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  1. They do... but be warned as Xtra... hasn't exactly been close to FS595b recently... I made that mistake with their enamel Mod Eagle grays - forgot to check against the FS fan deck until AFTER I'd painted...
  2. Hi all, I have just picked up the 1/144 Revell A320 and the BOA Agency decals... but are the purple and pink paints available anywhere? I have matched the purple as a Pantone shade, but this doesn't really help much! Chris
  3. I think it's more a case of trying to find one which is CLEAN!!
  4. Very nice - what did you use for the fiberglass caonopy framing?
  5. This picture was taken at RAF Bruggen - the aircraft is an RAF FGR-2... The references I have seen state that the Belgian and German HAS's were the same design...
  6. Sooo much potential... Let's hope some of these start showing up in builds :)
  7. Looks pretty close to this... Image courtesy of http://www.airfieldinformationexchange.org/ Admittedly basic, but given the price (£18) I don't think we can complain too much!
  8. For those of you who like dioramas, Amera have now produced their (long awaited) German HAS in 1/72 - review here
  9. For those of you who like dioramas, Amera have now produced their (long awaited) German HAS in 1/72 - review here
  10. Thanks! I suspect it will need some custom mixing - it's actually quite a bright color on the decal sheet...
  11. Hi all, I'm building a Meng F-102A and will be using Draw Decal set 72s-F102-2 for the Idaho ANG. Can anyone suggest a color match for the 'Chartreuse' as I will need to spray with wing fences... Many thanks! Chris
  12. What are you wanting it for? Just wondering as there are copies on the 1/72 Almark sheet... http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AKS17
  13. Found it! http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/80595-aircraft-in-miniature-172nd-scale-boeing-747-300-klm/
  14. I'll have a dig around on Google - thanks :)
  15. Thanks Eduardo - that's a good start :)
  16. Does anyone have any walkarounds for the 747, or can you advise any good reference books? I am working on the AIM E-4B in 1/72 but have been advised that the belly needs some reshaping... All help gratefully received! Chris
  17. Damn - there goes some more of my free time!!
  18. Thanks guys... So the plan will probably be:- RB-36 - all Interior Green (FS34151) RB-50E - mostly DDG (FS34092) with equipment in olive drab (not even going to START THAT conversation!!) with some IG for contrast...
  19. Thanks Brian, much appreciated! Chris
  20. I guess we should know better than to expect things to be simple and straight-forward!!
  21. This is what is confusing me - 34151 is NOT DDG - it is Interior Green... DDG is (according to IPMS Stockholm) closer to 34092 ... Jennings - can you clarify? Thanks!!!
  22. Ah...per IPMS Stockholm "Dark Dull Green Dull Dark Green was an outgrowth of Bronze Green introduced in September 1942. When introduced, Dull Dark Green was intended as a substitute/replacement for Bronze Green. There has been much confusion about the difference between the two colours. Without being conclusive, it would appear that the shades were very similar, with Bronze Green being slightly darker and semi-gloss. The sheen of Bronze Green was one reason why the all-matt alternative was sought. When issued, the Dull Dark Green was to be used for tactical aircraft with enclosed crew cabin
  23. Jennings - just to clarify... 34151 is the color to go with? There seems to be confusion as to whether the 'commonly applied name' is Interior Green or DDG (which to be honest I've never heard of before)...???
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