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  1. Zero Paints in the UK can mix RAL colors and they're reasonably priced. I'd guess Scale Finishes in the US can do the same so might be worth a try?
  2. Although it's hard to tell from a laptop screen, 36134 appears to be a pretty decent match too?
  3. They re-released the 1/72 Falcon earlier this year - I picked mine up from HLJ for about $200 from memory ...
  4. Available on the USAF SIG website - http://www.usaf-sig.org/index.php/downloads/category/16-hasegawa?download=34:1-72-00954-f-4g
  5. It's back now - I had a problem with the web host for a few hours...
  6. Kursad, I believe that with some of the file formats nowadays you can embed digital rights so that you can (for example) only print 1 copy, or tie it to a specific machine...? Chris
  7. Just seen that Hannants have some of the RVHP resin kits showing as "future releases" - does anyone know if they're back in business? If not, does anyone have a "late" MC-12W in 1/72 they'd part with? Chris
  8. The Attack Squadron ones are nice, BUT are cast in two halves as well as having separate fins... Far too much like hard work for my liking!!
  9. Kursad - I presume you will be doing this in 1/72 as well? HINT!!! :)
  10. Hijacking this thread slightly...does anyone have info/color information for the 4 H-21s that served in USAFE in various different schemes including camouflage?
  11. All of the 479th TFW birds are currently available (in 1/72 at least) on the Rocketeer sheet - http://www.rocketeer.jp/172-f-104c-479tfw-usaf-2/
  12. Draw Decals are printed differently to normal decals and the ink is on top of the film. Therefore, setting solutions have no effect as they do not soften the ink, only the film underneath it. The only way I've found to get around this is to cut the decal at all the panel lines as suggested, and use a makeup sponge to press the decal down into the surface. It's not perfect, but does help to settle it down...
  13. Beautiful - you would never guess that was only 1/72nd scale!
  14. How do you spray your Surfacer Nat - I guess you thin it, but with what and at what ratio?
  15. Weighing in on this one... I've just finished another Meng F-102A using Xtracolor's 16473 but I originally painted the ailerons using Precision Paint's equivalent. Not only are they two completely different colors, but NEITHER is anywhere near the FS595 chip!
  16. We should probably be careful what we wish for... Trumpeter B-52 anyone? ;)
  17. Here's another walk-around, courtesy of Gary Wenko... http://www.usaf-sig.org/index.php/reference/115-walkarounds/553-cv-22b-walkaround-by-gary-wenko
  18. I've uploaded one of the F-4C sheets (KA6) - link here Although not sure how much help this will be to you as P6 is a 1/48 kit...
  19. Excellent - keep up the good work!! Chris :)
  20. Kursad - will this sheet still come out in December? Chris
  21. I have an HP-CH and find the MAC valve really useful. It means that you can keep the pressure from the compressor high (e.g. 25psi) so the air going INTO the airbrush is high pressure, but then dial down the air mixture coming OUT and it has much finer adjustment than the airbrush pressure knob. The only thing I find a pain is that I get some pain leakage through the MAC valve itself which is really difficult to clean (and annoying!) Chris
  22. Here's mine - F-16C 86-0272, 64th AGRS The best sheet to buy is the "Too Cool For School Vipers" sheet - it has all the markings you need (including the yellow/black checks). I used Gunship Grey tailcodes as they did not appear to be black in the photos I studied... Chris
  23. The Hasegawa F-16 is not ageing too well - pity they continue to keep repopping it at ever-increasing prices instead of retooling... The Revell kit is very nice though :)
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