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  1. Harold

    1/48 XP-40

    More here: https://imageshack.com/a/zbVl/1
  2. Harold

    1/48 XP-40

    I did a series of XP-40s many years ago. I used the old Hobbycraft P-36 (before they did the P-40). I made a casting of the Mono kit nose (modified to fit) and made several versions of the prototypes from that.
  3. Monogram and ESCI...wrong finish..but it looks good in my display case.
  4. After my iphone "updated" security fixes I was no longer able to open folders either. Before I just plugged in the USB cable, clicked OK "is this computer safe", and transferred everything I wanted. Now I am using dropbox.
  5. Harold

    1/48 F-111 opinions please?

    Nope, I only did the seats. Sorry.
  6. Harold

    1/48 F-111 opinions please?

    http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/ams48010.htm They are out of stock right now, but I am working on re-stock next week,
  7. Harold

    T-33 intake color + underwing ECM pods?

    I scaled down my measurements to 1/48. Maybe when I get time, but for now, I am up to my armpits in alligators.
  8. Harold

    T-33 intake color + underwing ECM pods?

    No plans for 1/48 (yet). I have one of those old kits as well. It is super simple, but looks more accurate than anything else on the market. If you eve find a pic of the pod yo9u are talking about, let me know.
  9. Harold

    RF-84 Ejection Seat

    The reason they are bit pricey is that they contain more than just a cockpit, they include a proper exhaust and nose wheel bays, (for the F-84F), and in the RF variants I include the intake splitters as well. I have completed a small set for the Tan RF with exhaust, main wheels, and corrected outer aileron that pushes the inner flaps closer into the fuselage, closing the gap that you will find there. I also make all three ejection seats that they used. The early type, but with the built in head armor, the AMI seat and the MB seat. Pm me if anyone needs them.
  10. Harold

    Thunderjet 48th Scale Kits Intake Correction

    Hahaha, don't feel bad.. I do that all the time.