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  1. The GBU-31 is very nice, but why oh why oh why is it that aftermarket manufacturers in 1/72 INSIST on doing the same things!!! Modern Hobbies LLC GBU-31 / BLU-109
  2. Thanks terryt that's exactly what I wanted! Chris
  3. I have been producing my own decals via Alps for some time. Once of the things I just can't get right are USAF Stars'n'Bars. Can anyone provide a template in Corel format? Thanks! Chris
  4. If you do a search on here, you'll find plenty of threads about BuffMaster Design, and their previous incarnation as Golden Dragon (I think...)
  5. Not sure about this - as I recall, the paint on the F-102 was a silver lacquer which I'd guess was the same as on the early F-105's. The paint on the KC-135 was "Corrogard" which is a completely different thing?
  6. I'd certainly take at least 1 - possibly 2.
  7. There wasn't an X-1C - it was cancelled. Only the X-1A, B, D & E were built, with the E build rebuilt from an X-1, the remainder being new airframes.
  8. Err... most of them At last count:- 30+ F-16's 20+ F-5's 20+ F-4's 10+ F-15's 10+ A-7's 10+ F-111's 12+ B-66's KC-135 and variants - 9 ...and it goes on and on and on...
  9. Some VERY nice pics there! At this rate, I'll never get around to actually BUILDING anything!
  10. Thanks - I'd not seen this item but will go check Hannants. As for the Ron's Resins, I could't find it on the site that sells his parts, but I DID find an alternative supplier - Eagle Designs. I've emailed them and am awaiting a response...
  11. Scout - that would be fantastic!! I'm not building IDF aircraft - I'm actually planning to build the A-4's operated by ATSI and ATAC. Whatever you can come up with would be MUCH appreciated! Many thanks, Chris
  12. It does! I'll have to drop them a line. Many thanks! Chris
  13. Absolutely! It's the only true scale Many thanks for the response, viper50! Chris
  14. I'm planning to build an A-4N and TA-4J - I'm not an Israeli expert and understand that the exhaust pipe was extended for IR purposes... Is this a simple tube extension, or was it more complex? Thanks in advance! Chris
  15. I've more or less finished the Dujin kit, but the undercarriage is completely unusable. Can anyone suggest any alternatives as I can't find anything suitable in 1/72, either kit OR aftermarket... Chris
  16. Hi guys, I have the Unimodel RQ-4 which I am planning to build this year. As I understand it, the kit is a Block 10... Can anyone advise as to the difference between that and the later blocks? I recall reading somewhere that the Block 20 had longer wings? And does anyone have any drawings / plans which would be of help? Many thanks in advance Chris
  17. I had similar thoughts - I'm still convinced it's an overall topcoat!! I was going to try a suspension of SNJ powder in clear varnish, with a little brown to tint it....
  18. Many thanks guys, guess it'll be the Hasegawa kit. ATAC operated one and that's what I'm wanting to build...
  19. Depends what scale - assume you mean 1/48? In 1/72nd there's a very nice vacform by Welsh Models, and RVHP are doing various versions in resin...
  20. Can anyone advise which is the best of the Heller, Hasegawa and Revell kits in 1/72nd??
  21. Craig, PM me with exactly what you need and I'll see what I can do to help... Chris
  22. I have one built - will try and take some pics for you. The red is NOT insignia red though - it's earlier than that and I used something a bit brighter (can't remember what though!) after discussing with Dana Bell...
  23. There's a resin kit by Dujin in 1/72nd - it's not bad, although I did end up scratchbuilding the rear control surfaces as the kit's weren't well formed, and you need an alternative undercarriage... Mine has been more or less finished for about 6 months as I can't find suitable undercarriage!
  24. Many apologies if I confused anyone! Israeli schemes aren't within my normal comfort zone!
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