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  1. This won't solve THAT problem unfortunately - it's more to simplify marking AGE and flight line vehicles... But ikar has raised the question about door markings... Chris USAFline
  2. Hi Bob, We did look at this, but there's no practical way of doing it in 1/72 - the decals are just too small. And when you look at pictures of the real thing they appear pretty dull - the white especially... As regards "full" vehicle markings, I did look into doing number plates for the P-19 but they were so small they would have been pretty much unreadable! We have considered a set with door markings - these would be just about readable in 1/72 so it's certainly an option - the main issue being that it would have to be vehicle specific as they'd be too small to allow
  3. Hi all, For those of you with an interest, we (at USAFline) have just released our Vietnam 12' revetments in t/48 to complement the existing 1/72 set - see https://www.usafline.com/index.php/products-by-scale/1-48/view/productdetails/virtuemart_product_id/6/virtuemart_category_id/4. We will hopefully have 1/144 versions out soon - we have them in stock but I haven't had chance to prepare instructions as yet... Finally, we will be releasing a decal sheet to aid marking 1/72 USAF vehicles and AGE - it provides tape strips in black and white. Chris USAFline - www.usafline.com
  4. Mine arrived this morning... Absolutely beautiful! The F-102 was good but this is to another level - gets my vote as "kit of 2016" :)
  5. Mark - when will the new sheets be available to order? Chris
  6. I use Boa in the Czech Republic - very helpful and good service
  7. Hi Mat, We are concentrating on 1/72 for the time being - however the plan will be to scale up to 1/48 once the 1/72 items are established. Chris
  8. Morning guys... The website is now up and running - check out www.usafline.com. We also have a teaser for a new product which should hopefully be at Telford - with a few more to come which I've not had time to upload yet...
  9. I suspect the best way to get that effect would be to lay over a white decal underneath... There are so many individual variations that making a sheet to cover them would have to be almost subject specific... I will probably do an 18" white sheet at some point, although the next sheet(s) will be 24", potentially both 1/72 and 1/48 if I can get my act together!!
  10. Now available via Ebay.com - although for some reason it doesn't show up under "USAFline" but DOES if you search for FS36118! Onwards and upwards...
  11. Thanks Nat, I know how much you like F-16s!! :) Chris
  12. Hi Nat, I don't plan to produce shadowed letters, mainly because there seems to be very little consistency from one scheme to another. However, I will probably get around to doing a white and black sheet at some point, so it will be possible to layer decals to get the effect you are looking for. 48th is also a possibility, although it depends on sales of this sheet, since each sheet has to fund the next one! Chris
  13. Hi Dennis, Well - it's a learning experience for me! I'll add this to the list of things for sheet no2!! Chris
  14. The difference works out to be about 0.25mm (0.01 in) in 1/72 scale! I'll certainly bear it in mind if the sheet comes up for a reprint though. 1/48th and 1/32nd would be a different matter... It is interesting - espcially considering how often the wing/squadron/maintenance unit markings replace the serial numbers anyway!! Mind you, reality often seems to deviate from TO 1-1-4!!
  15. I know that feeling - what's even worse is when you do take something from another sheet...but it doesn't quite fit!! The plan is that each sheet will be designed for its subject - so if I do an 18" black sheet, it will have to cover everything from Vietnam onwards. Slightly more of a challenge than this sheet but hey, someone has to :)
  16. Jennings - have to admit I wasn't aware of that - I've used standard sizing. Having said that, it's not really noticeable in 1/72 although it is something I'll have to look at for 1/48 and larger. It does make you wonder why the US military bother to have standards since they spend most of their time ignoring them!!
  17. Hi guys, U.S. National Insignia is certainly something to consider - both in black and greys. I have to admit I'd not thought about it (mainly because it's taken a year to get this first sheet out!!) but there's no reason why not... As for scale, I've started with 1/72 being UK based, but 1/48 is entirely possible. I have some ideas as to the next sheet (which will also be 1/72) but past that I'm certainly open to ideas. It does amaze me that nobody has done this before (excepting Repliscale 20 odd years ago!) ... Chris
  18. Ah - yes. Mind you, it SHOULD show up on the US site as well, although I'm not sure how postage works... There will be a website with paypal at some point :) Many thanks Pete!!
  19. Hi all, Shameless plug... Back in the 1990s, Repliscale released a set of sheets with generic markings in 1/72 and 1/48 for USAF aircraft. These were really useful but a bit iffy in size, and have not been available for some time. Whilst there are a huge variety of decal sheets available nowadays, nobody has released generic sheets for USAF/ANG aircraft covering the obvious areas. I would therefore like to introduce USAFline - a new venture which will, over time, aim to provide tail code and serial number markings in black, white and grey. The first sheet is now available - USAFline 72-00
  20. Very nice! Where can one get hold of a copy - can't find Jett Models anywhere online?
  21. You're right - I stand corrected! I'm going to blame this on the fact that it's been a LONG working day! It is interesting how the rules changed but it took such a long time for everything to move from buzz numbers to tail codes - your RF-4C is a great example
  22. To clarify... The "Buzz Number" system was actually an adaptation of the British system. It was first adopted in October 1945 through a revision of TO 07-1-1B (Aircraft Camouflage, Markings and Insignia) - unfortunately I don't have a copy of this In 1956 this was amended to be TO 1-1-636 and in 1964 it was revised to be TO 1-1-4. There was a revision of 07-1-1B in 1948 which removed the buzz number from under the wing and replaced it by "USAF". As regards sizes, the only thing I've found is a reference that states a minimum size of 8"x12" and a maximum of 32"x48"
  23. Rex - I'm well aware of that. You may notice from my sig that I'm the webmaster and owner of the USAF SIG site :) The "buzz number" system pre-dates TO 1-1-4 which did not come into being until around 1964 (from memory).
  24. Jeffrey - buzz numbers are not covered in TO 1-1-4 as they were far earlier. There is a good book on the subject - "Buzz Numbers" by Peter Bowers which is a great reference. I can have a look when I get home later in the week if that would help? Chris
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