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  1. Is this the same Chris that was in Japan??

    - Calvin Gifford

  2. Thanks Richard! I must say, your fantastic RNZAF skyhawk decal sheet has served as inspiration for more than a few of my profiles. Chris
  3. Here are some RNZAF Harrier profiles at the request of jynski. Chris
  4. Well a shuttle in low earth orbit is moving at about 8km/s, so you'd have to catch the end of the rope first! Then if you do grab it hard enough to cancel all it's forward velocity, you've just killed the velocity that was allowing it to maintain orbit and it's going to fall straight down. Chris
  5. Absolutely disgusting! Cruelty issues aside, I wonder why they didn't just try and sell the dogs. They're worth a small fortune around here. Chris
  6. Here are a couple of whiff F/A-18 profiles I've put together lately Chris
  7. So now it will forever be Hannants fault when a modeller suffers credit card fraud. Unfortunately CC fraud isn't exactly rare. Unless Hannants was the only place you used the card you can't automatically assume they're to blame. Chris
  8. Do you mean Carbonite? I've got about 125Gb backed up offsite with it. Between Carbonite and time machine I'm pretty much covered backup wise. Chris
  9. If the "click of death" is being caused by mechanical damage then there's not much you can do other than send it off to the specialists who work in clean rooms. Very pricey. However, the clicking can also be caused by bad sectors on the hard disk. If this is the case it's possible for you to recover the data yourself. I recommend a program called "Spinrite" from GRC. At ~$90 it's not cheap, but it's nothing compared to sending you disk away to the specialists. It's probably what they'd run on your disk anyway (before they try taking it apart). Anyway, if anything can recover you data I recko
  10. Pretty sweet video. But for some reason this sprang to mind when I watched it: Chris
  11. If you can't provide a valid reason for not voting you get fined $20. Though I'm not sure how zealous they are about enforcing this. Also, if you don't put your name on the electoral roll in the first place I don't know how they can tell you didn't vote. Anyway, you can always deliberately mess up your ballot. A record number of people voted informal (~5%) at the last Federal election, in some electorates is was as high as ~20%. Chris
  12. In my opinion, restricting someone from reselling a good that they have paid for is ridiculous and would not be tolerated in any other market. There would be no more pawn shows, second hand book shops, and Ebay would have never been created if it were the case. Chris
  13. Here are some Mirage G8 profiles I've been working on.
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