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  1. This is what is confusing me - 34151 is NOT DDG - it is Interior Green... DDG is (according to IPMS Stockholm) closer to 34092 ... Jennings - can you clarify? Thanks!!!
  2. Ah...per IPMS Stockholm "Dark Dull Green Dull Dark Green was an outgrowth of Bronze Green introduced in September 1942. When introduced, Dull Dark Green was intended as a substitute/replacement for Bronze Green. There has been much confusion about the difference between the two colours. Without being conclusive, it would appear that the shades were very similar, with Bronze Green being slightly darker and semi-gloss. The sheen of Bronze Green was one reason why the all-matt alternative was sought. When issued, the Dull Dark Green was to be used for tactical aircraft with enclosed crew cabin
  3. Jennings - just to clarify... 34151 is the color to go with? There seems to be confusion as to whether the 'commonly applied name' is Interior Green or DDG (which to be honest I've never heard of before)...???
  4. Seems like the consensus is Interior Green FS34151?? Many thanks guys. What about the B-50 - same??
  5. That's really useful reference... although somewhat scary as there's a LOT in there!
  6. Hi all, Can anyone advise on interior colors for the B-36 and B-50? I'm not sure if it should be FS34151 Interior Green or Green Zinc Chromate - and the Academy instructions for the B-50 quote Dark Gull Grey... Thanks! Chris
  7. Neil - any chance of getting a KC-10 conversion from you? I bought a DC-10 a while back but want to convert it... Chris
  8. No... The MD1000, MD5000 and MD5500 all print white. The 1000 can only hold 4 cartridges so you will need to swap as necessary. The 5000 and 5500 can hold 8 so swapping cartridges is not a problem. The main differences are (a) resolution and (B) operating systems. The MD1000 prints only 600dpi whilst the other two can print 2400dpi The MD1000 and 5000 ONLY work under Windows XP SP2 or earlier, and ONLY work with a parallel printer port. The MD5500 has a USB connector and thus can be used in Vista or Windows 7 running Virtual XP. This is reflected in the prices - you can pick up a refurb
  9. I have one of these and have been using it for a year or so. To be honest I would NOT recommend it as the air flow is nowhere near high enough. Even with a fresh filter, you can see the atomised paint 'hanging' in the booth rather than being drawn through the filter. I would suggest spending the money for a decent booth with much higher airflow! Chris
  10. Kursad, I hope you realise you HAVE to do this in 1/72 now, and the sooner the better! Chris
  11. Their ad on eBay states "limited run of 200 only"... So either they're telling porkies, or you need to get yours ASAP!! Chris
  12. Hi Julien, They were (according to the technical orders) supposed to be Insignia Blue (FS15044), BUT there was also a "get out clause" that Black could be used if Insignia Blue was not available... From the 1964 and 1978 TO 1-1-4... "GENERAL SPECIFICATION FOR LETTERING AND NUMERALS USED IN MARKING AIRCRAFT. Any style font/letter compatible with the vertical block type letter and arabic numerals of uniform size and shape should be used when applying markings on aircraft. (See Appendix A for construction of letters and numerals.) Unless otherwise specified herein, insignia-blue, color No. 15
  13. I wouldn't recommend the UK booth you've linked. I have one, and the airflow through it is pretty pathetic - when you spray you can see the cloud of particles dropping onto the model you're spraying rather than being drawn through the filter.
  14. What's even more amazing is the price people are willing to pay for things on eBay... The number of times i've seen people fight over something and pay more than something costs retail...
  15. I'd add to the votes for IPMS. Clubs, societies and websites come and go but IPMS is a constant in the society.
  16. Just to continue this a little further - nowadays you cannot just use a tin/jar/bottle of paint unless you've checked it against a paint chart... I've been caught out by this recently using both Xtracolor and ModelMaster paint on a couple of F-16s and an A-10. The Xtracolor FS36118 I used was WAY too light, their FS34092 was too light and too grey and the MM FS34102 was far too bright. Just goes to show... grrr...
  17. Hi Can anyone provide a pdf copy of these. I don't believe they are sensitive in nature? Chris
  18. Jake - hope you're going to cover all the ground equipment - AGE, fire, police, line vehicles etc? :)
  19. It's a nice kit, although some of the joints gave me more problems than I would have expected...
  20. And another - 1/72 Italeri OA-10A built as 80-0197 from the 51tth TFS, 10 TFW during Desert Storm...
  21. Almost finished - just mounting the weapons etc... Should have some pics at the weekend :)
  22. Here's my 1/72 F-16A 82-0977, built from the Hasegawa kit as "El Conquistador" from the 401st TFW at Torrejon AB, Spain
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