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  1. Err... add some more to that... Given the size of the kit (and the comments from the Kinetic reps), I'm expecting something in the $300-$400 range...
  2. They were asking for opinions at RIAT in July - they were still keen to do it but were concerned about the price. Last I heard was that it was pencilled in for 2024. Which of course does not mean it will actually turn up...
  3. This was on Wolfpak Decals 72-131, although it may no longer be available...
  4. 1/72 "Dark Viper" common stencils would be an easy subject? I don't think any kits have them included so a generic set from you with 6-8 sets would be really useful! Chris
  5. Here's one I prepared earlier... hope it's of use! C-141B 67-0013 FROM THE PIMA AIR & SPACE MUSEUM Chris
  6. You're one up on me. My package is showing as having been "in transit" for 127 days! Obviously no change of it turning up now. I wouldn't necessarily blame Aztec myself as the appalling state of the Mexican postal service is more likely to blame - but there is no way I will EVER by from them (or from anyone else in Mexico) again. Ironically Hannants got the sheet I wanted in stock and it turned up last week...
  7. drake122 - Most US suppliers seem to be working this way now - do not forget Aztek are in Mexico and may not have the level of courier services we have? It is taking a month for orders to get from Mexico to the US and far longer to Europe - but there do seem to be problems with things turning up in the wrong country!! I ordered my decals on December 14th - they left Mexican customs on January 6 and promptly disappeared. This is NOT the fault of Aztec but even given the shipping problems we are seeing due to Covid, I no longer expect them to turn up as they have been "in transit"
  8. Fingers crossed this all clears up soon! Missing decals is definitely a first world problem but a lot of small business must be suffering 😞
  9. I have no problem with Aztec - they shipped straight away! It's not their fault - this rubbish going on with shipping is damaging all of us small businesses (I say "us" as I run USAFline and I've had to stop shipping outside the UK as I cannot guarantee orders will arrive, even with tracked shipment).
  10. Ordered 14th December and shipped same day. Cleared Mexican Customs 6th January and promptly disappeared (even the tracking hasn't been updated since then !) Either my order is (a) on a slow boat via China, (b) being shipped via carrier dodo or (c) has disappeared into the ether... I don't hold much luck for it ever arriving but remain optimistic!! Chris
  11. Same issue for me - I ordered 6 or 7th December and am still waiting. Mine is showing as not having left Mexico yet! (I'm in the UK)
  12. Ah excellent - thanks for the update Kursad 😃
  13. Hi Kursad, Have you shipped to Hannants recently? Your early Eagles sheet is still not in stock there - been waiting over a month now!? Chris
  14. I'm currently "building" four of their C-140s. I believe the most charitable word that springs to mine is "appalling". Building the Airmodel vacform would have been quicker and less painful!
  15. Plus if you want current AH-64 stuff, Floyd Werner (Werner's Wings - www.wernerswings.com) is the guy to go speak to 🙂
  16. Hi all, I'm trying to finish off a T-3A from a resin kit (can't remember the manufacturer unfortunately). I'm struggling to find an appropriate prop and spinner (3 blade) and undercarriage - the kit parts were unusable. Does anyone have any ideas where I could take something from - the only alternative is the Heritage (?) kit but they won't provide a set of white metal without buying a complete kit and I'm not going to spend another £30+! Thanks in advance! Chris
  17. There will be something ...appropriate... coming in 2019. More details to follow... Chris
  18. Hi Scooby, It just depends on how big the package is, what's written on it and what mood the inspector is in... It's really annoying - I don't think anyone minds paying the tax and duty if due - but being hit for a $10 "admin fee" on a $15 decal sheet is really annoying!! Such is life I guess... Chris
  19. Hi Kursad, I don't think it's just the USPS - we're (in the UK) increasingly getting caught by our Customs for decals. Unfortunately, they are classed as "decalomanias" rather than "printed papers", which means they attract VAT So now if we buy a single sheet for $14 and then pay $5.50 for shipping, we might be lucky as it's borderline, but if we buy TWO, the order definitely comes in over the threshhold for VAT - so we get charged $11 (handling fee!!) + 20% of the total (including shipping!). Must already cause you enough problems - I can see why some US se
  20. You might want to check Aircraft in MIniature (http://www.aim72.co.uk/) and VideoAviation (http://www.videoaviation.com/ground-support/). Chris
  21. The Canadian flags were on a separate tab I forgot to include :) I didn't draw the intake warning markings - can't remember where I got those from...
  22. Hi Laurent, What scale are you wanting them in? Chris
  23. Kursad - you HAVE to do these in 1/72!! Chris
  24. Very nice job! I've built a few of those and they're not the easiest or best detailed kits...
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