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  1. And what about the "AFRES" in this case - it appears to be smaller than the normal serials? Thanks (by the way) Kursad! Chris
  2. Here's a good example of what I mean... http://www.airliners.net/photo/USA---Air/General-Dynamics-F-16A/0246249/L/&sid=3b84199abb43376c1e1f85557e5256cd
  3. Hope someone can help. I know that the tailcodes are 18", the serial nos are 12" and the "AF XX" is 5". What size are the "AFRC" markings on the rear fuselage? Are the ANG/FS/FW etc markings also 12"? And what size are the wing/squadron badges? Many thanks for all your help! Chris
  4. You'd have to sell a lung to be able to afford to buy one - I guess you'd be looking at $200+ minimum!
  5. I'm not a fan of weathering in 1/72 - it's far too easy to overdo itand completely mess things up...
  6. I wasn't sure about the lights to be honest - I know that nowadays they're red in colour but couldn't find any decent pics of earlier a/c... The flat is Windsor & Newton Galeria Medium Matt Varnish - water based and lays down quite nicely although it is a little rough.
  7. He's already seen it... I think he was too focused on his "OT" F-16 to notice...
  8. Well, first one finished... F-16C 85-1412 from the 512th TFS, 86th TFW
  9. Well, my 2nd F-16 turned out to be the first one finished... not too bad but not my best... See the finished builds thread for more pics...
  10. Darren - are these in 1/72 as well as 1/48th?
  11. We did! It's a little dark, but highly appropriate - last year, the theme was F-111s :)
  12. More Falcons than you can shake a stick at! 2012 Cosford USAF SIG Display
  13. Yep, all of my models tend to be freehand. There are a couple of places where I should have gone back and tidied up, but I wanted to get it finished...
  14. No - it's definitely 3!! The dark green doesn't stand out well in these pictures - hopefully a coat of matt varnish will help!
  15. I've never been able to get it smooth enough to satisfy me, so I tend to put a couple of coats of gloss to even things out. One day I may even get the hang of this modelling lark!
  16. Well, the result of a productive few evenings... A coat of gloss and it'll be ready for matt varnish and final assembly :)
  17. I finally managed to move forward with the builds and the A-10 is now painted. A couple of coats of gloss varnish and it'll be ready for decalling...
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