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  1. If anyone is interested I will let the rest of the paint and thinner go for $50.00 plus shipping. Ernest
  2. Hello, below is what is left for sale. Mission Models Paint List Color Qty Grey Primer 2 White Primer 3 RLM 02 1 RLM 65 1 RLM 66 1 (about 85% full) RLM 70 1 (about 90% full) RLM 71
  3. Hello, I have the following list of Mission Models paint for sale. I am selling a total of 46 bottles of paint, primer or flat/gloss coats and four 4 oz bottles of thinner. See the list below for colors and quantities. I prefer to sell as a lot, but I am willing to break up the lot and sell in smaller quantities. If you want to buy the lot I am asking $115.00 plus shipping, or if you are in the EU €100.00 plus shipping. Individual bottles are $2.75/€2.50 for the paint and $4.50/€4.00 for the thinner. Shipping to the United States will be via either USPS Priority or Surface mail and the
  4. I recently posted several items for sale and have received several email inquiries about shipping costs from my address. I thought I would post a short explanation how shipping from/to an active duty military member, or a civilian who works for the military, that is stationed overseas works to shed a little light on the subject. I am a soldier stationed in Germany, we use what is known as the Army Post Office (APO) for our mail. The bad thing about that is we can only use the USPS as a shipping agent. The good news is that we pay the same shipping rates for mail that folks pay in the
  5. Hello, I am selling most of my 1/48 scale aircraft and AM stuff. I accept PayPal or a Money Order and shipping will be via the USPS. Interested buyers can contact me by replying to this topic, sending me a PM here, or emailing me at: ernest.roth@outlook.com. Aircraft: Dragon Ju88 C-6 NIB sprues still sealed w/most of an HGW seatbelt set (one seatbelt was used from the set): $20.00 Accurate Miniatures SBD-3 Dauntless (Got this kit in a trade, it has extra sprues from another AM SBD-3 kit and a few of the cockpit subassemblies were started): $15.00 Revell of Germ
  6. Hi Chris, thank you for the kind words. I used Microscale Crystal Clear dabbed on the antenna line using a toothpick. I took the photos last week and since then I have painted the insulators white, making them look much more realistic as that is what the color of them were. Getting the two seams taken care of that run along the nose is a pretty tough job to get smoothed out perfectly. I did not completely manage to do so, as there is a very faint difference in the curvature of the port and starboard sides. I used the "hairspray technique" for the majority of the chipping effects, supple
  7. Hi guys, following are several shots of a Hasegawa Bf109 F-4 Trop kit that I recently completed. I added an Aires AM cockpit, and brass barrel tips, but the rest of the build is oob. The resin Marseilles figure came with the kit. I wanted to represent the aircraft as fairly faded; this being a common occurrence in the North African desert. The plane represents one that Marseilles flew circa May-June 1942, and is shown shortly after he had obtained his 100th aerial victory. The base is a simple piece of wood that I routered the edges of, varsinished and than applied a plaster mix to. The
  8. Nice build! I think your mottling looks just fine. You blended the colors very well with the edges having a very pleasing to the eye feathered look. I think your weathering is also nicely executed. Ernest
  9. Wow!! Super job on the NMF's. They are really tough to bring off right, but you certainly hit the mark with both builds. Real eye catchers. Ernest
  10. Absolutely beautiful build! Ernest
  11. Super job all around. The ordanance and markings look really fantastic. Ernest
  12. Very nice build! Your airbrushing turned out excellent with very well executed blending and smoothness. I also like the weathering that you did. Ernest
  13. Hi Don, if you send me your address I will figure out the best postage rate and give you the total price. If you would rather figure the post my zip code is 09112.


  14. Hi guys, the wood organizer is 20" long x 7.5" tall x 5" deep. Ernest
  15. Hi all, I have the following items for sell; they are all in good to excellent condition, see photos. I am willing to sell them separately or together. Shipping will be from 09112, and I can ship either USPS Priority Mail (Faster more expensive) or USPS Space Available Mail (Slower slightly cheaper). Wooden Organizer: $10.00 SOLD Plastic Organizers: $5.00 each Round Carousel: $5.00 SOLD Thanks for looking, Ernest
  16. Beautiful build Boris. Your weathering, especially the fading of the paint, is absolutely first rate! Ernest
  17. Beautiful work Randy! Your panel line wash is absolutely first rate, as is your overall airbrushing. I like how you got the very slight soft edge at the demarcation lines between the colors. Truly, a first class and beautiful build. Ernest
  18. Hi all, below is a Cyber Hobby Bf109 E-3 that I recently completed. I used HGW seatbelts, Master Barrels and Radu's radiator screen AM to add a bit of pop to the kit. I also scratch built nearly all the piping and electrical lines for the engine and MG Tray, as well as, the cockpit hood holding spring and the antenna springs, insulators and wind deflectors. I also ended up making the weld lines on the exhausts out of stretched sprue as I had to sand a couple of the moulded ones off while cleaning the parts up. The kit went together very well, with only the engine installation being a bit tr
  19. Hi Jeff, let me look through my sources today and I will see what I can find. I may be able to scan what I find this weekend and post them to this thread. Ernest
  20. Hi Jeff, according to my sources for VT-8's White 64, that was photographed on Henderson Field in Sept 1942 the size of the stars are all 40". HTH, Ernest
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