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  1. Hello I am selling and/or trading a few of my kits. All kits are complete and several have parts still in their plastic bags. I am a soldier stationed in Germany so shipping will be via the USPS priority mail. The USPS charges shipping from NYC to destination for service members stationed in Europe, my zip code is 09112 if you want to see how much shipping would cost you. I nearly always ship models in USPS Flat Rate boxes because they provide the lowest shipping price in most cases. For modellers who live in the EU, I can ship via the German postal system. My German zip code is 92256 for
  2. Glad to hear you got it Dave. I hope you have many great hours airbrushing models. Ernest
  3. Great looking builds, and so many of them!
  4. Very very nice build. The weathering is exceptional!
  5. Thank you for the kind and generous comments guys. To tell the truth, I was a bit apprehensive about posting the build given the top quality work on jet aircraft that is displayed on here. Netz, the kit is Hasegawa's "Showtime 100" kit with a Legends cockpit. My friend bought the kit a few years ago and never built it. He asked me if I thought I could build a fairly accurate replica of a VF-151 F-4J for him, and I agreed to give it a shot. Getting the markings right turned out to be the toughest part of the build. I first bought a set of Cam Decals from Sprue Brothers that were listed
  6. Hi all, this build was a new experience for me as I have never built a jet aircraft before. The end result was not bad for a first time build, though there is a lot of room for improvement. The learning curve was steep and I made a few mistakes along the way, but overall the model looks like a fairly accurate representation of an F-4J Phantom II that flew with VF-151 during the late 1970's. 3-Wire's flight deck base adds to the flavor also. The model is not perfectly marked. Some of the mistakes are due to my lack of knowledge and inexperience. And some mistakes are due to just not hav
  7. Hi guys, I got a new airbrush for christmas and after testing it extensively I have decided it is a keeper. As the airbrush is "multifunction" I no longer need my Iwata HP-CS and HP-C+, so they are up for sell. The HP-CS has sprayed 9-10 models and functions like new; to tell the turth I am a bit sad to part with it, but I know it will only sit in the holder in the future. The airbrush does have its lid, I just forgot to put it in the photo. I am asking $75.00 for the airbrush. (SOLD) The HP-C+ has only been used to spray luftwaffe mottle camo patterns; it is also in near new condition.
  8. Hello, does anyone have Eagle Strike decal sheet 48-109; or a partial sheet that has at least decals for marking one B5N2 Kate? I am willing to pat a fair price if you do, or I can trade you a new Cam Decal sheet 48-124 "F-4 Sierras, Last of the Navy Phantoms". Thank You, Ernest
  9. Thank you for the kind compliments guys. Coming from skilled builders like you is high praise indeed. Fulcrum, I used the following paints for the Wildcat: Upper surfaces: Life Color Non-Specular Blue UA038, which is a near 100% match for the actual color according to my Paint Assistant program. I then misted a very very thin coat of light grey with my airbrush to simulate fading. Lower surfaces: Life Color Light Grey UA025, which is pretty close to the grey known as "Grumman Grey". Cockpit: Life Color Green UA004, again according to Paint Assistant this is a 99% match for "Interi
  10. Hello, I have recently decided to embark on a series of builds showcasing naval aircraft that took part in the air fighting during the Guadalcanal campaign in 1942. I plan to build a fighter, dive bomber and torpedo bomber representing the USN and IJN. I like to think of this as my "Aggressors Series". The first plane built was Tamiya's F4F-4 Wildcat, which I actually completed this past March. Yesterday, I finished a Hasegawa A6m2b Zero so the first pair of "aggressors" is finished. In common with most of us, I like to research my builds to link the model to an actual event/people; and t
  11. Hi all, I am selling the following items made by ModelMaster: USN Oerlikon 20mm/70 set of 20 package unopened $15.00 USN Oerlikon 20mm/70 set of 19 package opened $10.00 USN 1.1 IN/75 barrels set of 20 package is unopened $10.00 I am a soldier stationed in Germany and will ship via USPS Priority. The good news here is shipping is only charged from NYC to the final distination; from Germany to NYC mail travels via The MIlitary Postal System which is free. Anyone interested, just PM me and I will answer soonest, bearing in mind the time difference. Thank you for looking, Er
  12. Hello, I am selling an Iwata HP-CS airbrush. It is 7 years old and has seen a lot of use; however, I have maintained it well and it still works perfectly. The airbrush has a standard .35mm needle. I am asking $55.00 for the airbrush plus shipping. I am a soldier stationed in Germany and will ship via USPS Priority. The good news here is shipping is only charged from NYC to the final distination; from Germany to NYC mail travels via The MIlitary Postal System which is free. Anyone interested, just PM me and I will answer soonest, bearing in mind the time difference. Thank you for looking
  13. Hi, I used a 1/35 MG34 barrel as the center post and attached four pieces of evergreen square strip at right angles for the supports. The antennas were sourced from left overs from a 1/72 scale kit of an Fw200. Overall, the scratchbuild gets the job done at replicating the FuG 212, but I am sure a purpose made aftermarket antenna would look better. Ernest
  14. Thank you for all the kind comments guys. Ernest
  15. Beautiful work! The shadowing is very well executed. Ernest
  16. Hi IrishGreek, the engine kit had supports included and the kit instructions showed how to mount them. As with alot of aftermarket kits I had to do a bit of sanding and scraping to get a good fit though. Thank you for the kind words also. Ernest
  17. Hi guys, the following is a Tamiya He219 that I recently completed. I used the Aires cockpit, CMK DB603 engine, ICM figures and some Verlinden diorama accessories to detail the aircraft and make the diorama. Critiques are welcome! Cheers, Ernest
  18. Hi guys, I am selling my Paasche Hobby Spray Booth. It is 4 years old and works perfectly. The dimensions are: 24"x18"x24" (WxHxD). It is the portable type, with removable sides and a hinged bottom that allows it to be broken down for storage or transport, though it weighs in at a hefty 42lbs. The motor moves about 100 LFM of air and is 115 volt. I also have spare filters that come as part of the deal. The photo shoes what the booth looks like setup and ready for work. Buyers can use Paypal or Money Order. I am a soldier stationed in Germany and have to ship using USPS. The good ne
  19. Hi guys, I recently purchased Kagero's Top Drawings set for the JU 88 for a 1/32 scale build I am planning. I wanted the drawings for reference and will not be using the decals because I already have a Techmod set set. The decal sheet is still wrapped in plastic, unopened. It has decals for the following aircraft: L1+0K (I/LG 1) B3+EX (13/KG 54) F1+AS (8/KG 76) F1+GM (4/KG 76) The decals are in three scales: 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 As I will not be using the decals and I would rather give them away then see them go to waste I am offering them up. All the reciever has to do i
  20. I completely agree. Steve is a 100% sure bet for a rapid and fair sell! Ernest
  21. Hello all, this is a bit out of the ordinary here, but I am selling or trading two 1/35 scale Tamiya armor kits that I have had for years and will never build as my modelling interests have moved away from armor. First up is Tamiya kit #35174 (Panther G, Steel Wheel Version). The parts are on the trees, though they are out of the plastic bags, all parts are accounted for. I must have snipped on of the decal numbers for another project years ago, to be honest I can't remember, so one of the numbers is missing. Incluced in the kit is a Warriors 2 figure kit #35464; it is unopened. I am aski
  22. Well the model went fast, real fast. I might have a few more give aways in the near future when I finish inventoring my stash. Ernest
  23. I use the Iwata HP-CS for nearly all my airbrushing, alot of it camo schemes on 1:48th scale aircraft. It works equally well at spraying hard edges as well well mottled camo. I highly recommend it. HTH Ernest
  24. Hi guys, I have a very old Italeri kit to give away. The kit is a 1/72 scale ME 321 Gigant. I picked the kit up at a garage sale in the late 1980's. Some of the parts are off the trees, but they are in good shape and appear to be all there; the decal sheet is complete. The box is rather beat up, but still does its job of containing the parts. I will never build this kit and rather then have it languish in the stash I have decided to give it away. Why not sell it you ask? Well, I paid $1.00 for it, so its not like I am losing a hugh investment; and it is the christmas season afterall! W
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