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  1. I tend to agree with this assessment for most cases. I will say however that since a lot of the LM, especially the descent stage, is covered in foil and are rather large parts at 1/32 scale, I think printing a good many of these parts on a FDM is not a horrible way to go. I printed some of Vincent's 1/48 scale files when he offered them and most everything except for the main "face" front of the ascent stage and all of the detail parts print out well enough to be used for covering. I've been meaning to get back to actually assembling the kit, but I HIGHLY recommend getting his files. First rat
  2. geeesh, some things NEVER change here. So much tolerance, it's awesome.
  3. I'm liking it so far. Granted it takes a different approach but so far the story is being told pretty well. and like Kurt says, it's great that it's getting out to a new generation. I hope they get more in to the technical as well eventually but we'll see. Bill
  4. You possibly could "rank" manufacturers as far as consistent quality vs not as many good kits as other makers. BUT that's not going to really help you make a choice for buying a good model. It would only be useful if you're interested in simply knowing who makes more consistent quality kits. But like many are saying, each kit is it's own thing. Some are good, some are great, and some just suck regardless of who made it. Also, I know it's not the genre's you're looking for but Bandai is pretty darn consistently good at making great kits.
  5. https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2020/08/photos-aftermath-hurricane-laura/615781/
  6. You actually believe there is a moon? 😆 Seriously, I think anything you do should be fine. I don't think enough people would be concerned if you took artistic license and put them however you like. but I do admire the search for accuracy. Good luck! Bill
  7. I haven't seen a lot about this on the news or anything lately but please keep Southwest Louisiana, and especially Lake Charles in your prayers. And if you feel moved to donate to any charities that are helping the area please do so. They are hurting really bad now after being hit with an incredibly destructive hurricane, Laura. Where I live in SE Texas we were extremely fortunate and it didn't do as much damage, just struggling with some power issues and some houses did receive bad damage. But Lake Charles looks like a war zone and it is likely a long road to recovery. It hurts to see the tow
  8. Awesome job. Your paint finish is superb. Just the right sheen. This is another one of those kits I've been waiting for for a long time. I wish they'd done an interior but I do understand the issue of trying to build accurate to a TV set vs a model that doesn't jive together. I've fortunately seen the restored Galileo at Houston Space Center a few times and I'll have to dig around but should have a lot of great pics of it for reference. May just have to be one of my next builds.
  9. it's always been my intention to create parts for that kit as well, I just have to find the time and resources to be able to sit down and do it. I know that's a crappy answer and doesn't help you out at all. But I have to be honest and say I don't know WHEN it will get done, only that I do want to get it done. I have a Tamiya shuttle kit as well that I would love to create a stack for. I think that might could produce the best shuttle stack kit. Sorry I couldn't just say "yes!" Bill
  10. Hi Dave, welcome to the forums. I currently am in the process of trying to move and haven't updated my Solidworks home license so I don't have access to this file at the moment. Hopefully once everything gets settled I can get back in to the swing of it. The area you're asking bout is also the area I'm struggling to find any good pics or drawings of. And also it being a very dark object, it's hard to make out much detail in the pics I do find. BTW, I appreciate the .pdf link, that will help when I get to the feed structure etc... Sorry I couldn't be more help at this ti
  11. Interesting discussion. I think there is room for all here on this topic. True, the story of the Enterprise is just a fantasy, but the shooting of the series and archiving the history of it's facts and props etc....is very real. Each modeler approaches such a model in their own unique way. I do agree that telling someone something like "lighten up, it's only a fantasy" is not very helpful or nice just as much as someone telling another builder they "screwed up" because they used the wrong colors. Personally my approach changes from time to time. There are times when I'm wanting to make a repli
  12. Beautiful job. Thanks for posting and for pointing out the things you feel could use improving. Kind of the point of this board I'd say. I don't ever recall ANYONE saying the kit is unbuildable but I guess some people read things differently. Outstanding work! the paint job is especially convincing!
  13. Personally the only time I find it "neat" that the factory seal is still on it is if there is an obviously old price tag from a hobby shop or drug store with something like $1:50 or such price on it. But that's just a "hey cool, look how old this kit is and it survived in good shape" kind of thing. I don't think I'd actually pay more for that nostalgia. But I'm sure there are some collectors that would say otherwise. I would say it probably depends on the kit itself as far as rarity, collectible value, and if it's pretty obvious it's REALLY a factory seal and not a basement seal hiding missing
  14. I don't but Dave Roof might know of someone. He's more in that line of products than I am. Dave, what say you Sir?
  15. Someone say 2 seater? mehhh, child's play...EA-6B baby! Why have 2, when you can have 4 and bring all your buds along?!. And in my opinion it looks better as a 4 seater than a 2 seater. Bill
  16. Now that's just a weird looking plane regardless of how many seats. It looks like in the the front the pilot is saying "I'm taking her down for a landing" and the back of the plane's like "Nah, think I'll hang around up here a bit longer"
  17. ahhhh gotcha now. Sorry about that, that was me being dense. Yes, we are living in the Land of Confusion! I'm practically a permanent resident there. There are people out there that are selling .stl files for single person use but I'm pretty sure the only protection against theft is the honor system. Malix3Design sells his beautiful files of some great figure models for a great price. He has you sign (check box) an agreement that you will not share the files, but I believe the only course of action he has if you do is to black list you from downloading any other files in the futur
  18. ok, I guess I misunderstood/misunderstand. Still sounds like you're talking about open source programs and not files, but I'm not sure. But anyway. To answer the original posts question my answer would be it depends. For the price of the printer and quality you're getting I'd say it's a worthwhile investment. That is ASSUMING you're ok with having to learn a lot of CAD and are ok with having another hobby of learning how to print. It's not quite to the "easy button" push and print stage yet. there is a lot of learning and living with failed prints to get consistent results. But i
  19. ummm...why have 2 people go really fast when you can have 4 go really slow>???? ok, that's not a good reason either. ohhhohhh I know....CHEVY! I actually remember seeing this kit on the shelf back when Kroger's used to have a model kit aisle. That's right kiddos, even grocery store chains had model aisles back in the good old days. Bill
  20. I think he was talking about open source for the 3D program to create the models, not necessarily open source models themselves, but I could be wrong. As far as Blender, I'm fairly certain it can save in .stl format, which currently is the most commonly used file to import into a slicing program. In fact, the slicing programs are the ones that are more important when it comes to being able to print. As long as it can import in a format you're comfortable modeling from, and can export to your particular printer, then you're good to go.
  21. There are some out there. Seems like Blender comes to mind as being open source. It has quite a learning curve if I recall though since a lot (most?) of it is speed key oriented and being opened source, there isn't or at least wasn't a lot of operating instructions. I'm sure by now the community has grown and it's much easier to get information. It's a very powerful program though if you can learn it. I've never really dug too far into it since I have access to Solidworks. https://www.blender.org/ Hope that helps. Bill
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