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  1. The AIM-7F entered service in 1976. The AIM-7M entered service in 1982. It was very likely carrying the AIM-7F in 1983. Almost certainly not an earlier version than that.
  2. I would think that the Blue Angels would want to hang onto their legacy Hornets for as long as they are still in the fleet. They have higher performance than the F-18E, and they burn less fuel. The F-18E has longer range, can carry more bombs, and has a better radar. What are the Blue Angels going to do with those capabilities??
  3. I'm building a couple of AV-8A Harrier kits, and the instructions for neither one of them say a thing about the color of the interior of the air intakes. The photos I've seen show the same color as the exterior camouflage as far back as I can see, but it's in deep shadow farther in. Is it green and gray all the way back to the face of the engine? Is there any white in there? Its a short, wide intake, so I'd like to get this right.
  4. Thank You! I just ordered two sets of Quickboost parts.
  5. I seem to remember seeing replacement early F-16A horizontal tails for sale, but I'm not having any luck finding them. I need them in 1/72nd scale. Do they exist?
  6. Having done a little more research, I see that it was Detachment 1 of the 552nd ACW that was deployed to SEA, and assisted with 25 MiG kills. We need 552nd decals!!!
  7. Part 2 has a regular USAF EC-121D that flew during the Vietnam War, although I have no idea if that aircraft was actually in that theater. What I really want is a USAF Disco EC-121 that served as an AWACS during the Linebacker campaign in 1972. Who would want a model of an aircraft that actually participated in a shooting war and supplied information to fighter jets to make actual MiG kills during the most intense air campaign of the war? I dunno, ME maybe...
  8. This confirms my suspicion that the exhausts on the old 1/72 scale Hasegawa kit are too long and need to be cut back or replaced.
  9. I bookmarked your last thread over a year ago, and I review it from time to time. I've wanted a 72nd scale Saturn V in the worst way, ever since I built the 96th scale Revell kit as a child in the '70s. I got the Dragon Saturn V kit a year ago, and it is such a disappointment. I then got expensive replacement batted F-1 engines, and 70th scale vacuform engine skirts. That will correct the worst flaws, but it doesn't fix the rest of that ugly monster. I am dreaming that someone will come out with a correction kit, but that would essentially be a whole new model. So if some wizard here can
  10. There are many Ju-87 Stuka kits. Some are Ju-87B-2 kits, but there are no Ju-87B-1 kits. I can't fathom it. The Ju-87B-1 was the varient that made the plane famous in the Polish blitzkrieg, and it was the only varient that saw combat until the Battle of Britain. The B-1 was the most common type of Stuka until 1941. Total production amounted to 697 B-1s vs 225 B-2s. Airfix will be introducing a Ju 87B-1 in 1/48th scale next year. I expect it will be a decent model, but perhaps not the best Stuka model. A conversion kit to create a Ju 87B-1 might be popular. I've looked for one for quite
  11. It's about time! I never could fathom why, with all the Stuka kits out there, that no kit manufacturer did the Ju87 B-1. The Stuka became infamous drive bombing Poland with its wailing sirens, and it was the Ju87 B-1 version that did that. It was also used in the invasion of the Low Countries, the Battle of France and the Battle of Britain. Why no Ju87 B-1 until now? Its the version I most want to build!
  12. Rocky


    I want to do a nostalgia build of the old Revell kit that had the removable cockpit escape capsule. I want to scratch build an interior, but I am lacking any photos of the inside of the F-111 without the capsule. I've seen a good number of photos of the underside of the capsule, but next to nothing of the inside of the jet. Are there any photos of that out there?
  13. Why use CO2 instead of a tank of compressed air?
  14. None of the aluminium paint came up. Parts of the model were a little dusty, but not where the primer went on. That surface had been repainted. It had days to dry.
  15. I was fixing up an old Monogram P-38J model I had built in 1992, and I needed to put a white stripe around the nose. The plane was recently painted with Model Master enamel aluminium colored paint, and it was thoroughly dry. I had a new bottle of acrylic-polyurathane Vallejo Surface Primer that I wanted to try out, and it was white, so I figured it would be just dandy for the job. It wasn't. When I pealed off the masking tape, the primer came up with it. I thought primer was the stuff that was supposed to stick to surfaces better than paint!?
  16. Rocky

    P-38J cockpit color

    What was the color of the surface underneath the canvas?
  17. What color would the area under the front of the windscreen on a natural metal finish P-38J be? My old Monogram instruction sheet says olive, but no other part of the plane is olive, and I suspect that olive is for an optional olive paint scheme. Black would make more sense.
  18. You could have the really short nose and accuracy with the first three prototypes, but the production F-111B nose would still be shorter than an Air Force bird. It looks different.
  19. In other words, if they only give us C-17 cargo planes to do CAS with, we will push bombs out the back door. Its a total non sequitur as to what the best platform is.
  20. 1/72nd scale, of course. Not just because its less expensive and more fit on a bookshelf. Many subjects only come in 1/72nd scale. Lots of subjects would be ridiculous in 1/48th scale, and insane in 1/32nd scale. Think B-52, B-2A, B-36, YB-49, etc. Yes, an F-5 or MiG-21 is dinky in 1/72nd, scale, but an F-4, F-14 or MiG-25 is not. If you want all of your jets in the same scale, 1/72nd scale is the way to go. I save 1/48th scale for WWII, and 1/32nd scale for WW I.
  21. I have the same hopes of doing a production F-111B in 1/72nd scale. Of course the big problem is that the front end of the production F-111B is unlike any kit of any version of the F-111. BUT Trumpeter is coming out with a Su-33UB kit that has a front end that looks very similar to a production F-111B. Perhaps it can be kitbashed together, with a Hasegawa FB-111A, into something that looks like a reasonable facsimile. Time will tell... Trumpeter Su-33UB discussion: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=276960&hl=su-33ub&st=0
  22. I picked up a second hand Hasegawa FW190 Tunisia kit, and it is sans instructions. Does anyone have a copy? Thanks
  23. How well did the filler putty show through the paint when you were done? I'm thinking of using Squadron green putty to get the preshade effect for the grid lines. I'd use a black putty if there was such a thing. I'm concerned that the engraved grid lines are too wide, and I'd be better off using a fine pencil instead.
  24. On second thought, maybe I should use a Russian solution for the canopy too. The Su-33UB canopy might be close to a production F-111B canopy.
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