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  1. Does anyone have any paint information of the Russian SU-25 Frogfoot, painted in the dark gray over blue or the dark gray over light gray? I need to know the official colors or some other equalillents to paint my 1/72 SU-25. Thank You
  2. Front cockpit- Flt. Blk. FS-36? Rear cabin- Flt. Dk. Gry. FS-36231
  3. Does anyone know where I can buy the following: " B-25 Mitchell " book type magazine? I saw one at a Barnes and Noble within the last year, But I didn't get it. Now I'm looking and can't find it on the computer. Thank You in advance
  4. Does anyone have spare decals for the Italeri, 1/48, P-70?
  5. Does anyone have any spare decals from the Italeri, 1/48, P-70?
  6. If anyone is going to the World War II Weekend June 7,8,9, 2019 please take photos of the aircraft and post them.
  7. Bill, Is the Academy, 1/48, F-111F still available? Thank You, Steven H. McLain shmlmm68@frontier.com
  8. I remember back in the 1960s (late), there was a group near where I lived. They were gloss FS-1087, and International Orange FS-19197. They used to fly low before the fireworks on July 4. Streaming red, white and blue smoke, really low. Below is the information you need. INTERIOR COLORS All cockpit and interior FS-34151 Interior Green Upolstry plastic coated fabric FS-34092 Seats FS-34086 Instrument panel FS-36231 Dk. Gull Gray, black instrument faces OUTSIDE Overall gloss od FS-14087 Lettering gloss FS-13538, except gloss white FS-17587 "ARMY" on sides
  9. I would buy at least one set in 1/48 scale. I have several ESCI Bell Jet Rangers. Nice model. The hard part is getting other decals, specifically law enforcement and fire/EMS.
  10. I hope this one is made. About 10 years ago Profiline did the CAD drawings then never made it. I don't believe anything anymore unless it comes to pass. But I'll certainly buy the two scales if it comes out.
  11. Does anybody know what the white or gray stripes are running along the flaps and alerions on the British Harriers? I see them on the old green and green scheme the most.
  12. I am building Round2s/Ertls 1/25, Int'l Scout II. I used to have one of these trucks and they were great in snow and off-road. My old Scout II was painted DuPont 6787 Concord Blue. Does anybody know how to get this color or come very close to it? Thank You
  13. Several very excellent books I have since I am working on an F-89 also: Squadron Signal, F-89 Scorpion in action #1104 Squadron Signal, F-89 Scorpion Walk Around #5561 Detail and Scale F-89 Scorpion #41 Aero Fax, F-89 Scorpion Schiffer Publishing, F-89 Scorpion I saw photos of Iowa ANG in all of them
  14. Yes. There are several more in the book and a color profile. That is the only one I remember with a pod.
  15. The Schiffer Publishing book on the "F-89 Scorpion" has some photos of Iowa F-89s in silver and A/c gray. I didn't start it yet.
  16. I am currently building the 1/48 F-89 Scorpion and F-94 Starfire. I am confused about the following: 1. What were the time periods for using fluorescent red/orange and fluorescent orange on aircraft? 2. Was Insignia red ever used on any aircraft? If so what was the time period? 3. When did the use of FS-12197 Intl. Orange start? Thank You, Steven H. McLain
  17. Dear Sir, By any chance do you still have the Revell, 1/48, F-89C Scorpion, Kit # 85-4825 for sale? Thank You, Steven h. McLain shmlmm68@frontier.com
  18. I would love to see O-1 decals in the gloss OD and Intl. Orange. That the way they were painted in Lancaster Cnty., PA airport off the Columbia Pk.
  19. I thought they were painted in Canadian Voodoo Gray. I know Testors/Model Master used to make it.
  20. T-34A USAF- What were the wheel wells and landing gear door colors on the USAF T-34A? What color was the cockpit interior? Was any fluorescent colors used on the exterior? T-34B USN- Chrome Yellow overall. What color was the wheel wells and landing gear doors? What color was the cockpit interior? Thank You in Advance
  21. Does anyone other than me remember watching the William Tell Competition on TV in the 1960s? If I remember correctly the ones I saw were off the coast of Florida using F-106s. Maybe F-101 too. I think it was on ABCs Wide World of Sports, if memory serves.
  22. Does anybody know if the US Navy used recon Panthers in the Korean War? If so what were the squadron numbers? I am building Revells F9F-5P and would like to put Navy markings on it. Thank You
  23. This H-3A Sea King was finished in USAF Standard SEA colors. Tan, two greens and light gray bottom. I don't have the FS numbers right handy.
  24. Dear Sir, I believe the color would have been, COIN GRAY, FS-36473. Testors/Model Master used to make FS-16473 Aircraft Gray.
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