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  1. Can anyone provide copies of the color schemes for these aircraft - both the original green/brown/earth scheme and the later two tone grey? Don Color used to have these, but the links no longer work...
  2. I'll have a set if he can cast 2! I suspect that Haydn (mig23) may have similar thoughts! Any likelihood of you getting to any other shows this year? Chris
  3. I think some releases of the kit came with the XR-7, some without...
  4. Guys - thanks all for the help... It's something I have in the back of my mind for when my workshop gets sorted out...
  5. Nope - I assume it's built - if not you'd better lock it away in case it disappears...
  6. I understand that this kit was available from AMT/ERTL - however I was unable to get a copy. I believe that Maintrack did a resin conversion - is this true, and has anyone ever seen one? Chris
  7. http://www.usaf-sig.org/Order%20Of%20Battl...0St%20Clair.htm
  8. Err... Mail order - 2x Fujimi A-4M, 1x Fujimi A-7D, 1x Aoshima Silvia S-15, 1x Aoshima R-34 GTR Skyline and 1x KITT! Oh, and I picked up a Trumpeter 1/32nd F-105D from the post office this morning. My New Year's resolution NOT to spend money is so far out the window it's a joke...
  9. Still trying to get one - I understand that they were very limited in availability...
  10. Very good stuff... - I will be following with great interest...
  11. Aha, that makes sense now! Thanks all! Chris
  12. I'm starting a couple of vacuforms - Proteus C-131 and Welsh Models Gulfstream IV, both in 1/72nd... Something I've always wondered - I'm used to marking around the pieces, cutting them out and sanding down the edges to the marked lines. However, surely this narrows the fuselages by the width of the plastic? Does this make sense, or and I misunderstanding how the masters are cast? Thanks, and a Happy Christmas to all! Chris
  13. Err... the plan is as follows (all 1/72nd scale):- Academy F-22A KMC C-22B (727) AMT/ERTL XB-70 Mach2 B-45 MPM X-15A-2 Hasegawa X-29 Hasegawa F-20 Proteus C-131H Welsh Models C-20H Anigrand XF-90 Anigrand Hiller X-18 Anigrand X-7/X-8/X-9/X-17 Planet XF-91 Thunderceptor (butterfly tail) Planet XF-91 Thunderceptor (interceptor nose) Tamiya X-1 X-1E X-2 Hasegawa / Academy / Revell F-16C comparo Revell F-4F (built as F-4E) Realistically, I'll hope to complete half - having said that, I have completed 21 models this year, with another 2 which will be finished over Christmas :bli
  14. Keep checking! We have plenty of things planned - it's just getting around to DOING it that's the problem!!!
  15. If you're looking for USAF sheets in 1/72nd, I am slowly working through everything I have and uploading it to the USAF SIG website - www.usaf-sig.org
  16. I have now updated the SIG website with pictures from our stand at SMW, also including pics of the F-4 SIG stand courtesy of Phil Butler. Check it out - www.usaf-sig.org
  17. Simple answer to the 1/72nd / 1 48th debate is SPACE! In the US, most houses are at least 50% bigger than UK houses, so there's plenty of space for displaying models... My "transport" box is an ex 28" TV box and I've got something like 70 models in it at present - I can't imagine how I'd transport the same models if they were 1/48th!!
  18. 3) Lastly, any specialized equipment I could use? I saw an airbrush cleaning station for a reasonable price but I wonder if it is actually useful. I am on a budget and can't spend too much on these things, I really don't want to spend more than £20-30 on re-buying equipment I already had back home but if a thing like this works and spares me a mess, I'll buy it. Let me know if there's any other similar stuff around. I use one of these and find it to be extremely useful and well worth the money! I use a couple of sheets of kitchen roll inside to catch everything and replace them regularly -
  19. The fuselage is in 4 parts, with the neck and nose as two parts split vertically, and the fuselage and wing split horizontally. Chris
  20. UKPonchoMan

    USAF RQ/MQ-1

    Can anyone advise as to what color the USAF's Predators are currently painted? There are quite a few options on the Platz instructions, but I am not sure what color I should be using! Many thanks, Chris St Clair IPMS UK USAF SIG
  21. He's also posed a VERY interesting question about building a TAV VEE 3 shelter! I have been trying to gather enough references to build "some" for a few years but haven't made much progress...
  22. Shawn - that's excellent - thank's very much! The kits I'm working from have some pods in them, but I really wasn't sure whether they were -119's or -184's. You've now answered THAT question!! Chris
  23. Can anyone help - looking to understand the differences between the ALQ-119, ALQ-131 and ALQ-184. I know the ALQ-131 is the boxy one, but I'm confused by the "short" and "long" and "deep" and "shallow" versions! Pics would be great too!
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