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  1. I'd argue against this - I went down this route but found that the suction, even on maximum, wasn't enough to stop the paint mist from settling or blowing out of the booth.
  2. Sorry - I did't make much sense did I!! Theres a separate thread called "Inspirational Corner" - might be the best place to put pics and stuff??
  3. Wow - I'm amazed anyone remembers that!! Funnily enough, it's in the process of being repaired as it's not been at any shows for the past couple of years due to battle damage!
  4. That's the one I will hopefully post some updates after Christmas as the wings are on and in the process of being filled and sanded down...
  5. A little progress... the Neomega cockpit fitted quite well, although I did have to cut the kit coaming down a little...
  6. Looking good so far! I've not built one of the Revell kits as yet, but I did wonder about that fuselage joint!
  7. Pics would be good - why not post them in the reference section so everyone can benefit?? :)
  8. It's just a pain that the Italeri kit needs so much work...we'll see how it goes, as I want to get the F-84G, A-10A and at least one of the F-16's done first :)
  9. No - I meant that I built up the wings and nacelles already a year or two ago and am using them for this build - thanks for the kind offer though :) Chris
  10. This is using the Italeri H kit and the C-Scale conversion, together with a set of Rons Resins engine nacelles. I am cheating a little here as I had previously assembled the wings and nacelles, but I figured I could get away with it :)
  11. This will be using the Hasegawa A-Plus boxing, with markings from a Microscale sheet. I am using a Model Technologies etch sheet for some of the detail.
  12. There is a LOT of choice out there, but this one appealed to me as I liked the "Vultures" tail band :)
  13. This is using the Hobby Boss quick-build kit - maybe cheating but it does seem to build up nicely. It will be built straight from the kit, but with Modeldecal decals. These show the fit of the wing assembly to the fuselage - it's actually quite good, although I did need to sand down and polish the joint. I used Squadron White Stuff for the main joints and Vallejo acrylic filler for the wing roots. This shows the one-piece fuselage after I sanded down the moulding line.
  14. First up is this - I am using the Italeri kit and the Neomega cockpit set, together with some (but not all) of the Eduard etch set.
  15. Plans so far: F-16A 82-0977 from the 612th TFS, 401st TFW at Torrejon during 1986 F-16C 85-1412 from the 512th TFS, 86th TFW at Rammstein during 1986 F-16C 89-2035 from the 555th FS, 31st FW at Aviano during 1999 F-16C 88-0413 from the 510th FS, 31st FW at Aviano durin 2000 F-4E 68-0386 from the 512th TFS, 86th TFW during 1983 EC-130H from the 43rd ECS, 66th ECW based at Sembach AB, Germany F-84G 51-896 from the 77th FBS, 20th FBW based at RAF Wethersfield during 1953 A-10A 80-0194 from the 511th TFS, 10th TFW based at RAF Alconbury I have 4 of these started so will start to post some
  16. Guys, I see that this is STILL not an official build... Are we going ahead? Chris
  17. Jut to add - Rosso was a company created by a bunch of ex-Tamiya people... so Tamiya quality too :)
  18. Soo.... Up to and including Vietnam era - FS13538 Post-Vietnam - FS24079 (I'm assuming this would be sstin rather than matt?) Mid-'80s onwards - FS24052 Gulf War - FS33531 Sand Current - FS26173
  19. Hey... nice to see my thread resurrected!! Keep 'em coming!
  20. Hi Eric, Apologies for not replying to your email - I've been flat out with work and other stuff and haven't had much time for anything else... Re the AGE colouring, MIL-HDBK-808 "Finishing Schemes for Ground Support Equipment" states it to be FS24052. This document is dated 1996 so it is quite possible that Vietnam era AGE was painted a different colour, although I don't have references for this (mig23 might be able to help here). At some point, a lot of the newer equipment started to be painted grey, but some of the Gulf and Iraqi/Afghanistan based stuff was painted sand. For FS34079, Hu
  21. Actually, you've raised a question I've been trying to get an answer to for ages...how do you actually CUT plastic card to get a 90 degree cut, especially when you're dealing with small pieces??
  22. I'm in, although I haven't a clue about what I'll be building yet!!
  23. I used Aeromaster paints for the greys - I originally used Xtracolor but it appears that there are TWO different types of Mod Eagle scheme - the Xtracolor paints match a lot of pics which show the paint to be a bluey grey", but the Aeromaster paints match FS595 and are much more "grey" which is what I wanted for the Raptor.
  24. It's ... ok ... I found the plastic to be a bit thin and that caused problems with the weapons bay doors and the bottoms of the intakes. Other than that it was nice - I've got the Fujimi and Academy kits to have a go at next!
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