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  1. Here's mine - F-16C 86-0272, 64th AGRS The best sheet to buy is the "Too Cool For School Vipers" sheet - it has all the markings you need (including the yellow/black checks). I used Gunship Grey tailcodes as they did not appear to be black in the photos I studied... Chris
  2. The Hasegawa F-16 is not ageing too well - pity they continue to keep repopping it at ever-increasing prices instead of retooling... The Revell kit is very nice though :)
  3. Especially since Two Bobs tantalized us with the promise of 3 F-5 Aggressor sheets in 1/72 then never bothered to deliver them, DESPITE already having released them in 1/72 and having the artwork to hand!!
  4. They do... but be warned as Xtra... hasn't exactly been close to FS595b recently... I made that mistake with their enamel Mod Eagle grays - forgot to check against the FS fan deck until AFTER I'd painted...
  5. Hi all, I have just picked up the 1/144 Revell A320 and the BOA Agency decals... but are the purple and pink paints available anywhere? I have matched the purple as a Pantone shade, but this doesn't really help much! Chris
  6. I think it's more a case of trying to find one which is CLEAN!!
  7. Very nice - what did you use for the fiberglass caonopy framing?
  8. This picture was taken at RAF Bruggen - the aircraft is an RAF FGR-2... The references I have seen state that the Belgian and German HAS's were the same design...
  9. Sooo much potential... Let's hope some of these start showing up in builds :)
  10. Looks pretty close to this... Image courtesy of http://www.airfieldinformationexchange.org/ Admittedly basic, but given the price (£18) I don't think we can complain too much!
  11. For those of you who like dioramas, Amera have now produced their (long awaited) German HAS in 1/72 - review here
  12. For those of you who like dioramas, Amera have now produced their (long awaited) German HAS in 1/72 - review here
  13. Thanks! I suspect it will need some custom mixing - it's actually quite a bright color on the decal sheet...
  14. Hi all, I'm building a Meng F-102A and will be using Draw Decal set 72s-F102-2 for the Idaho ANG. Can anyone suggest a color match for the 'Chartreuse' as I will need to spray with wing fences... Many thanks! Chris
  15. What are you wanting it for? Just wondering as there are copies on the 1/72 Almark sheet... http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AKS17
  16. Found it! http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/80595-aircraft-in-miniature-172nd-scale-boeing-747-300-klm/
  17. I'll have a dig around on Google - thanks :)
  18. Thanks Eduardo - that's a good start :)
  19. Does anyone have any walkarounds for the 747, or can you advise any good reference books? I am working on the AIM E-4B in 1/72 but have been advised that the belly needs some reshaping... All help gratefully received! Chris
  20. Damn - there goes some more of my free time!!
  21. Thanks guys... So the plan will probably be:- RB-36 - all Interior Green (FS34151) RB-50E - mostly DDG (FS34092) with equipment in olive drab (not even going to START THAT conversation!!) with some IG for contrast...
  22. Thanks Brian, much appreciated! Chris
  23. I guess we should know better than to expect things to be simple and straight-forward!!
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