and some touching up and that's it. I hope to have it completed over the week-end. Meanwhile here are some photos showing the stencils and the large underside decal.
  9. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I only hope mine will turn out nearly as good when the time comes! Derek
  10. I don't usually build THAT big (no storage space) but I have been waiting for an excuse to start a 1/32nd WWI kit so I'll be up for this I think. Derek
  11. They also ship paint separately (at least here to Israel they do, don't know about the USA). The only thing is they seem to restock at fairly long intervals so if an item is marked "available" and not "in stock" check with them (phone or e-mail) when it will actually be in stock again if you are in any hurry. Derek
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