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  1. Looking GREAT! And I totally understand the "tent" dilemma. I've been trying to work on better ways to print to avoid this and it's an on going battle. Often what works for eliminating pits and zits, as I call them, on detail areas makes the prints not print well and vice-versa. It's the biggest set-back in 3D printing becoming a mainstream replacement for traditional in my opinion. We'll get there. Keep up the incredible work and keep us posted. Bill
  2. Awesome! But that's usually the case with your builds.
  3. Doing it pretty much how it comes in the box. So I BELIEVE that's late war, post D-day perhaps? I'm by far not an expert on the ship. I am going to add the floater net baskets, just trying to figure the best way to do them. Not sure I care for the kit PE ones. Could be that I SUCK at photoetch construction.
  4. Great job on this "tough little ship". Keep up the great work! Bill
  5. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Awesome work on this so far. While the Schnelllboot may not be as elegant as a PT boat, they are super cool looking none-the-less. Keep up the great work! Bill
  6. Overall pic where the build stands currently. Got a log of details to add.
  7. Just realized I never started a topic for this build. I'll add some more pics whenever I get a chance if anyone is interested, but in the meantime. Here is a pic showing some figures I modeled up in 3d CAD and printed out to populate the decks. I think they came out fairly decent. There are better 3D printed ones available for sale, but I think these do ok and look better than photoetch figures. More to come soon I hope.
  8. Interesting article. I will be following this study as well as others and see what peer reviews say. And yes, sorry I did misunderstand what you were saying, sorry. As for saying someone can't work somewhere unvaxxed? I'll leave that up to the Supreme Court to decide the legal aspects of that as I'm sure it will get there. I will say it's much different to say you can't work if actually infected with something as opposed to saying you can't if not protected from a potential of getting infected. Hard to fight a case against a potential.
  9. ummm....sure about that? I would be interested in the study that shows that vaccinated people have better antibodies than those that have natural ones built up from contracting the virus. I've heard one of the representative from Pfizer say that the mutations are happening faster because of the vaccine. And just for the record, I AM vaccinated so am not coming from a position of anti-vaxxing, just anti-mandatory.
  10. No words for such a posts. Bless your heart.
  11. I think this is a very common occurrence. One thing I did that helped with this is finding some reason to force myself to just build a kit for fun, the old way. What helped for me for instance was our club had a interclub challenge that only allowed tube glue, paint brushes, and kit out of the box. Because it was a club challenge, you could tell yourself "I know this isn't what my mind tells me to do, BUT I HAVE TO in order to complete the challenge. I think that tricks the part of the brain that normally says "That's not right!" into focusing on the task of completing the challenge. That free
  12. First off. WOW! that's beautiful sir! And yeah, I tried to build a model in the box and it didn't go well at all. 🤣
  13. So what if you use the box to scratch build details....it's out OF the box! ok sorry, I'll grab my hat on the way out.🤣
  14. I was fortunate enough to find these at a local Halmark shop that was closing it's doors. They are 3 sided glass shelves that could be configured in multiple layouts. I have another unit like this on the other side of the room and they only costs $50 each. They aren't enclosed so dusting is still a thing but I think they look pretty cool. Keep an eye out for stores closing and/or remodeling and you can find some great deals out there.
  15. hmmm....that's a good question. I actually haven't run any tests to see the thinnest that would hold up but I may have to do that. perhaps a line up of sheets on end at various thickness and angles to see what it can do. I'm always leary of doing these kinds of test for not wanting to "waste" material. But if I were smarter I'd realize that the actual waste is not knowing what it can and can't do and trying to print things that fail.
  16. I recently upgraded from a Photon to the MonoX and can attest you won't be sorry. Not only the larger build volume but MUCH faster and higher resolution as well. I think they've really honed in on the printer set-up and so far any print mistakes I've had are purely ME not doing something right, and that's even more forgiving. I've only had a few mishaps but otherwise incredible print success rates. Get it! Bill
  17. Beautiful! Can't wait to see this finished. coming along great so far.
  18. 1/32 scale T-38. Kind of crazy that there never has been one in an injection molded kit, being the primary jet trainer for so long AND used by the Thunderbirds.
  19. One dynamic that has changed is most kids now have instant access to communicate with their friends through various means. We had 2 ways only for the most part. Either go hang out in person and interact or occasionally call them. But in the days of land lines, calling them in my house had to be a limited time so we didn't tie up the line. Now pretty much all kids have cell phones and social media accounts etc... They aren't necessarily getting actual real face time, but they are talking all the time (maybe not listening?). In some cases, WAAAAAY too often. It's a new world out there for sure.
  20. Not the best pics and it's just primer on them but here's where the parts stand now. I printed the spindle uprights along with the cooling shroud. And a period correct fire extinguisher. A quick test fit and think its a pretty decent improvement.
  21. Thanks Janman. Yes the box art is....well it's something. "U.S. Sports Car". Love the generic workaround to avoid licensing. LOL The kit itself is decent. It's kind of strange as if there were different teams working on different parts of the kit and they didn't communicate among themselves. Some areas are really nicely detailed and build up beautifully and some areas just barely have a shape that's close to something. And then what's missing completely is perplexing. From the images and build ups I've seen of the Meng kit, if you can afford it I think it seems to be a much better
  22. Decals on doors and a mock up of the wheels in position. I've seen mixed photos where some make the rims appear to have a gold-ish tint to them and other simply seem to be a natural magnesium kind of color. For sure I'm going to be weathering this so it may not be as noticeable either way I go. Such a cool looking car IMO. Just screams speed even sitting still. Thanks for checking it out....if anyone is checking it out that is.
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