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  1. Turns out they hadn't "found" them - just made an error in their computer system. I bought one, then had my money refunded yesterday :)
  2. Philippe, this is fantastic - it work be hard to do this in 1/72, but in 1/48 it's amazing! One question - where did you get enough information to build your HAS? Chris
  3. Fantastic pics guys - keep 'em coming!
  4. Keep 'em coming! How about some crew vans or buses?
  5. That's a very good question - the only reference I've found is the film "Strategic Air Command" which has a Military Police Greyhound patrolling the flightline - painted Strato Blue.
  6. Many thanks Jennings - much appreciated! Chris
  7. Hi guys I'm in the process of rebuilding a KC-135 and have a question about the rear fuselage strengthening strips - when were these applied? I've recently seen some pics of early -135s which don't appear to have these straps? Chris
  8. Looks really nice! Mine is almost at the subassembly phase, but I'm scratchbuilding seats for the cabin which is taking longer than expected!
  9. Fantastic! Thanks - is the 1/72 F-15A still available? (no 56)
  10. SEA seems to be one of those schemes that varies wildly - I've noticed that the dark green can go from almost black to quite a light shade depending on the aircraft in question. I guess it also depends on where it was painted and what batch of paint was used?? In terms of model paints, I've tended to stick with Xtracolor, although the current formulation seems to be pretty poor - the dark green is so thin it's very difficult to mix properly, and the lighter green is very grey. Model Master is not much better and although I've not tried it yet, the current best bet seems to be Precision Paint
  11. I'm in! I'll also donate some decal sheets:- Twobobs 32-033 F-16C Golden State Griffins Fox One Decals FOD32-007 Air Guard Vipers At War Fox One Decals FOD32-008 Vipers on Guard Chris
  12. Many thanks guys - much appreciated! Chris
  13. Now that the Italeri kit is finally out, does anyone have any pics of the USAF 'J ? Chris
  14. I'm going to be in Barcelona for a few days next week - does anyone know where the good model shops are??
  15. UKPonchoMan

    pilatus p-c9

    I built the L&M as a T-6A Texan II - all I can think of to say is DON'T BOTHER! Not sure what resin they used, or who mastered it, but its awful...
  16. Comes up as "403 Forbidden" for some reason??
  17. I'll pony up a few - if someone can identify them it would be much appreciated! All taken at the RAF Waddington airshow this year...
  18. Keep 'em coming - it's really hard to get people to post pics of non-aircraft USAF subjects! Now if you can take some pics of the hangars too - that would be even better (yes, a completely mad project to try and build a USAF maintenance hangar in 1/72!!)
  19. This is the sheet in the kit: You're welcome to whatever bits you need! Chris
  20. Guys - another quick comment.... The topsides of the wings are definitely white, but the latest pics I've seen show that the undersides are dark grey - assume this is a block 20/30 thing? Also the kit suggests Gunship Grey (FS36118) but the pics I've seen are much darker - more like Euro1 Grey (FS36081). Can anyone assist?
  21. Funnily enough, I'd literally just come to the same conclusion! One word of advice - when you glue the fuselage halves together, you'll find a seam you can't get rid of - filler doesn't seem to sit in it... I ended up using superglue to fill it which was the only thing that worked - it's almost like the edges were rounded off in the mould? You may need to sand down the underside of the bottom wing sections as they sit proud when they shouldn't - other than that, it's a really nice kit... I would have painted mine this weekend if it weren't for the fact that I've had to move house at short no
  22. BTW - thanks for the responses guys, and Jennings - I wondered about the white as Insignia White is quite a creamy white (which I personally hate!)
  23. Have to say I'm getting somewhat confused now! From what I can work out, the kit provides markings as follows: 04-2015 - RQ-4B Block 20 04-2019 - ?? 04-2020 - RQ-4B Block 20 If my understanding is right the kit is a block 20 as it has a much bulkier front end and longer wings than the pics of the earlier a/c (e.g 02-2011 which I think is a block 10) ??
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