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  1. Hi Fasteagle, PM is fine. I replied to your message. Thanks, Greif8
  2. Hi guys, I have recently bought two new Iwata airbrushes making my two Badger airbrushes redundent. I thought I would give fellow modelers a chance to purchase one or both before I list them on Ebay. Both airbrushes are in excellent condition and have been well maintained. The first airbrush is a Badger 155 Anthem. It is three years old and has a spare GP needle. It also has a fine tip and noozle with two needles. The second airbrush is a Badger 100LG Fine Needle. It has two spare needles and a spare head assembly. I am a soldier stationed in Germany and will have to ship via the USPS
  3. Hello, I use JPS paints frequently. They spray very well through my Anthem 155 airbrush. I thin them roughly 30%with isopropyl alcohol. I have also thinned them with distilled water, which seems to work just fine. The paints cover and set well. I always prime my models with an enamel primer so I cannot say how well the paints "grip" an unprimed surface, although I have never seen anyone complain. The RLM colors look accurate to me and match the paint chips found in the "Luftwaffe Camouflage and Markings 1933-1945" volumes very closely. They take both future and a variety of matt finish
  4. Hello Patrick, I own both volumes of the Merricks books. Volume I provides exactly what you are looking for. Volume II expands on that knowledge. Hope this helps! Ernest
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